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Info on PvP! 200M To Last Bumper Before Blue

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What happens when it hits the limit and locks lol?

Op did you think of this?
i can haz a pvp burger?
I also am looking foward for a blue to give us a few informations about the work that the developpement team is doing on the pvp aspect of the game
Pvp on diablo 3.

Out in 2020.
I think it is about time that something substantive is released...
Disclosed rather
blue post!!1
my 200m pls
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stupid thread
Bump! We need some sort of answer by now...
At least add a dueling system in place or a public test similar to 1.05 with PVP content.

Either one of these options would be beneficial for the players and developers since PVP can be tested before 1.10 release.

Duels or public test realms containing duels and pvp content will provide feedback on which current builds/stats/classes are overpowered or imbalanced for PVP.

It's clear that if a 500k dps dh with hungering arrow is 1-2 shotting other players by hitting 700-1.5m dmg (crit dmg etc) along with smokescreen, it's near impossible for the other characters to compete.

On the other hand, some classes such as barbs and monks may be overpowered if the damage is reduced too high and meele characters can continously charge ranged without any necessary kiting.

Its important all these factors are taken into account BEFORE the PVP release as there is no reason why such a LATE release should have such imbalances/onesided games

A public test realm for PVP is a great idea since players will provide feedback on certain abilities and stats that need to be nerfed when participating in PVP

ETC. Life on hit, Lifesteal (reducing amount healed to prevent godmode), Crit damage and crit chance ( Capping crit dmg to 250-300% for pvp as well as 30-40% cc).

Also, if these do not provide suitable gameplay for all classes then further abilities such as smoke screen, serenity, sevensided strike, hungering arrow, hammer of the ancients may need nerfing in PVP gameplay only.

By releasing a public test realm or dueling ingame allows such feedback which is critical to make pvp balanced or at least playable for all classes.

This also will bring back much of the community of d3 which has left due to the repetitive nature of the game without the opportunity to enjoy other aspects of the game such as fun and competetive player vs. player content.

I know too many friends which have quit because the lack of PVP and ingame content.

Implementing a simple dueling system or a public test realm similar to 1.05 prepatch will give both players and the diablo 3 developers an idea of how to react to the PVP patch itself
blue if u post after me i will give u 100mil.
Bump for justice!
probably when everyone decide quit playin then bliz launch pvp
A) This thread will get closed before a blue posts

B) Who would help "pool" some random
I don't think a simple dueling system like what I suggested would be difficult. Even if currently things are grossly imbalanced, player ladders and leagues could adjust for that by making gear requirements.

Imagine the new builds that would come out and the new game play for naked barb vs barb dueling ladder. Thats a place where paragon levels give you some edge and meaning. Making a level 29 twink ladder for 1vs1 mixed class duels, changing your spec to try to get a edge vs a class that might have a counter kit vs you.

I just want some dimension back to this game. PvP has the potential to be so much better then diablo II pvp because you can change your spec before a fight, adapting it to the composition you are facing. That is badass. So much spells in my kit I know would be useful in pvp scenarios but are too weak to use in PvP that would bring some enjoyment back to the game.

Right now? I alkazeir run. Over. And. Over. Im losing motivation now that my xp bar is barely moving because I don't even know if this character is the character I will use when pvp is released.

All I want is a lil clarification on a few key points, will we have player initiated pvp/dueling (allowing low level duels and twinks) or only a queue based system. Will we need to re-roll. Can we use the gear we worked so hard on as a option for a "unlimited" queue whilst accepting that a queue where the gear and or stat adjustment is the balance would be very acceptable.

Those 3 questions answered, if the community finds them appropriate would be amazing to stimulate the economy, people love making twinks, just look at d2. People would start making there own ladders using the d3 api.

Give us a pvp zone and 1.5, make millions of dollars as I personally have been writing a new community website in nodejs using the community API, with matchmaking and I can easily add a real time pvp ladder using socket.io that would be super fun and invigorate this rather stale economy and gaming community.

Come on blizz, give me something :- )
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