Hey all,
Few things that need to be fixed in the AH that have driven me crazy since this game came out and continues to do so. Could be that others haven't mentioned this or that Blizzard hasn't gotten to this yet.

1. Ability to delete expired auctions from the bidding list. I don't need to see those for x hours after they have been closed.
2. Ability to delete items from my bidding view if I've been out bid on them and have no interest on re-bidding.
3. If I bid on an item and it's not enough please don't make me go fishing for my bid from the completed tab. That makes no sense to me but anyway.
4. If I bid on an item and it's below the most current bid please have it update the bid to the most recent so that I know how much to bid and don't have to keep guessing.

Hope this makes sense lol?