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Kind of looking for advice on where to go with next upgrade. Have around 10M to spend and would like to get the most out of the small amount of money I have to use. I'm able to run through MP5 not efficiently. Would like to increase DPS if possible. Thoughts with the limited money?

Hello Genesis! Thank you for your previous help, you have set my dh in the right direction!

Now I am unsure of where I should focus on, specifically which gear to replace.
The budget I am looking at right now is somewhere around 2mil max on each piece of gear, would it be appropriate to look at a set of nats or innas, or should I stick to finding rares?

An additional question, I am really liking the dps boost from my Andariel's helm, but I feel without the exp socket I am leveling slower than I would like to. Any advice on this?

I would suggest swapping your boots and left ring out for nats 2 piece. That will give you a bunch of extra DPS. At some point, you'll want to switch out your innas chest for nats chest and replace your belt with innas belt for a bunch more DPS, but your eHP might take too big of a hit right now.


I would highly suggest you start moving towards set items. They are slightly more expensive, but they will give you the biggest gain and put you in the direction of top tier gearing. You could probably get a bunch of cheap set items inside your budget anyways, so Id' say go for it (or spend a little bit more than your 2m/piece budget). Getting your 2-3 piece nats is a huge DPS boost, as is 2 piece innas. You will lose out on some resists though, so keep that in mind. You may need to make it up in other slots.

As for your helm question, I would suggest you get a high dex mempo. It will give you better eHP than your andys (higher AR, can have vit, %life) without losing out entirely on DPS (it has attack speed and high dex). It also has a socket for your exp gem or a vit gem if you need more HP.
Hey there genesis, I have a quick question. I just found a A Witching Hour Worth quite a bit. It has the following stats
97 Dexterity
95 Intelligence
Attack speed 8%
+11% Life
Critical Hit Damage Plus 46%
14% Magic find

My question is should i could keep this and use it or should i sell it and buy some a whole bunch of other upgrades that i could use?
Hey there genesis, I have a quick question. I just found a A Witching Hour Worth quite a bit. It has the following stats
97 Dexterity
95 Intelligence
Attack speed 8%
+11% Life
Critical Hit Damage Plus 46%
14% Magic find

My question is should i could keep this and use it or should i sell it and buy some a whole bunch of other upgrades that i could use?

That is a pretty nice WH actually. I do think that you could make better use of the gold to improve other things. I've been going without a WH up until the point I'm currently at. I generally think that you should stick with inna's until you can get a really good one. Yours is actually pretty good, but I still think you should sell it. I'm sure you can get a ton for it. I simulated it for my gear and it only adds 2k DPS and 17.5k eHP and is worth 5 times what my belt is worth. I'm going to stick with inna's until I get enough gold for a WH that has high AS, CD, dex, AR and vit, and that will be after I get a 1200+ DPS 2 OS manticore.

That is a long way of me saying you should sell it and put the gold to upgrading your gear as a whole.
Ok, Ones very simialiar are selling for about 100-200 mil do you think its worth the same or are the prices inflated? Sorry for so many questions just one make sure im getting what its worth!
12/02/2012 05:45 PMPosted by Impossible
Ok, Ones very simialiar are selling for about 100-200 mil do you think its worth the same or are the prices inflated? Sorry for so many questions just one make sure im getting what its worth!

When I search things up in the AH, I generally take off ~20% of each stat to get an idea of how the prices progress. For yours I put in 80 dex and 8% life (as those are the main stats). I'm seeing an 87 dex 99 int 8% AS 45% CD 11% life WH selling for 69m, and it's got less than a day left. I'd say that is something very reasonable to price against, and seeing as it hasn't sold yet, it probably means it is overpriced. I would probably sell it for somewhere around that price. If you don't mind waiting a while, you can always increase the price and wait though.
@genesis I'm back for some more build advice! You helped me alot the first time, so i'm looking into upgrading some more! I sold some items over the weekend so now I have about 80-90m to upgrade my DH. What would you suggest my new upgrades should be?
I'd appreciate some advise as I've hit a plateau of sorts with my gear. Would like some more discipline though somewhere.

At this point, you basically need to try squeezing as much DPS and eHP as possible out of your gear. As far as I'm concerned, you've got the right pieces, so you should just try to get betters stats on them. One key point I would concentrate on is getting more vit (so you can ditch your vit gems in your pants). I've got some vit on my ammy, gloves and bracers, so you may consider looking into those spots. For your DML, it's perfectly fine having high vit on there, but your dex will be limited unless you want to spend a lot on one. I've tried to maximize my DPS with that slot, so my vit is lower than yours on there. That extra 100 dex I've got on there accounts for a lot of DPS. Since your mempo doesn't have CC, you may also want to get vit on there. You can get relatively inexpensive mempos that have high dex and reasonable vit (~75). It will really start adding up.


The cheapest and most effective upgrade in terms of DPS that I see would be your bow. You can get a decent bow without busting your budget. Last night I decided to sell my bow so I bought a cheap replacement. I ended up losing about 15k DPS unbuffed from my pretty good 1 soc. This bow cost me 8m (excluding the gems). While that is a pretty big DPS loss, it illustrates how steep the pricing curve is. You can get somewhat comparable DPS for like 1/25 of the price (for this example anyways). You can either go with a high DPS 1 soc or a lower damage 2 soc. I went for the 2 soc because I wanted to test a couple things, but as you can see I've been using a high damage 1 soc for a while.

I'd agree with your idea of getting more disc. I personally like having more than 30, but many high end DHs stick with 30. They also generally have a ton of eHP, which I feel you could use some improving on. So to fix both of those problems, I would suggest you trade your andys in for a high dex mempo with vit and trade in your nats chest for one with disc. Don't bother getting low disc though. Aim for 7 or more, otherwise there isn't much of a point.

Since disc seems to be a point of concern, I'd suggest you switch out vengeance for night stalker. Your CC is definitely good enough to be able to make good use of it.
Slow going, but I'm at least progressing. I think I may end up permanently going with quiver instead of DW, since it gives me much more options as far as maintaining or increasing EHP. More flexibility with the other slots, anyway. If you have any comments on gear or recommendations, would love to hear them. The ammy that's on my profile is probably the one I use for farming low mp. I have another ammy that's +dex, AR, CC, and CD in my stash that I probably will use for ubers and things.

EDIT - I should add that I'm looking at probably getting a litany with CD on it sometime in the future. Maybe squeezing more out of amulet and gloves, if I find a decent deal. I'm still in the "always poor" state of things right now. :P Also, my profile may not have updated from yesterday. If it's showing nat's boots with 125 dex and 28 vit, they're the old ones that have since been upgraded.
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@ Genesis,

I have been working on this DW build for a while now, and seem to have hit a wall. I would like to keep DW and increase my DPS some more. Advice welcomed.

I'm no expert like Genesis but the obvious standout for me is you need more gear with Vit on it so you can reduce your dependancy on Vit gems and replace them with Emeralds. The 276 additional DEX the gems will provide is a lot of +DPS.

Not counting your weapons, 6 pieces of your gear have no Vit or +% Life so maybe you could look for something similar gearwith Vit? Or even one or two pieces with high Vit ie 150 - 200 would do the trick for starters.

Crit chance is another you will probably need to increase, 40% is a good starting point imo.

I'm possibly way off but that is what I think anyway.
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Fantastic work here, Genesis. I've used your budget build and want to know how poorly I did, where I can make upgrades first (read: super poor) and when, etc. I'll take a stab and say I need more vit and higher dex rolls in general. Thanks very much for your help and what you're doing for the community :)

Your build is looking really good honestly. There isn't much I see that should be changed, only upgraded. For example, you may want to look for a necky that has some CD on it too. For me, every percent of CD I get adds about 500 damage. It adds up. Another example would be your bow. See what you can do to get a higher damage calamity. I know they are expensive, but it is one of the things holding you back. Consider getting CD or AS on your litany ring too. Other than that, basically just keep working on improving your dex. Your hellfire is pretty nice for exp, but as far as DPS goes, a nat's reflection would be far superior (if you get one with CD or CC on it). You'd get similar DPS with the ring itself, then slap another 130 dex from the set bonus and you'll be over it. It might not be a huge difference in all honesty, but you're getting to the point where gains are small and expensive.


Kyokei hit the first thing I was going to say right on the head. That's a ton of dex you're missing out on. Being a dual wielder, you're missing a huge part of most people's vit (DML), so it's going to be even harder for you to make it up. For that reason, I'd suggest you really work on your eHP and vit. While I understand that appeal of 4 piece nats (used to use it myself), I tend to suggest otherwise. These days, you can get good mempos with high dex and vit that will give you a ton more DPS and eHP than your nats sight will. Take a look at the one I found in my sample build. That was 5m or less and gives a ton of eHP (and more DPS than your sight). While it's true you'll lose the disc, I don't think you really need 50 if you build your character right. I've gone with 38 disc and find that I have no trouble surviving (I can facetank most MP10 elites) and my eHP isn't spectacular. In fact, my sample build has nearly the same eHP and only costs 75m to build.

Long story short, I'd suggest you move away from 4 piece nats. Consider getting some dex on your ammy. Also, I'd suggest getting shoulders that have AR on them. You definitely want to do that. I would seriously consider trading out your dawn for a DML. It will give you a bunch of the vit that you need and will (most likely) increase your DPS substantially. Try simulating it though. Also look into getting a calamity with a socket. That's a huge source of DPS you aren't currently taking advantage of.

Once again, kyokei hit my next point perfectly. Your CC is hurting right now. I know you get a 10% bonus with archer, but that still doesn't compensate. To take advantage of night stalker (which I suggest you start using), you need good enough CC so that it procs frequently. By increasing your CC, you'll no longer need SS and can use a NS.

In summary: more vit, more CC, more eHP, better weapon, consider DML.


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I'd love to give it a look, but it seems you're on your WOW profile. If you could either post a link to your diablo profile or repost here with your diablo profile I'll be able to take a look.
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I'd just like to let everyone know that I updated the sample build using more current items. I checked it out and realized that a lot of that stuff is cheap crap now, so I stuck to the original budget and went from there. For those who don't want to check, I'm now at about 175k DPS (using steady aim, archery and scoundrel bonus) and a bit under 450k eHP. That's pretty good. Basically the same eHP I have, just with a bunch less DPS for WAY LESS than I paid for my stuff.
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Hey Genesis you're doing a great work here! congrats!
Can you give me some advice on what should be my next upgrade? I have 50mill to spend but I'm not sure on what to focus...
I bought all of my gear before reading your budge build and now I see that I made apparently good choices lol. Anyway thank you.
Thanks Gen for the advice. I have finally achieved 230k+ damage unbuffed ( No ShSh)

Took your advice to get a Memph .. this dropped my DPS compared to using my old Andys, but the EHP on this allowed me to improve my gloves and focus more on damage.. in return a huge boost to my DPS at the sme time increasing my HP and Resist.

I still stuck to the Ice-Climbers here .. I could not bear with the lost of HP.. which is a !@#$ load for Climbers.. But i bought a better one with very high Dext to make it comparable with using a Nats Boots for a 3 piece Bonus


Thanks so much for the tips bro. appreciate it!
Hi Genesis,

I am currently wondering about something: Should I invest more in gear or get more exp bonus.
Since my last upgrade, I am rocking mp1 easy and barely ever die (except for the occasional vortex+dying molten combo). I know I could upgrade my shoulder and bracer but I am really wondering if it would be best to put my 26M into a perfect ruby. I will get a hellfire ring on that right hand btw.

Thanks in advance.
I quit playing a few months ago and recently started back up last week. What are some upgrades and improvements I could make to my gear.. Also I only have 1mil so it will take some time to build that up, but figured it couldnt Hirt to figure out upgrades.
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