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Acid cloud build ideas

Ive been running the cookie cutter AC build with Firebomb and I want to try something else. I'm getting bored with FB and was thinking about chucking some Spiders or maybe running Bears/AC.. My LoH is around 1300 and 95k dps unbuffed. Any opinion's?
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My build isn't all that wild and crazy innovative, but its been working quite well. I basically run up to a pack and SH, which can hit pretty hard with the damage rune. Then I alternate RoT and AC casts. AC doesn't stack, so mixing in toad casts lets you sustain for quite a long time while still doing a bunch of damage. I'm playing around with vision quest now to see how I like it while using this method. So far it seems to work well. I also have rain dance for elite packs, so I can throw that down and spam away.
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Hai. I'm running a similar build. I don't have much LoH but LS works pretty well regardless.

I was using Lob Blob before but Reflects just killed me, so now I'm using Acid Rain and it's a bit more manageable. Horrify FA + Jaunt buys me several precious seconds against Reflect mobs.

Pyrogeist is actually pretty good single target damage for virtually 0 mana cost and it works well with a slow attack speed unlike the other primaries (hits for ~100K crits)

I have 4 pieces with +AC crit chance which means almost every AC cast is a nice big crit in the 400K range, and that's not counting the DoT damage.

For Elites I use a killer combo: Jaunt into the pack, Soul Harvest w/ Vengeful Spirit then pop Fetish Ambush. HP Bars DISAPPEAR because I'm using a nice fat Skorn.

I'm running mp5 btw.
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Maybe you guys can try gruesome feast with vision quest, I have a very similar build, and the int buffs increase dps a ton. You just need maybe 15- 20 pickup radius.
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