My game keeps crashing without any warning and a message pops up with the options to Reopen or close. Pressing Reopen does nothing it just make the pop up go away. Every one has a refference number I guess for Blizzard to know what's going on. The last one was


It's not giving me an Error code or anything at all like normal bugs or crashes it just simply exits the game and redirects me to the pop up. It wouldn't be that big a deal if it weren't happening every 10-15 minutes if I'm lucky I will get to play for 30 minutes. I have had 5 over the past 24 hours. I would have more if it didn't frustrate me to the point of getting off for a few hours every time.

They are listing under the reported logs folder in my Diablo 3 folder so if anyone from Blizzard could please help me out, I'll gladly email you or post the files here if I can get some help.