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Info on PvP! 200M To Last Bumper Before Blue

Yep D2 was full of dupes, and you could spend like $10 on ebay and get 50 hrs. Kinda hard to compete with ppls spending tons of cash, but it was still fun.
11/14/2012 04:39 PMPosted by Triphex
My D3 box said PVP on the back of it.

Bump for ETA on the rest of our features!
Dat bumpin for dat 200M. But ya, this thread deserves a bump even without the reward. It`d be nice if Blizz involved the community in their plans for PvP which should be released ASAP.
I dont really care what pvp is like other than it needs to have some competitive nature to it.

Pong and frogger had high scores and score boards. It seems stupid to not have anything to strive for or able to show off.

A lot of people grind now for high paragon lvl to show off and be proud of or gear score on the ranking site.

To implement a pvp system with no sense of reward or pride seems dumb to me. Hopefully they change their minds.

At least implement duels so players can organize their own competitions and records.
What I hope will be Included in PVP:


Works like this:

1) You choose a character that will gain xp, but other than the name, nothing about your character makes it into the match.
2) Each round or even each death, you choose your class, you start with nothing.
3) Beginning of each round, you get 1 minute... in each base there are 3 Resplendant Chests. Everyone cracks em and gears up using what drops. You can drop class specific stuff for your teamates that they can use. You also set your skills in these 1-2 minutes.

Then the round starts. Capture the Flag will take place on vast battle fields with large sections. I.e. it won't be on sqaure playing fields, but would be more like a large area with caves, outposts, forested areas etc that would take a few minutes to traverse. Each team is going to have like 15 players so there is going to be small skirmishes going on all over the place. Once again, if anyone remembers NOX CTF you know what I mean. Of course there are also smaller maps if you've got smaller teams (hopefully we'll get like 3-4 of each size small medium and large).

As you run around you get xp for killing others, who then drop everything they had. Scoring a point will net you alot more xp (more depending on how many people are in the match.. i.e. a game with 30 people in it is going to get you a big chunk of xp for returning the flag). Every 2 minutes the Resplendant Chests respawn at the bases in case all your stuff gets looted etc and you dont have anything to gear up with.

Another idea is once you amass a certain amount of XP in a match (like say 100,000 or something, you get a single spot of storage that opens up and you can store 1 item that you find in the game (its all randomely generated lvl 57-63 stuff).

Also there are outposts and random monsters around the maps that randomly spawn and even sometimes named monsters who spawn on the battlefield.

Please deposite my portion of the 200 million to:|
Zurich National Bank
Account Number: 659845123526
Routing Number : 5GL290

What I hope will be Included in PVP:
Please deposite my portion of the 200 million to:|
Zurich National Bank
Account Number: 659845123526
Routing Number : 5GL290


I Lol'd :P If I had IRL 200M I would simply develop a Diablo III clone.. PLUS PVP!
Imaginary 200m sure make all the 12 years old kid bumping this thread
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They will not give you a timeline on PvP because they do not know when it will be available. It is like everything else they do in making this game better. If they gave you a definite timeline then for whatever the reason they had to postpone it. Players would say Blizz has broken their promise and they do not want to give us PvP at all. Or your tinfoil hatters will come out and say that PvP will be in an expansion.

There will be specific PvP Gear
PvP will require a special character and or re-roll
PvP will not allow pre-arranged teams
PvP Will be arena only, no way to duel friends

I hope there will not be PvP only gear. That would really mean that the gear you already have will be crap when PvP'ing.

Rerolling just to play PvP are you nuts trying to sell the idea of rerolling just to PvP would be insane

PvP matchmaking will use a system that is similar to the one that they use for SC2. Which is similar to the Elo system in chess. This way in time when your best PvP'ers are at the top. The chances of winning a PvP match will be around 50/50.

There will be no dueling at all, that is what caused problems in D2:LOD the ganking caused more problems than you can imagine. So no dueling at all, all PvP will be arena based. If you can find the link that would show the Blizzcon that talked about PvP then you would have an idea of what PvP would be like in this game.

FYI the PvP patch is 1.1.0 according to what Blizz says.
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Where does it say they won't allow pre-arranged teams? That's such a facepalm idea, who wants to be teamed with random guys? Sigh
I hear both of you, that is why I want clarification from Blizzard. They haven't given us anything other then the blizzcon sneak peak and some vague posts here and there. I think we deserve a rough ball-park timeline. This is a feature demo'd at blizzcon, a feature that was promised to us when many of us bought the game. It's not unreasonable to have some expectation for a delivery time frame.

FYI I was hardcore into D2, if you ask me one thing that kept that game so popular was PvP. I ran a diablo II ladder for a while which had 4vs4 team matches, barb vs barb and class vs class duels. All kinds of sweet stuff.

Furthermore some of my most vivid memories leveling up with friends was the random hostile they might give me while in town, just whacking at eachother the second we hit level 9 with the random crap we found in brood moore.

Diablo III, all my old D2 friends and many friends from other games played, but sadly no one is here now. We were stuck grinding the same content 3 times, no way to break it up with a random PvP session, ganging up on eachother, trying new skills, all the fun crap that came with Hostile.

Did people do jerkish stuff? Sure. If I was really bored I joined baal runs on my 99 zon and loved a good 7vs1 in the throne room. Having a level 48 etheral wep hardcore player.. taunting level 85 sorc to step outside town just to kill her before she could click me.

Like it or not PvP played a huge role in the community aspect of the game, restricting it to a match made only system adds a useless constraint that prevents players from breaking up level time to have fun etc.

Is Hostile mode a bit too cut throat with the way gamers are pampered in this day and age? Maybe. Should we dis-allow some good old fashioned PvP between friends? Hell no. I don't care if it's right click someone, then choose duel.. that is better than nothing. HOWEVER, ideally each act might have a portal you enter in town that is a free for all fighting zone. Enter it, you spawn in a random place or something. Then if your playing act2 with your 3 friends and one of you starts talking some smack, you can all head into the PvP zone and before you know it 2 hours went by and good times were had.

I just want a little bit of that nostalgia back, not too much to ask!
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I personally wouldn't mind PVP going out sooner, even if unbalanced than later (and still unbalanced!). There is no way to get it perfect the first time anyway.

If it's released early, the sooner all the bugs and imbalances will surface and the sooner they can be fixed.
everything is so wrong with this
1) Upon creating games, allow us to have the option to turn on/off PvP mode.
2) Allow players to search for PvP private games.

After hostility mode is on (on both player) there is a count down of 5 secs before the fight commence. Same for duel mode.

3) Create a new PK mode (5 more character slots) for hostility anywhere where the PK and PKK can show off.
4) No RMAH in that mode. (Same like hardcore)
5) Equipment bind on wearing for PvP stats. e.g. +100dmg vs PC.
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11/14/2012 04:39 PMPosted by Triphex
My D3 box said PVP on the back of it.

How come mine doesn't... :(
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