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Info on PvP! 200M To Last Bumper Before Blue

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I said this in the other thread and I'll say it in this one: they're not gonna respond.
Maybe not, but I'll keep tryin
11/17/2012 04:01 PMPosted by doctaphilly
I said this in the other thread and I'll say it in this one: they're not gonna respond.

Pretty much this. No f**** will be given...ever.
Bump for gold and info. Cmon blizz!
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Make a PVP expansion for 15 bucks. I'll buy.
I don't care at all about pvp... but I'm buying a lottery ticket by posting here... lol
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Excellent post
i doubt it its sunday
Would like some answers in regards to PvP as well.
i want my 200m
I want PvP, you know the feature that was promised on the BOX on RELEASE.

Get yo ish together Blizzard!
1) Blue login a friend(or own) account and post something.
2) Blue post saying "when it's done"
3) 200million ;)
Well we were told that PvP would roll out before the end of the year..I'm not holing my breath on that one. Also it was stated some where it can be up to 4 v. 4. Knowing Blizz I would think there will be some kind of reward system for win's IE:Items, Gold, P v. P specific gear something along those lines to help draw back players new and old.

They did had the basics coded fro P v. P at the time of release but stated that they were not happy with it. Which IMO means they were waiting to get the bugs out of and fix the current over all system.

I still see a lot of class tweaking before it gets released so I would really expect a P v. P system implemented more toward a holiday time IE:Easter or later when there is a lot more potential free play time for people to come back to or buy a new copy to start playing.
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