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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

To the 20 something game developer who went to some low level game collegge,want to dispute this? Seems that every time you come up with a patch,its for the RMAH,that being the real money auction house.NOTHING EVER GETS FIXED>DEVELOPER NOOB> IS'NT THAT RIGHT?
Oh OH Oh OOOOhhhhhh GOD the public is revolting with a revolution and we've got to save the RMAH.Good kuck Blizzard on your TACTICS>Patches that are not a fix all the Time come on DECLARE your position.Oh I forgot your Yellow Bellies.
So Blizzard,NO Expansion for the HOLIDAYS< right,and we all KNOW why do'nt we?
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So much for the dweebs that always show up for repair the reputation time,guess there just flat wore out.
You guys are idiots, take off your tin-foil hats. Nothing has changed, get over it.
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So much for the dweebs that always show up for repair the reputation time,guess there just flat wore out.

Please stop posting.
and here they come ,please stop posting.You Fisrt.
Definitely noticed an increase in monster difficulty since yesterday. My barb was able to breeze through MP4, I tried doing MP5 even and found it to be around my difficulty level, somewhat challenging, yet still doable. But today I'm trying to get the keys from the keywardens on act 1 and 2 and found that on MP4 I'm having a hell of a lot more trouble than I did yesterday. The berserkers in Act 1 Halls of Agony can pretty much 1 hit me now, I'm having to pop Ignore Pain almost every time it's up and every champ/elite pack I'm using WoTB.

My own dps hasn't decreased at all, I haven't noticed a difference in monster health/armor/resists. It seems that I'm getting hit a ton harder.
Bottom line is all you Blizzard noobs and world of WARCRAFT people think your going to OVERWHELM THE OLD DIABLO 2 LOD community, ai'nt happening,sorry we'll always be here,to bad,.
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Oh and by the way these forums for all the new commers are for everybody,half these people try to talk high tech just to try and scare you away from the forums,its like the republican controlled states trying to outlaw early voting.bingo
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wow... I think we can safely get him to trade in the tin foil hat for a hug-me jacket.... just... wow
I almost thought this was true today, I started dying in MP3 all of a sudden so I started checking all of my stats to see what might have caused this to happen. I found that when I upgraded my Manticore and Ice Climbers to better rolled ones this morning I had lost around 200 armor from random Str and Int rolls on those items. At first I didn't think 200 armor would cause that much of a problem but then I looked at my damage reduction and had lost nearly 2%. That's not a great deal but it appears it was enough because I ran with the Enchantress later which gave me back most of that 2% and didn't die at all. I came close once but was able to escape with 1K of life left.

I suggest anyone who has made any form of upgrade check their armor afterwards, losing even a small amount at higher MP levels is going to be even more noticable. For the rest of you who say you changed nothing on your setup, I have no idea why you are seeing a difference.
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Hey I went down to that dungeon and took the damage so came up when dead but went down then attack i killed one so damage is bad but change mp when in dungeon I don't know if dead but when attacking going to take damage then go back down maybe less maybe more just depends really so yeah know what you mean when you go down or up on mp but gotta attack and defend and you will live but just keep on trucking I wreckon
God you noobs disgust me

The game has been nerfed on 7 seperate occasions since launch because of you whinging bads

Dont you understand the game has DIFFICULTY SETTINGS FOR A REASON

Go play Hell if inferno is too hard for fuk sake
I never noticed any change at all.. Never play higher than MP5 though, but everythings been the same for me.
+1 on monster damage having increased.

Do I think this is a bad thing? No. ML6+ was too easy. This increase in difficulty is better.

What annoys me? Not being told about it. Wiped on ML7 ubers today with one partner. A few days ago I was breezing through ML7 with my partner dead. I even ran all defensive runes and gems (65k hp, 550 AR) when I normally run 55k hp and 500 AR. Still wiped.
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10/26/2012 07:00 PMPosted by Benish
Do all your tests you want. My tests are what counts.

lol dude shut up u dont even make any sense
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