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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

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I noticed this also, i think something in the lats patch went all the otrher way arround, and they buffed the dmg in stead of decreasing it.
My pets weren't dying in ACT 7, now on act 5 they get slaughtered.
I am also, get close to one shot in mp5 now, where before i did not used to move AT ALL from anything, being a wd tank spec.

Act 5? act7?

he ment mp 5 and mp7 i beleave....
The only thing that gets me is getting frozen/stuck in some firechains. Firechains are nasty damage. Other than that, everything seems fine to me. I purposely stand in poison, molten, etc to generate fury using Superstition and haven't noticed elemental damage double at all except for firechains.
I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who thought they were taking more damage.
US player here. I spend most time playing solo by the way I also played every day for at least 4 hours each day. Everything was great up until 1.05a. 1.05 was good, I could select my own mp and go at my own pace. Hotfix dropped to nerf monster damage and things were just awesome. Could do mp5 with little issue and I usually do quick farming runs with mp2. Log on the 25th and all of a sudden I'm having trouble with mp2? Reflect damage elites are everywhere and I'm dying a lot more than usual. Ok so I chalk it up to a bad day. Log on the 26th and still can't sail through mp2 for my usual quick farming runs. Reflect damage elites are still everywhere. Playing solo the whole time. Same exact gear the whole time. So now I'm reduced to doing my quick farming runs with no mp. And even there a single fallen maniac will take me down. That never happened in mp2. What gives? Something is terribly wrong here.
I've lowered my MP to 1 already, switched to full defensive build (Crippling Wave + Concussion and Mantra of Evasion + Hard Target), started using Vit-Gems instead of Dex and, bought two new weapons with <5% lifesteal and some MP1-Act3 elites still take me down a few times on my runs. Its quite irritating, as I've actually upgraded my stuff in the last week in total for more than 100m.
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After hotfix patch, my barb became useless in mp7-9 where he was doing fine initially after 1.05 every single day. Switched back to wizard because nothing seemed to work , where i was clearing 5 rares and warden in mp8 in less than 20 minutes it became constant deaths etc and was no longer fun. I never stood on a bunch of affixes etc, but ww'ing through/around them kills me now where before it never did.

Hey I noticed you're using Tough as Nails. Take that passive off and see if you live longer. Try Nerves, Yea I know tough is probably giving you more armor, but just try it...
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yeah, no change.

I haven't noticed any damage changes and I run at MP2.

Different mobs and affixes have different challenges, you know.

yeah i quote this guy and the rest of those saying this.

people are so quick to whine about blizzard messing up. I'd say blizzard truly cares about this game and the people playing it that they actually conduct tests based on your bull!@#$ forum posts.

stop wasting their time with your insecurities and let them focus on the beloved PVP!!!

pvp where you'll get 1shoted? :D
To be honest all the complaining is pointless there is gear out there that can be used for all situations. if you see there is a problem just gear your character for it. after every patch there is always someone complaining i played a witch doctor back when it did so bad and i still had fun with the game. There is no competitive play anyway so just kill !@#$ and stop complaining. people are gonna say i play a barb well i made it without even knowing it was a top class i just wanted to smash %^-* and kill things not complain about its problems. you die you revive you try again thats what is called a game.
We are definately taking more damage.
So the question becomes, did they mess something up with defensive skills, since they (Blizzard rep) claim the damage output wasnt changed?
if u see in the forums, 3-4 days ago blizzard said they were gonna lower down the MP. but it "wasnt oficial". once they did, they notice everyone was going on mp7+ whit barly no problem so my theory is that they just upgrade them to their original values.

so the damage you are taking is the same as it origginally was when this patch came, and the same u took on the PTR servers.
Monster damage seems the same for me. It is all in your head.
I'm not noticing any extra dmg... zzz
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The only thing that will end this debate are numbers. We need pre-1.0.5a damage data (which Blizzard has and claims nothing has changed) from a stream or something. Otherwise, this is all for nothing.
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i noticed a tad bit, like they upped the affix damage a bit

my question is this, why do elites in the same area have the same affixes often, it never feels really random

that's my gripe
No doubt, it is a tipical D3 daily event. Get used to it.
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Damage is dramatically higher. Ive had to regear, swap gems and pick up defensive skills. Ive been doing 5-6 runs per day and after the hot fix it is night and day with increased damage
Haven't noticed a single difference, not having any more trouble than before.
Molten damage seems static to me. It hurts - a lot. But I can deal with the consistency of it.

Reflect damage seems a bit wonky atm. I'll get a pack one time and go toe-2-toe (monk) with 3 or 4 of them and not have an issue. The next pack with one or 2 of them I get completely destroyed and have to kite the entire time unless I have Ascension up.

The only correlation I can seem to make (and this is a stretch) is that the faster the mob is - as in movement or the +Fast affix - the more damage I take from reflect. A pack of Burrowing Leapers w/ reflect roll me where as some charging cows in A2 really don't do much at all.

I don't doubt they are producing the correct damage values, but perhaps is there an issue with the rate they reflect or some other coefficient that's not behaving correctly?

I also noticed some back and forth with the RD for the first time today, though I think the differences I experienced weren't quite as distinct as your own.

I was actually able to use bears vs an RD pack today. I don't mean I was able to spam bears by any means, but bears came back into play. That was this morning, hopefully I will try again with similar success this evening.

if u see in the forums, 3-4 days ago blizzard said they were gonna lower down the MP. but it "wasnt oficial". once they did, they notice everyone was going on mp7+ whit barly no problem so my theory is that they just upgrade them to their original values.

so the damage you are taking is the same as it origginally was when this patch came, and the same u took on the PTR servers.

I think their may be some merit to this theory, personally.

It is true that on the 24th, all day long, folks were grinding at much higher mp levels than they previously were.

Perhaps Blizz did a whoops there, and decided to correct their mistakes without wanting to own up to it so soon after giving so many people a very happy day.

That patch was rather lame wasn't it ?

It seems mean to mess with our resists, if that is indeed the case, though.

This means that they would have to have either lied about the monster damage not being raised, or they would have to withhold the truth and possibly lie at some point about our resists being tampered with.

I'm not suggesting this is the case, but it wouldn't surprise me at this point.
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Yeah, but there are upper and lower limits to the RNG that keep it somewhat predictable.
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