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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

Lylirra... kudos girl!
i don't know how you guys are holding your sanity with these forums, but cheers.
How many times do I have to tell you... YES THE SCALING FROM MP1-10 IS SCALING CORRECTLY.. What is wrong is that the jump from MP0 into the MP system is multiplied by 1.5 (or 50% increase) BEFORE YOUR SCALE IS APPLIED!

Also as I said before certain attacks have scaled up higher... like why Blazing Guardian on MP 0 ticks for 2,200 damage.. the same damage that a Shocking Spiderling hits for.. but as soon as you turn on MP1 it jumps to more than DOUBLE DAMAGE at 4,800 per tick where as Shocking Spiderling only gets the normal 50%+9.6% increase to 3,500.

What is apparent here to me is that the base damage values that MP1-10 Inferno are based upon are greater than what MP 0 is based upon. I think yall changed the base damage values to buff monsters and in particular certain monster attacks which are good at killing people thereby making higher MPs more difficult. You've reintroduced the "spike damage" that was supposed to have been removed way back in 1.02/1.03.
Is this where I come to say I don't suck it's the game?
I shall be playing and testing more today, but I still think it's different. Maybe your programmers are lying to you Lyl. ;)

I was JUST starting to have fun again since I got new (EXPENSIVE) gear. Tearing up all acts on MP2 with no deaths, not much difficulty, but fun as hell.

Then, all the hours of playing, patiently waiting for those great drops that helped me fund my new outfit; out the window. I farmed all 3 keys on patch day on MP2. Not 1 death (MAYBE one by accident, but still doubt it). Now MP2 can kill me.

I am starting to get discouraged.
Sigh....this thread still going?

Oh and loving the comments like "I was rolling MP8 the other day now I can't even do MP3" hilarious, some of you need to change it to "I was getting carried through MP8 the other day, now I'm out of gold to pay the group carrying me so I have to play MP3".

Damage is fine, Blizz has confirmed this, suck it up and get on with it.
There is something different after this latest patch i thought i was crazy till i came across this post.

Maybe it isn´t the damage numbers or the scailng itself, that´s wrong.

There are people, that noted nothing, others can not play their previous MP-Lvl anymore.
I was really happy to be able to farm ACT3, MP1 and ACT1, MP1 with 1.05.
After 1.05a i had to switch back to ACT1, MP0(!) - cause i suddenly got a huge load of damage straight in my monks face at ACT1, MP1 and ACT3, MP0(!!).
It seems to me, this has nothing to do with the scaling of Monsterpower-Levels.

My theorie:
Something did go terribly wrong with the Monks "One-with-everything" OR the Resistances in general.
Let me specify this:
I stacked on physical-damage resi.
After 1.05a i noticed nearly nothing in getting more damage, as long as there was NO elemental damage!
All other things like poison, arcane and fire etc. one-shooted me instantly.
This was NOT the case before (not even with 1.04)!
If theres molten, arcane or desecrator i even have problems in ACT1, MP0.
I farmed that one since i´m in inferno and NEVER had any problems there.
So, this should not be, i guess.

It has NOTHING to do with ReflectDamage-Affix.
Doesn´t have problems with that, cause my damage simply is not high enough.

Can the others that have this probs please confirm, that they play monks with OWE and those without problems play other classes or have high enough All-Resis?
Thanks in advance.

I like to play ACT3, MP1 again!
So PLEASE Blizzard, do something.
This is nuts.

I sincerly love the ninja boost on monsters damage....every noob was farming MP 4-5 already after 1 week of release. at that rate MP 10 would have been boring after 1 month.

This way there is still a challenge too look for (well for everyone thats not a barb)

remember how fast threads changed from 'omg game is too hard' to 'omg game is too easy and boring' in 1.5 months of nerfs?!!

I certainly do not want history to repeat itself and i`m sure anyone with a bit of thinking capability would agree
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thx to lylirra for the confirmation and btw , you're pretty cute :) haha
Ran 4player MP10 ubers before with my tank gear - 2DH's and a wiz. Absolutely no difference in difficulty what so ever. What a load of rubbish
LOL..Blizz refuses to get rid of botters and spammers, do you really think they have a problem lying to the community about a ninja monster buff or controlling drop rates. I'm not saying it's true or false but the fan boys need to take the blinders off. They are in biz to take your money, not be your best friend. So do what they want and head to the rmah...
I really don't see any difference at all because of the patch as far as damage. Some packs are harder and some easier as before.I do have my pets die but they have always died. I was running mp5 and it was not noticeable to me. There is my anecdotal evidence but maybe we will hear from the blues about it.
I haven't noticed any difference :/ Then, I use so much life steal it would be hard for me to notice.
Ever since the last patch Onyxia DEFINITELY deep breathes more. My guild used to 1 shot and now we're wiping over and over. Our OOC rezzer can't even stay OOC anymore and he used to be AWESOME at it. She seriously breathes like every 10 seconds. We're going to fraps our next attempts to prove it, too!
10/26/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Lylirra
thanks for the confirmation =)

Apologies for it taking so long, but thank you again for all the reports. We just wanted to double-check all the values to make sure everything was working correctly -- or, on the flip side, know for a fact that it wasn't -- before we weighed in.

We didn't even expect you to respond, there is no reason to apologize to us. You set your standards to high ma'am - not that that's a bad thing. ;)

I mean guys let's face it, it COULD have been even the smallest amount of gear changes making that difference. In any event I still am in the firm belief MP3-6 does too much damage and MP7-10 does too little. I know we've been adjusting this to death and I hate to say it, but I think one final adjustment is needed. Right now damage (elemental especially) just seems to hardly scale.

I honestly can't tell the difference in damage from mp4 to mp8. No joke. Mp4 should hardly touch me while Mp8 i should feel on the verge of death every time, not the way it's working out. If there was no change like you say, then there needs to be.

Unfortunately, we can not go back in time to acquire data on what the monsters were outputting on the 24th.

Blizz knows full well we could never actually prove any of this at this point.

I think there's plenty of documentation on, say, Youtube to get the desired information. Careful analysis of the video ought to be sufficient enough to get at least "in the ballpark" of a change as incredibly dramatic as is described in this thread.
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Just throwing in that RD seems way more potent to me now, but I mostly attribute that to fighting on MP1 now, as well as swapping out my amulet which had vit and resists for one with a ton of crit% and crit damage. I don't have the old patch to compare it to anymore unfortunately, but it did go from RD being almost a non-factor to nearly two-three shotting me if enemies walked into a spike trap.
It's probably correct now but was there something incorrect between the time the patch, nerfing mp, came out to the latest hot fixes?
10/27/2012 07:33 AMPosted by Blackstream
Just throwing in that RD seems way more potent to me now, but I mostly attribute that to fighting on MP1 now, as well as swapping out my amulet which had vit and resists for one with a ton of crit% and crit damage. I don't have the old patch to compare it to anymore unfortunately, but it did go from RD being almost a non-factor to nearly two-three shotting me if enemies walked into a spike trap.

Looking at your setup, Ball Lightning and Spike Traps can cause serious problems against RD if you don't time your Gloom activations, specially if you just increased your CHD and CC for less HP and AR.
I would drop the Bat for Prep, any rune and you'll be able to Gloom and spam those two skills while leeching so much life you won't even notice they are RD affixed. Either that or stack about another 4-5K vit and you'll have very little problems.
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