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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

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10/27/2012 03:40 PMPosted by TopStock

not in this case.... 15 runs at mp1 and im dieing all the time... i used to be able to do mp3 without a lot of problems....
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To help the devs (cause when they say they did tests, who knows what they actually tested), I think you people should start getting as specific as possible. I.e., if one molten kills you and another one doesn't, report what specific mob combination with what specific mitigation is killing you, and what isn't.

For example, if you have 5000 armor and 750 resists and a molten from a champion lasher pack wastes you, but a molten from a rare mallet lord doesn't, that could mean one thing. If a molten from a champion lasher pack wastes you, then later a molten from ANOTHER champion lasher pack doesn't waste you, that could mean an entirely different bug. Also the one test I've seen people do where you take a hit naked and not naked to see if stuff is ignoring your armor/resists again.

I should note every now and then in my mp1 runs I'll run into a mob that seems to do way more damage than normal. Knife Cultists in halls of agony... fat zombies in the cathedral gardens mysteriously did noticable damage. And the rest of the time I can take hits like it's no thing.
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it seems that its the dammage in general... ive noticed im getting killed on basic mobs quicker on lower mp levels when on higher mp levels i was not
I do mp7 normally went down to mp3 to help a friend died like 5 times on one pack of champs O.o also noticed i was taking a lot more dmg on uber bosses...
10/26/2012 07:01 PMPosted by Craig1521
I would also like an explanation as to how I get killed instantly with the molten affix exploding when I kill an elite with the affix. Before this 1.05a I could sit there and take one with no problem. Or better yet how I could sit in the arcane sentry beam and barely see my life drop. Now its about half my health gone if not more just like that.

Uh, there are a lot of factors that could have something to do with it, like your having 31k life, and the changes to a couple of the armor spells for mages. I haven't played mine in a long time, so I don't remember the names of the spells, but I remember changes mentioned in the patch notes. You might want to check those out.
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^31K life is plenty for a CM wiz.

Also, damage is the same.
Only monster that really stands out to me is the snakes from Act 2. Only the ones with spears however, I swear with over 20% physical damage reduction and everything they still wipe the floor with me on MP3 (I can do MP3 ubers no problem). It is almost like they ignore physical resistances all together.

*Edit This is with 9% life steal and over 1~2k life/second.
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I was just going to post about this same subject and saw this thread. I'm going to agree that some stuff is hitting harder since the MP damage hotfix. Running MP4 and fire chains and molten destroy me all of a sudden, touch either and I insta gib. With 550ish AR I think. Yet I can stand in plague electric mortar and I'm fine.
Nothing is broken.

The damage output is fine, if you're getting killed to much, bump down your MP or don't do it at all.

This game is mad easy you guys are doing content your gear can't handle.

Lets not make it any dumber, lets people who want a challenge be able to run higher MP and feel challenged.
99% of the people complaining damage is too hard are people who have no damn idea how to actually gear their char.

Monks with 0 LoH who have spent over 100m now can't take MP1 ? freakin embarrassing.
if u see in the forums, 3-4 days ago blizzard said they were gonna lower down the MP. but it "wasnt oficial". once they did, they notice everyone was going on mp7+ whit barly no problem so my theory is that they just upgrade them to their original values.so the damage you are taking is the same as it origginally was when this patch came, and the same u took on the PTR servers.

This from Primal, maybe a bit Tin foil hat but whatever it make me remember when they nerfed Dmg in 1.0.3 and about 1 or 2 weeks later, the damage in general went up drastically.

Anyhow, in that time no Cm came to post and say they appreciated the "complain" and multiple thread reached the max post limit.

Tin foil hat or not, people who play regularly saw the change, so was it intended or not, we might never know...
Are there detailed values available of how much dmage monsters do? DPS, AOE dmg and especialy "ticks" of eachs monsters skill effects.
Because I think they can do much much more dmg "ticks" in a second than we players ever could do. You know these thin insect like creatures with the long legs in the dungeons of Act 2, the ones that spread some weird yellow or other coloured stuff on the ground, this does an insane ammount of dmg to my WD and it's pets. My Gargantuan usualy does not die that fast and we know that WD pets actualy have some kind of energy armor that can take a good load of dmg. But they die in seconds in this ground effect and my 40K life are melting in 2 seconds to 0.

I wouldn't have a problem with this, as long we can do the same. But Blizzard seems to think that such dmg is ok for mobs but not for us. So they nerved for example Trail of Cinders for the Demon Hunters but kept the insane DPS tickls of various monsters. And I don't even talk about Elites or bosses. CC and Life Leech Effects for WDs were also better in the past. Not much is left from this, sadly.

The gaming balance of D3 is much better than in the past but there are still some things that could be improved.

So I've been playing about since noticing this thread, and both my Barb and Monk have been doing pretty good. I actually took my Barb into MP10 tonight, and did all of Act III with only one death.

I don't have the most badass dps, but I DO have solid Resists, so I'm not sure what to say. From the amount of peopel having issues, I am curious if it's some sort of bug that is only messing with people, and if a re-install could fix perhaps?
^mass delusion...I feel the damage going down. Heck, my DH can tank mp3 without gloom
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10/27/2012 06:04 PMPosted by raidragon
^mass delusion...I feel the damage going down. Heck, my DH can tank mp3 without gloom

Your DH can tank MP3 with no LoH or LS, 30k hp, and almost no AR huh?
I know alot of conspiracy and tin-foil hat stuff gets thrown around these forums, but something is definately "off" in terms of incoming damage.

Yesterday and the day before I got alot of farming and key runs in and I was doing it mostly solo and strictly on MP5. Same gear, same build. (yea yea blah blah ww barb, it is my first time trying it out, coming from an all tank spec, so bite me)

Today after work I log in and a friend is on, he is doing some key running with another friend and they are on MP2, I think great, I can help these guys out since I have been farming 5.

Huge difference, felt like my damage and healing and survivability had been halved or more. We managed tho and they didnt get a drop. They wanted a better chance so they bumped to MP3. No way no how. We had to start trying to skip packs. But even that didn't work. Something felt "off" or changed or perhaps it's a way that co-op games are getting bugged somehow? Perhaps using old scaling data? I dunno, but anyways, that's my experience from the last 3 days of playing.
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ok coming from last night's usual farming with friend, RD is definitely buffed. not that we have any problem with it since we have loh/ls but it was significant enough for us to notice.

tsk tsk on ninja, blizz. shame on you.
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