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Taking way more damage today than yesterday..

Nothing changed for me, just noticed arcane beams ticking for slightly less (4.3k instead of 4.8k pre patch; MP4).
I'm having the same issue used to be able to do MP5 act I with few deaths ran a few act I MP2s and have been having the same deaths as I did in MP5 prepatch.
I wonder if a blue will come in a comment if this was a bug or on purpose... or did it only effect certain accounts?
It's all in your head..have a beer and try again.
I noticed a minor increase in reflect damage but I feel the drop rate is considerably down.
10/25/2012 11:07 PMPosted by Braug
It's all in your head..have a beer and try again.

Thats the funny thing, i actually thought it was a ridiculous thought at first as well, so i took a break for 30min and came back, but nope same thing, even tried doing several runs, but nope, they are definitely hitting harder...
I played after the hotfix and was like "is this really reduced damage?". It didn't seem like any different at all..........

Also, it seems like fire damage affixes just do insane amounts of damage, especially fire chains.
I am experiencing this too, reflect seems to do way more dmg again
wow....i did notice something like this since today....and i was just looking at the forums and saw this topic...i really think its true....I was playing on my usual MP when i died alot more than usual...
all the people talking about reflect do you have lifesteal or life on hit ?
im not noticing any difference.. in fact i dropped 3k health and 50 all resist for 12k dmg buff. (zuni boots high int unity ring + new lacunis [not showing up in profile for some reason]) and im not noticing me taking any more dmg.... considering i dropped protection i dont think this is true.
(i farm mp6 for keys mp 7 for "items")
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10/25/2012 01:13 PMPosted by LordSpanky
Since the dmg nerf was based around affixes dealing too much damage, could it be the affxies you are facing? Try to keep track, which should keep the tinfoil hats to a minimum.

everything is hurting more.

this is not a tinfoil hat issue. im not convinced of some conspiracy here.

i am absolutely sure that the damage i am recieving is much higher today than yesterday.

its not even close.

Nope. It's exactly the same to me.

Why would Blizzard nerf something, note it to the public then proceed to rebuff it without telling anyone? Are you people that stupid?
I only do MP2 because its quick and easy with a good enough chance to get key, Today everyone of my characters are dying so fast that I don't even get to react. it certainly didn't feel like a nerf in dmg where before the patch I was farming mp2 with 0-1 death due to one of my hand have to scratch my balls.
I think some people need to realize that just because Blizzard has neither posted or told the community about a particular change.. it doesn't mean it isn't happening.

They've input many things that they have not intended to happen, they have also stealth nerfed things as well. They are not going to tell people every waking detail (even though I think they should)

Never take things at face value, especially with this company. Your best guide is your eyes and your own experience. If you notice there is something awry, then you are probably right. Your first guess is normally the right one.

Many people were screaming yesterday though to not nerf the damage, so wouldn't the increase in damage make people happy?
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I can only do MP0. One night I was starting to improve. The next was rather bad. Thought it was just me (prob is lol).
I noticed more damage also playing on mp6. Yesterday was fine, but today I had to pay a lot more attention to not get owned.
10/25/2012 11:49 PMPosted by Picard
A Ninja Buff

Well i guess at least they aren't nerfing things this time around... but if only they could get it right and buff OUR characters and NERF the monsters instead of the other way around...
Why would Blizzard nerf something, note it to the public then proceed to rebuff it without telling anyone? Are you people that stupid?

Lacking imagination isn't really a license to call everyone stupid.

Patches get applied and bugs happen, Meh.

I find that the game is plenty RNG enough to explain the phenomenon being experienced in this thread.
Oh thank god I'm not alone.
I'm a WW Barb with average gear capable of farming mp4 with ease prior to 1.05. And according to the hotfix, I should be able to farm mp5 now but instead, it hurts way more. While the gap between the current mp4 and 5 feels worlds apart, Mp4 feels "just right" now but still hurts like a !@#$% when I have to face mobs with affixes like molten and desecrators. This shouldn't even be the case. Doesn't really feel that monster damage has been reduced. Infact it feels like they've been slightly buffed.
So far ever since the beginning of D3, I've never bothered about reflect. Infact it felt more like a free-frag whenever I encounter elites with reflect. But now, I die so easily when packs with reflect show up. My lifesteal and LOH can't cope with the amount of damage and reflect. That's just ridiculous. Around 4-5k life per tick and yet I can't cope with the damage? How much damage is that? :/

Blues definitely have gota give us some answers.
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I played quite a bit today and didn't notice anything weird. On my WD I cleared about 3/4 of act 3 on MP zero without breaking a sweat, and did about 1/3 of act 2 on MP 3, also finished out act I on MP zero on my HC Monk (was waiting for the damage nerf). Everything felt pretty normal to me.
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