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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

Add one more to the list. I was rolling through Act3/MP3 alk runs without dying with my DH yesterday. Today, as soon as I came running out the gates, so to speak, completely overwhelmed & destroyed in my first encounter... and then again, so I decided to back out and remake game. It's at this point that I realized that I forgot to even check the "Enable MP level" option (since it keeps resetting on me every time I shut off the game), and therefore was getting owned on MP0!!!!

And I swear, I'm not a terrible player, badly geared, or running full glass cannon.

I even thought to ask in the general chat if the game got harder today, but I was afraid to get laughed out of the channel in light of all the difficulty nerfs as of late.
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My pets seem to be dying a lot more frequently, but I don't think I'm taking any additional damage myself. I can still take about 2 Fallen Maniac explosions on MP7, and I screenshotted some damage I took from a Demonic Mine.

http://i.minus.com/ipRn0bX8MFeNl.jpg 20,428 damage taken.
http://i.minus.com/iB3bI1CCAwZdG.jpg Armor and resistances.

Dunno if this helps anyone.
10/25/2012 01:00 PMPosted by KopaKabana
My pets weren't dying in ACT 7, now on act 5 they get slaughtered

dam are you playing D3?? becuse i cant finde act 7 lol dumbnutt
and stop the dam whining losers, buhuuu its to hard rofl noobs
I also notice a change. I was running MP4 after the hotfix without much of any problem. (Prior to the hotfix on tuesday, I couldn't really do MP4, I died constantly to elites.) After the hotfix, MP4 was fine. I tried again tonight, after installing 1.05a, and I died on most elite packs on MP4, similar to what I experienced on the original 1.05.

I would suppose it's elemental damage, as my all resist is pretty low, and so after the nerf to prismatic armor, I'm quite vulnerable to that. Anwyay, I get owned on MP4 now.
i also noticed a change. I thought i was going crazy...
This makes sense, I thought I was just having a shocker and playing poorly.
WooHoo, im not crazy, lol, I was killing mp7 on both my dh and barb yesterday and today I'm still killing, but im dying a little more. I'm alright with it but at least, now I know, I'm not going crazy.
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10/25/2012 09:09 PMPosted by ArchAngel
My pets weren't dying in ACT 7, now on act 5 they get slaughtered

dam are you playing D3?? becuse i cant finde act 7 lol dumbnutt

Its inbetween act 6 and act 8 noodlecakes.
damage definately increases alot... as well as hp perhaps (it took way longer time for me to clear them)

Affixes are crazy... shielding more then 2 mobs at a time... arcane is everywhere... and there are some packs almost have all elemental stacking affixes...

molten with fast is really irritating and ridiculous...

also find that LOH and LS seems to be getting less back then usual... and also my monk with 2.37 attack speed - 2.9x attack speed (depending on weap used) seems to be missing alot attack as i can see the mob HP do not drop most of the time in fact...

please fix this.. its getting really bad....

p/s: and it seems to lag by 1/2 sec....
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Feels the same.
Glad to see some one made this thread, for a second i thought i was going crazy...

But definitely agree with the OP, seems straight after the latest patch that dropped, all the monsters are definitely hitting a lot harder than they did before and seem to have a little more HP as well...
I went from mp7-8. Feels easier.
I notice the dmg decrease. Not an increase. Weird. So much so that I don't equip a shield anymore
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And here I thought I was just crazy. You know I actually did a full check of my gear because it felt like I was missing at least 1 piece of all resist gear?

Before the patch when I did Butcher on MP4 I just stood in all of his stuff, fire included, and I'd never drop below half. Tonight I had to use a potion on Butcher for the first time that I can remember in forever. Same gear, same build, same everything, I was just not able to keep myself topped off.
I'm still barely paying attention in MP3-4.

I don't notice any change.
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