I know you can't really do a comparison, but I was seeing people saying they were almost being insta-gibbed by elemental attacks. I am currently not experiencing that on MP3 or 4 so I wanted to see it because it would be very evident if something was off if the rest of us could actually see it happening. Maybe it would help Blizzard understand better as well. If things like Armor, HP and AR are displayed prior to dying to an elemental attack in the footage, everyone can see exactly how many ticks the player took versus their EHP, that would instantly show everyone else what you guys are seeing.

It's still not easy to do but it would really get to the bottom of things rather than people saying stuff like "I have 50K HP and died from two ticks of an Arcane Sentry on MP3" Because we don't know if that person is actually telling the truth with no visual evidence.

I'm just trying to help you guys make a case here since this thread is clearly not going to die for a while.

Yes, I agree with you, comparison or no, a video showing the issue would likely help. I think you have made a good suggestion. I hope someone will do this, maybe even a couple of people, in case we aren't really all talking about the same issue. But just one would be a great start.

BTW, why would you think people aren't being truthful here? I could understand someone being inaccurate because of not being entirely aware of what happened (lots can happen in a short time), or because they misremembered what happened. (I'm not really happy that I can't go back to the hotfixed 1.05 and try the same set of runs over again, and log how many times I die to which affixes, compared with the live server.)
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