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Info on PvP! 200M To Last Bumper Before Blue

Really, it's about time we got some info on pvp already.
PvE got me bored a couple of weeks after release, i'm hoping the pvp side of the game can spark up some interest.
I think it is quite unlikely a blue will reply here. There seem to have been a pattern regarding blue replies. They will only reply to certain threads based on the subject at hand. Otherwise, we all should have been addressed in regards to the botting issues which the majority of threads seem to be going on about by now.

We should all keep trying though.
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What happen to pvp being available shortly after release.
11/19/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Lipster
What happen to pvp being available shortly after release.

Jay Wilson happened. We'll be lucky if we get it before a year after release, it's been 6 months after all and they had it pretty much finished at blizzcon in 2011 already. If it'll be just the 2vs2 arena combat for banner ribbons and resist potions then i'm afraid that won't warrant a reinstall of D3 sadly.
How about it Blue.... comment plz
I will probably get stomped, but I'm still excited to try it out and see what it's all about. It is getting kind of boring doing mp1 clears and key/uber runs. bumpity
I do wish they communicated more, but if they said it once they've said it a thousand times.. if it's still at the point where there could be big redesigns for a given feature, they won't announce anything or will give out next to no new information. It's probably taking forever because it's probably gone through multiple, complete overhauls. It's frustrating as hell but if they seriously get the PvP feature wrong, I predict riots in the streets.
I will vote in favor of hearing some news with a thread bump.
SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! lol PVP show me some kind of gambling on PVP might be kind of cool with some odds.
hopefully pvp will have drops too, so when i get a rare win i can grab something
Any info would be much appreciated!
Shameless bump.
bump for a chance at the millions
come on blues...a little info would be awesome plus I'm poor :)
These types of threads are genius for the op, Blizzard would never post in a thread like this, it would condone these types of threads and the forums would be flooded with you petition idiots, ergo, OP will never have to pay someone.

Additionally, people are fooled into thinking a blue MAY post, so they contribute in hopes to get gold, or give their opinion, making the topic popular, which is what the op would want.

Look, I want PVP as much as the next person, but the way the game is designed, it will be terrible. You have a small mass of people with 150-300k dps, and majority of the player base at sub 100k... how can they possibly balance that? It will be awful. Blizzard would want some level of imbalance to give players a reason to visit the RMAH. (No tinfoil hat, just business)

Diablo 3 PVP will be a shining example of the few haves versus the massive have-nots, only in this case, the have-nots will be getting one-shot all day long or spend all day trying to kill a barb with 10k life regen, 200k life and 1200 resis all.

I am happy farming paragons and exploring entire acts.

No one is looking for perfect balance I think, specially the D2 crowd. We just want to test out our gear, have fun laughing with our friends as we twink out level 9s, just have a good time.

I don't want an esport, I just want something else to do.
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Please disclose details Blizzard.
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