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DBoys Quick Guide On How To Gear Your WW Barb

Many people have been asking me for a guide on what to do from start to finish when gearing a Barbarian for the Ww spec.

I put this together quickly so sorry if any typos or miss calculations, I will fix them when I have time.
Thanks and Enjoy!

Most of you may know this allready but Im goin to go ahead anyways for the people that may not know this. Lets start by looking at what exactly stats do for a Barbarian.

Main Stat Strength, Each point increases not only damage by 1% but also increases armor by 1.
Dexterity, Increases dodge chance, I calculate Dexterity by 10dex = 1% dodge chance.
Intelegence, 10intel=1 All Resist.
Vitality, 1Vit = 35 Health points.

the highest maximum for each primary stat on Gear.

Highest Maximum core offensive stat on gear.
-----------------CritC CritD AttckSpd
Two-handed-------- 200------

Now when gearing up you want to plan ahead and set a goal about around where your going to try to get your stats.
So lets say we want to aim for 2000Str and 1000Vit. 500Ar, 50%Cc, 400%Cd, 12%Ms

We know chest and pants can roll huge numbers of vit so lets say you go for 50Str- 250vit on both chest and pants and open sockets. Thats over half your goals vitality met with 2 pieces also 50x 2 sockets with 50str gems is 300 str. Also dont forget to get your All resist say we got 70 on both.
Str can roll high on Shoulders and Belt so lets aim for 250str on both pieces with 50vit and 70Ar.

So now we are at 800str, 600vit and 280 All resist.

Need to get our Crit chance and Crit damage also but getting these mods with high stats will be harder to do, You can also either choose to get Ar on one either Gloves or Bracers or get them on both if you can.

Starting with gloves you can aim for 100Str, 50Ar, 9% Cc, 40%Cd.
Also you can chose to get your attack speed here if you can afford it.

On bracers you can go for 100Str, 100vit, 60Ar, 4.5%Cc

Now were at 1000Str, 700Vit, 13.5Cc, 40Cd, 390Ar

Boots can have some really amazing stats also Movespeed is much needed to get the most farming speed and efficiency.
So for boots you can choose to go for what ever stats you want. I like to aim for 100str, 100vit, 70Ar, 12%Ms.

Rings and amulets is where you get the bread and butter of your Dps. For rings you can go for a number of different stats, average dmg, crit chance, attack speed, crit dmg. Also try and get a bit of resist if you can on rings.

You can get rings with 23-52 dmg, 100str, 9ias, 4.5Cc
On your other ring you can get 23-52dmg, 100str,100vit, 4.5cc,40Ar.

Amulet go for 23-52dmg, 150str,7.5Cc,65Cd

So now were at 1300str, 900vit, 30Cc, 105Cd, 12%Ms, 500Ar

Helm is pretty simple you can go for Andariels for more Dps or Ik for more defense. Both will add atleast 150str andys gives ias though and will always beat an Ik in dps even with 250Str and 6%cc. Or if your a real baller go for a mempos with Atleast 4.5Cc, 170Str.

Now weapons are very important for Ww barb. First off top priority should be main hand high dps and high CritD. I like toget atleast 150Str, 90% Cd and open socket on main hand. Also vitality is very nice to have on weapons since they can roll huge amounts.

Offhand you want either sword or dagger(high Aps) atleast 600Dps, highCd, Str, 2.8% Ls and open socket. Also try to get some vitality here if you can.

Your Belt and Offhand is where your getting your Life sustain for your build. Belt should be either an Ik belt with High str, some vit and atleast 2.9Ls. or a Lamenation or mighty belt with Ls.

Ls gains are based on your dps if you can get over 100k Dps buffed you can manage with 5.8-6% Ls. Anything less than 100k dps might be a good idea to use bloodthirst passive until you can get your dps above that 100k mark.

Also try to get your pickup radius on your belt, shoulders or bracers if you can, if not, its not to much of a deal anymore but helps when you need an emergency globe grab.

Oh yeah and by now the goal we've been aiming at should be met. Some items may have intel on them dont forget that adds to your Ar and also getting around 300-400Dex will increase survivability from the dodge chance.

Also dont forget your barbarian has natural crit chance and damage. 5/50 even with no gear on.

---------------Skill Setups For Ww Barb---------------

There are 3 different types of Ww builds I like to use, the first im going to explain is for the guys who have lower defense. This build is great for those who want to maximize thier dps and not have to get all that extra resist and Ehp to survive.

Left mouse- whirl wind- hurricane
Right mouse- overpower, Killing spree
Sprint- run like the wind
Battle rage- into the fray
Warcry- impunity
Wrath of the berserker- thrive on chaos

The second build is what most of the ww barbs are using. Traditional Ww Barb.

Left mouse- bash- instigation
Right mouse- whirl wind- hurricane
Sprint - run like the wind
Battle rage- into the fray
Warcry - impunity
Wrath of berserker- thrive on chaos

This last skill setup Is what I use currently and believe it is by far the most effective if your gear can handle it.

Left mouse - Bash- Punish
Right mouse - Whirl wind- Hurricane
Sprint - Run like the wind
Battle rage - into the fray
Overpower - killing spree
Wrath of berserker - Thrive on chaos

This setup I use to maximize my Dps and crit chance which will increase fury gain.

All builds I use the same passive setup
Weapon master
Tough as nails

You can also switch out tough as nails for
Animosity or Bloodthirst
Depending on if you need the life steal or the extra fury regain.

___________Reference Links______________
------------True Dps of Ww/Sprint------

------------LS Vs Loh-----------------------

------------WW And Sprint RLTW Rechanics Tick/Procs--

This is just a quick guide/example how to properly gear your barb.

This guide can also be used for any barbarian not just a Ww barb only difference with Frenzy or 2hander/hota/rend you just use different weapons and dont have to focus so much Ls or Ias.

Hope you guys maybe found a little bit of help from this, just always remember you cant build anything without a Blueprint and foundation and the same goes for your barbarian. Always plan ahead and go in with a plan and a goal from the start.

Im going to be updating my guides if anyone has anything they request please let me know!

Also thanks for reading the guides I put together, I dont spend a to lot of time going into depth with each piece of gear, I believe you can learn all you need to know by reading my entire post on how to properly gear your barbs.

Have fun guys and good luck!
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hi Dboy, is there a good APS value to be aimed for? if you remember me i was the one who asked for a quick evaluation of my gears in your other thread, and i said id stick to rend for a long time. well rend is still my bread and butter for mp7 key hunt, but im getting impressed with the efficiency of the W build when farming exp, so i tried it in mp0-3. its a new pace of things and im enjoying it to the point that im thinking of regearing some of my items for WW build. which APS value should i aim for? 1.8?
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Well, Ias is very important for a Ww barb the best way to calculate this is to learn the ticks of tornados with your Aps. I believe 1.80aps is equal to 16ticks, 2.00 is 18ticks and so on. Just aim for the highest Oh Aps you can get, preferably 1.80 or higher.
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Nicely done DBoy. Easy read and right to the point.
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Posts: 236
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Well, if want to very good at this build, you need to learn from the best(s). We really appreciate the effort your putting to this Dboy despite the RL responsibilities you got.

bump this to the top!
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nice guide for people like me who are clueless how to gear
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great guide man
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hi DBoy, my profile has updated now. how does my WW barb fare? :)
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Thanks, Alot of people been asking for this, so I figured id just make a guide here instead of explaining it to 20 people. The way prices are falling most people even on a budget can reach these stats without to much problems.

Redclaw, your gear looks fine, I really like your main hand thats exactly what you should be looking for. Maybe get some stats on your offhand and either a sword or dagger. Dps does matter on offhand since it effects your Ww damage and bash damage but dont worry about getting 800 or anything 600dps on OH is still fine.
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Thanks. That cleared up some questions I had on making my work in progress WW barb better.

Any gear advice for me? I know I need a some better rings, pants, gloves and amulet
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Thanks for the tips, I came across many of the same gear decisions when gearing my barb (Andy's vs IK, Lamentation vs IK). Very useful for new barbs not sure what to look for in their gearing. It's paradoxical but I think it is actually easier to gear as you move up in gear budget because only certain items can be BiS.
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Good work Dboy. Excellent for newer and even experienced players.
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Hey dboy I want to switch to possibly the hallowed set of weapons and go dual weapons. Is this a good idea? Where do you suggest i need improvement? I have on my best gear other than one ring that adds about 8k life but i lose alot of defense and res. i am set up mostly defensive, and can clear inferno mp1 A3 no prob in like 25 min. My brother is JWNZ a high level wizzy and he referred me to the forums for help with upgrading for more dps. I know i need atk spd, str, vit, cd, and socket on mh. And the Ls, cd, socket, atk spd etc. i have the idea, but what is the best for me. I will eventually go for a mempo my bro just got one for 160 mil!!! Its baller. I also noticed that ik set is more defensive vs the blackthorne pants o have which the set is offensive. What should i change, add, etc. i am a ww barb but love rend too, but i use frenzy everything else is pretty similar to your build. I wana get the best 2 weapons endgame style possible i have 47 mil and looked up the hallowed set and could get one for 35 mil with good stats like i listed above but without str and vit. But regardless some feedback would be good
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Sorry let me chg my profile off of starcraft
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Posts: 90
My battle tag is 1191 can you see my barb?
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There i got it changed thanks in advance dboy
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Great post, but the stats you are suggesting are well beyond the budget of most players. The dps ring you describe is well over 20m, more like 30-40m. And while I havent shopped for rare chests lately, 300 stat pants with 2sockets and 70 ar are also quite expensive. Maybe I missed it, but you might want to qualify the budget range you'd expect this set to cost.

The reason this is important is that more budget-minded players are going to have use alternative searches to get the most bang for their buck.
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Yes, I thought about the budgets of others in mind, thats why I focuse this gear on low-mid range gear. Most of these items can be found very cheap and dont forget iLvl 58+ can now roll iLvl 63 stats. So there will be plenty of those going for cheap on the ah soon if not allready. Also if some things are above your price range just drop down the AR to about 50-60 and stats 25-50. On rings can drop down to 3.5 Cc and 6-7 Ias. Dont forget it is important to get enough CritC, this is what feeds your Ww barb and without enough it will be harder to regenerate fury. Second Ias, and thirdly CritD for bigger tornado damage.
In this stage of the game just about anyone should be able to afford a somewhat simular set maybe some stats will varie but just make sure your going in the right direction with your gear and not getting to much of the wrong stats on pieces which will make it harder to upgrade in the future. Also every piece doesnt have to have huge stats and Ar on them you can get lower amounts, whatever you can afford.

PhatPhoEater, what do you care about low budgets for? Your barb has amazing gear. Lol
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I help build sets mostly for budget barbs.
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