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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

I haven't noticed anything, I run on mp4 and its been the same for quite sometime now, the only time Id die was on act 3 key warden, since his nerf I die way less, other than that, everything is peachy.
My survivability between yesterday and today has gone into the tank.

I agree 100% with the OP.
I was doing mp 6-7 dropped down to 4-5 and still am experiencing more close calls and what not than I was on the 24th after the hotfix.

I just did a run on mp3 to see what that would be like. I almost died from a RD pack that I went at quite aggressively thinking, mp3 = ez, so np.

On and before the 24th, any and everything in mp3 would be a faceroll for me.
Dude drop this topic already...

if you can't handle the heat get the f out the kitchen aka if you are trying to do mp 5 and it's too hard for you, try doing mp 4 or mp 3
The primary directive here is a response from the Blue team.

That's why I haven't dropped it.
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Four person group last night in act 3 and we got owned. But it was fun. Things have certainly changed after the patch.
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100% agree with OP and yes, this is getting old. I feel for the HC players in inferno when this stuff happens. Ranged dps might not notice as much as melle classes but it's evident as I play.
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same here
I noticed a little damage increase overall. Not game changing but it's there. Played on mp2 before and after maintenance.
The funny thing is I noticed it too. Thought I was just cracking up...then I seen this forum.
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I'm not really noticing anything, but apparently that doesn't really mean anything considering how many people supposedly are.
Again... see my post at the end of page 22... turning on MP bumps base monster damage by around 50%... yes somethings wrong and either somethings been ninja buffed or Blizz messed up the 1.05 damage nerf and the patch nerf and buffed base damage by 50%.
Dude drop this topic already...

if you can't handle the heat get the f out the kitchen aka if you are trying to do mp 5 and it's too hard for you, try doing mp 4 or mp 3

My barb can still play the same MP level but paying more attention than 1.0.5 release.

My DH absolutely prove the difference because we DH maintain the effective health to not being one shot by suicide bomb and fallen angel. But now I got one shot by them at the same MP level using the same gear.
I too am experiencing an issue. I only do MP3 but managed to farm a set of keys and the plans finally. Then after the hotfix I went to farm 2 more sets of keys and I actually died to trash in Act 2. I died extremely fast. Almost as if something went through armor or resistance. This occurs everywhere to me.

I'd rather go back to before the supposed damage nerf.
I honestly read this last night and decided the op was a retard.

Well come to find out he is not retarded. I was getting my !@#$ handed to me last night. I spent a lot of time dying last night. They changed something somewhere.
I haven't noticed a change. Doesn't mean there wasn't a change, just tossing another facet on the pile.
I can't say I've notice any changes, but I only ran MP2 since the hotfix. I didn't have many problems.

But what i did want to point out was .. before the nerf everyone was QQing about the dmg decrease. Saying it wasn't necessary and its ruining the game. Now the damage is(or seems) higher and everyone is QQing about not being able to do higher MP.

If i were a blizz employee I would be more than annoyed at the player base..

My opinion: It would be nice if they did something intentionally to acknowledge it. But still, just adjust to the new dmg and stop whining.
There's a clear difference for me between yesterday and today doing full act3 clears on mp4. Yesterday I didn't die once during the whole run, today the reflect packs are taking my life down so fast that I can hardly even react fast enough.
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