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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

+1 with op, was talking about this yesterday about how im being wrecked by elemental damage, something is broken
I thought I had this problem. Farmed half of act 3 before I realized I wasn't wearing a ring.

Check your gear, guys.

I use GF gear to farm and I still used to faceroll now I just get my @$$ handed to me...
10/26/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Replay
I would also like an explanation as to how I get killed instantly with the molten affix exploding when I kill an elite with the affix. Before this 1.05a I could sit there and take one with no problem. Or better yet how I could sit in the arcane sentry beam and barely see my life drop. Now its about half my health gone if not more just like that.

The explanation is simple. You are supposed to avoid that stuff and not get hit. You are not suppose to lounge in arcane beams or molten.

When you tank you have no choice but to be in it how can you tank a mob and not be near it?
I've noticed since the hot fix that I too am receiving more damage, elemental damage, as you guys are noticing. Talking 4-5k arcane beam, 8k+molten/fire walk/desecration, 5k frozen orbs, act 1 MP1, double what it was doing.

Everything was fine and dandy before the hot fix. Just figured I'd add in my rare two cents of input.
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When i first read this thread. I fired up the game and didn't really notice a difference. My play style is CM wiz with meteor and spec blades. It is not nearly as efficient as WW/explosive blast. but I find it a little more fun. I have to kite/tank/teleport. I do my best to avoid elemental damage but i DO get hit by the odd afix.

once the hot fix was applied. i logged on and tried standing in arcane beam, molten ect.. to see the damage it did. I noticed an appreciated drop in elemental damage.

after i read this thread i didn't perform the same test i just logged on and played as normal.. avoiding elemental and stuch.

Today though i decided to do the same test.. just standing in molten or whatever....
elemental damage is almost double what it was 2 days agao.
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i have noticed this sort of problem as well...

i used to be able to do mp3 on this demon hunter with a max of 4 deaths from the goatmen baracade to the mannor waypoint in act 1...

now on mp1 backtracking fomr the mannor to a bit into the hunting grounds i died 7 times..

i have also noticed a problem with my dps, i had a Perfect Square Emerald in my bow (50%crit) and i was doing around 65k dps....
now with a Radiant Star Emerald (100% crit) im doing 58k dps?
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10/27/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Zaruen
just stop talking please.. save yourself from being an embarassment.
how am i being an embarassment?.....
Something is definitely different with resistances or whatever but I'm taking way more damage. Frankly with the low drop rates it makes grinding for the ring a serious chore
I tried to play this morning. I longed in and it said that i needed the patch. It said that I will log out then log back in and the patch will start automatically. It didn't. It sent me right back to longing in and saying I need the patch,... what gives.
blizzard - i think the tests that you guys are running may indeed scale the damage correctly, but something is 100% wrong with elemental damage. i still die in MP3, when i used to survive in MP10. its either the damage from the elite elementals, or resists have gone completely out of wack. maybe resist percentages are not scaling correctly? 36 pages of posts from users swearing that something is different should definitely prompt a more thorough investigation on your end. i'm not sure how much you guys play your own game, but please, for our sake, fire up the game and try playing it for a couple of hours and see for yourself.

im not sure the correct answer to this is to change the game back to easy mode, but i think the intent should be that IF something broke while applying the hotfix that changes the spirit of the game and what the developers intended, we need to have a discussion about that further.
Same issue, had to lower an MP level. They're hitting really hard.
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10/27/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Zaruen
otherwise you are accusing blizzard of DRASTICALLY reducing your dps after inputting a new gem with doulbe the CHD which is probably the most embarassing one of all..

did you see any were in my post claiming that it was a patch or me blaiming anyone... NO, i simply stated that i noticed something strange with my dps......
also befor i posted aobut my dps i checked my gear and that was not the issue... ive also seen and hear a few others comment aobut this who have also checked the gear.......

the biggest issue is with the MP thoguht....
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i'v noticed that when the patch came out i was cruising through all acts of mp6 but when the mini patch got put in i started to have alot of trouble vs reflecters as well as any aoe affixes which i was able to stand and tank in before. also noticed that the snakes in act 2 as well as the summoner guys in act 1 seem to be dealing alot higher white damage than before seeing as i didnt need to do anything but auto attack them before and now i'm having to use skills to survive vs normal white mobs.
rmah strategy. Its all part of blizz's plan. Now everyone is gonna panic and buy all res gear and heavy defensive stuff. Then next service pack on tuesday, they will hotfix it back to how damage is suppose to be. Knowtice they said they will monitor this over the weekend. Thats enough time to get some credit card users to do some quick buys and not to mention there is a RMAH update for 10/27 if you read the lil bulletin thing on the right corner before loggin onto bnet (hint hint, just puttin the "rmah" term out would get that into peoples minds and some will buy new gear and to attempt to outdo the ninja buff)

Blizz...just come clean and let everyone know you !@#$ed up and messed up on the monster dam. I was doin mp5 and 6 with no problems but now i dropped back to mp3 and that is what my mp5/6 used to feel like...but even then on mp3 some of the elemental dam is still hittin like a truck. Its ok to admit you guys messed up, its already happened many times and we are accustomed to you guys always stealth messing up lol.
i mean everyone messes up in life, but you guys mess up alot so its no biggie. Just let the public know that you did a change (be it intended or not).
Life goes on
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After hotfix patch, my barb became useless in mp7-9 where he was doing fine initially after 1.05 every single day. Switched back to wizard because nothing seemed to work , where i was clearing 5 rares and warden in mp8 in less than 20 minutes it became constant deaths etc and was no longer fun. I never stood on a bunch of affixes etc, but ww'ing through/around them kills me now where before it never did.
I noticed this also, i think something in the lats patch went all the otrher way arround, and they buffed the dmg in stead of decreasing it.
My pets weren't dying in ACT 7, now on act 5 they get slaughtered.
I am also, get close to one shot in mp5 now, where before i did not used to move AT ALL from anything, being a wd tank spec.

Act 5? act7?
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