Diablo® III

Just found first trifecta ring, PC?

Can't find any on the AH with a 6 CC roll. I was pretty excited to find this, and might end up just using it.

+22 Max Dmg
+130 Dex
+30 Vit
Attack Speed 6%
CC 6%
CD 29%
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only down-side to this ring is the ASI...... but that aside.... D@MN ... super nice find. Grats on it.. you have everything else with nice stats.

No idea what it is worth ... but had to free-bump it as it is a very nice ring.
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I'd guess around 500-1bil, rings can roll 9 ias now so you missed there some but it's really nice congrats. Personally I would set it at 100 mil / 1 bil b/o and let it ride.
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Thanks alot guys for quick responses. Yeah I know it could have rolled higher on ias, higher vit, or CD, but yeah figured it would be worth at least 500 mil, hoping 1 bil.
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Just a follow up; whats the best way to flip this to get $. If I bet the 1 bil gold for example, how easy is it to actually sell gold? Or would it be better to just buy some items and flip for rmah?


Figured with 1 bil gold = 850 after gold sink

~$0.50/ per 1 mil gold ~ $350 after taxes?

Or buy X amts of Legs and flip them rmah?

Thanks for the advice again.
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buy easy-sell items and sell them on rmah. then you have $1+ 15% fee not 15%+15% selling gems or gold
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if someone is really stupid they would buy this for 250 on rmah, i dont think its worth over 500m as its missing alot of stats
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11/14/2012 03:18 PMPosted by tassili
if someone is really stupid they would buy this for 250 on rmah, i dont think its worth over 500m as its missing alot of stats

Like what? AR? Has a good roll on dex. Besides higher values on ais and cd has highest roll on cc. So not sure what the "alot of stats are"
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Vit is a big one
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Not sure if it can sell for 500m, maybe on wrong lol

250M will be quite relistic, but then 130dex +30vit is godlike

Very nice ring dude!
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now this ring is SEX ! Congrats!
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30 vit... is too low.. may as well be none, same with the max dmg... you really only have 4 stats going for this ring, the dex and the ias/cd/cc.

Your price point should mainly reflect those stats, with only a little more for the low rolls on the max dmg/vit.
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Following the discussion,
Can someone tell me how much my ring is worth?

88 DEX
61 VIT
6% AIS
39% CD
5% CC

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Soooo nice! I want 2 of those please :D
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