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Hey im just comin back to playing and ive geared up myself with like 15 mil gold or so maybe 20 cause i had to do some changing around and was buying stuff for stupid amounts of gold because i did not look at the alternative heh but i am looking to get myself upgrades for about 30 mil gold, im surviving pretty well right now but my dps is a little lacking so what can i get that will substantially help me in the dps department but not kill me on survivability cause i hate dieing to much, so id like to keep at least 500+ life on hit with my life steal on weap and a bit of regen with 400 resist all seems to bee a good spot but i am just not sure what slots i might be better switching out for dif stats and what not, i looked at my profile and some of the items are not right im usually around a 35 cc and i switched to a mempos with a socket with same dex and resist all with life % any help would be appreciated, and i am very lonely on diablo cause there are no decent playing in open games so please feel free to add me fiatmorta#1243, could use some friends ;)

also im not using grenadier anymore though shooting off 4 cluster bombs is awesome, night stalker lets me get away with more of them :P

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Nat's ring would definitely boost your DPS, but I worry about the eHP you would lose. Your oculus is stacking a bunch of AR and vit for you. I wouldn't get rid of that until you've made up eHP on other pieces of gear honestly.


Your eHP is in pretty good shape for now. I would HIGHLY suggest you drop your tal rasha's for a mempo. Your DPS will shoot up, as will your eHP. To further boost your DPS, you should try to increase your CD, AS, dex and get a new crossbow. I'm thinking 1250 DPS with higher CD and the same dex. They shoot faster too, so that should really help.


I don't really know what to suggest without knowing your budget. If you've got a solid amount of gold, take a look at my sample build. It should give you some of the set items and such I would suggest getting. If not, I put up another build with much cheaper gear. It should really help point out areas I would suggest concentrating on. I managed to get a pretty good amount of eHP with that cheap build. The DPS isn't great, but there's only so much one can do with 800k! If you have any questions, let me know.


With that kind of budget, you'll want to look into set items, so check out my first post for the build details. You might not be able to get all of it, but you'll get a good portion of it, or cheaper versions of some things, which is entirely fine with set items. A huge part of the appeal of those set items are their bonuses, so you can always start with cheaper versions and upgrade as you go.

I understand why you like having LS and LoH, but I'd really like to advise you against searching explicitly for them. If you really like using a WF, that's fine, but I wouldn't worry about LoH so much. The reason I say this is because you should be using gloom to help keep you alive. It reduced damage substantially and gives you very good LS for 5 seconds. It's unmatchable honestly, so once you swap a skill for it (I would suggest either caltrops or smokescreen), you'll find that you won't die often anymore and won't need LoH or LS on your bow. If you want to boost your DPS and don't mind crossbows, it's really hard to top a manticore. They are so cheap and give you huge DPS. Each type of bow requires slightly different playstyles though, so if you like shooting fast and knocking back enemies, a manti might not be for you. Regardless, you should try to get a bow with a socket to boost your CD.
Hey Genesis. I been looking for some advice, or at least some confirmation about what I need to hit my goal on DPS wise.

I recently switched to Calamity/Spite and I been pretty happy about it. The problem is I don't hit that hard. I know of this when I switched and while I been pretty happy, my goal has been to hit 200k DPS wise. Although for me, I realize that 190K is a bit more realistic as I have some issues with aesthetics wise. I care quite a lot regarding my aesthetics and I honestly don't want to go down the cookie cutter route. (Something I'm setting up on a 2nd DH.) So I'm hoping for some advice.

I know the one thing I'm seriously lacking is Witching Hour. While in game it says 20k+ in damage, I am not positive how much that actually adds on DiabloProgress. I'm also looking to get another Natalya's Reflection w/ Average Dmg and Crit chance. I'm almost certain DiabloProgress doesn't count passives, so I might be missing 10% in Crit %. (I have a 20% IAS, 10% Crit Chance DML so I will have it regardless.)

So my question really is (if gold is no issue) will a Witching Hour and another good Natalya's Reflection bring me close to that 190k unbuffed goal? (I don't want to switch to Manticore) What else would I need w/o changing heavily on the aesthetics part that can bring me to that goal? If you can give me any sort of advice on that, i would gladly appreciate it.


Thank You.

First thing I want to clear up is your comment about nat's reflection. I'm not sure if I misunderstood, but if you said you are thinking about buying a second one, DON'T! You can only equip one at a time, so definitely don't do that.

If you want a really solid, cheap DPS boost, go for inna's 2 piece set (belt and pants). If you're going to do that, your eHP will take a pretty solid hit though. Witching hour is a better belt in terms of potential for eHP and DPS, but to beat inna's it will cost you quite a lot. I've been using inna's for ages and managed to get to 325k DPS and 500k+ eHP with it, so it definitely isn't a bad belt. Now that I'm redoing my build, I will most likely be getting a WH, but I'm also going to be sinking quite a bit into it. If you're tight on gold, inna's is hands down the best option.

You've got very good eHP right now, so I feel like you could probably take the hit on eHP with inna's if you want to get a DPS boost. That is based purely on gut though, so (as always), simulate it in a build calculator before you make any decisions. I doubt that you'll be able to get to 200k unbuffed with those changes, but you'll definitely get a lot closer. I simulated my old inna's set on your build and you gained 37k DPS and lost 75k eHP (127k eHP with dodge). As you can see, that's a pretty big hit on eHP, but also a pretty substantial gain in DPS. If you want to make some eHP back, you could always switch your danetta's to a DML. Many high end players do that to make up eHP and increase their DPS. You will lose some CD though. Another piece a lot of top calamity users wear are zuni's boots. It will give you a damage boost (just like inna's belt) that should really help boost your DPS. The reason being is that calamity's are entirely 'black damage', so the full +% damage bonus applies to your bow. I'm not very experienced in this department, so I can't offer much more info about it.

Hopefully something out of this helps!
I need some assistance on what piece of gear will give me the best bang for my buck.


Quick stats
150k dps no SS
300 something all res
34k hp
only 36 or 37 crit chance (MY BIGGEST PROBLEM)
511% crit damage or so

I use new nats for the 20 disc so I can farm alk runs quickly. I do not want to replace any piece of nats set unless its the same piece but better stats.

I think my worst pieces are my ammy or my DML.

Do I replace my DML with one that has like 280+ dex and maintain 19as 9.5 crit, or do I get something like 200 dex 150 vit 8 crit chance 30 cd amulet?

I have approx 60 mil and dont want to lose the disc bonus from nats, or giveup the hellfire ring for the exp. Everything else it seems like upgrades are way out of my 60mil range.


Edit: Looking at d3 up I see adding 100 dex to my DML is only like 5600 dps increase. Where as a 3% crit anywhere would give me 7800. I guess where do I find more crit? Ammy?
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Thanks for the advice, but mind if I theorycraft a bit? Lets say for instance that I get Witching Hour. 80 dex, 80 vit, 9 IAS and 45 CD. Then I replace my original Nat's Reflection w/ 12-25 Dmg, 80 Dex, 70 Vit, 5.0 CC.

How much would that grant me? What about if I straight up go for replacing my amulet and rings, would that bring me to 190k unbuffed?

I think that your biggest problem is your low eHP. You might get away with that sort of eHP if you only do runs where you don't get hit (ie: you kite a lot), but if you want to be able to absorb any sort of real damage, you need to get that up there. I understand your reluctance to give up your nats sight. I felt the same, but I ended up doing it and NEVER looked back. Getting a mempo should boost your DPS and eHP substantially. If you definitely don't want to go down that road, you might want to get CC on your sight to help boost your CC. Your vit is also pretty low, so I would suggest trying to boost that too. As you mentioned, your CC is on the low side. Your AS, CD and dex are all excellent and your bow isn't half bad, so I would say that is the main thing holding back your DPS.

If your goal is to just boost your DPS, you're basically stuck between three things: increase your CC, dex or get a higher damage bow. You could probably get a bunch more DPS with a high damage 1 soc bow (actually, you definitely could). I made the switch from a low damage 2 soc like yours to a 1260 1 soc with dex a while ago. It ended up boosing my DPS by something like 10k and I ended up profiting from selling my other 2 soc. Of course your CD will go down, but it's not the end of the world. Nat sight is a great spot to get CC, so that's what I would suggest for that. They aren't that expensive anymore (I don't think). Not as many people use them now that mempos have been fixed. You could see what you could find as far as ammys go, but yours has pretty decent damage, dex and great CD. You might actually end up losing DPS by changing that unless you spend a ton of gold. Simulate it first. So basically, CC on your helm and dex anywhere you can get it (or a new bow).


By making those changes, you'll end up gaining about 24k DPS while losing 28k eHP (56k with dodge). That will also cost substantially more than what I suggested. Considering you're at 140k unbuffed DPS right now, it's going to take a bunch of changes to get that last 50k. If your end goal is to hit 190k unbuffed DPS, inna's is the most cost effective way. It costs twice is much eHP, but will give you a ton more DPS at a fraction of the cost.

I just tried simulating a bunch of different things and without going into extremely expensive items, I don't know how you'll do it. If you drop your hellfire for a decent rare, you might be able to get 10k DPS. A crit mempo would probably get you another 15k. Slap that with the inna's set I suggested and you'll be at your target, possibly 300m later. I checked bows, boots, bracers, etc. and nothing short of godly would give you the DPS you want. If you cant swing the 300m, inna's 2 piece is a great start. Then consider upgrading your hellfire (and nats if you really want to, but it won't add all that much unless you unload a ton on it). You could get another 2 cc on your bracers which will add a little bit. Getting to that point is going to be pretty expensive unfortunately (unless I'm missing something).
Wondering what I need to upgrade on my gear besides my gems Thank u
I need advice on how to improve my AR without loosing much on DPS :( ...

Always died at MP5 ....
I am a beginner and for a beginner, how is my DH ?

Oh the Hellfire Ring is just there for me to level with lol. I took off my real ring. It is 12-25 Dmg. 88 Dex, 99 Vit, 9 IAS and 6 C.C.

So the only possible way I can hit 190 unbuffed is if I go down the Inna's route even though I lose a crap ton of my health in the process? I know DiabloProgress doesn't track passives and therefor I'm roughly missing 10% C.C. that should always be there. I'm also missing 6% C.C. from the Ring along with Dex, Vit and IAS +dmg because I was leveling. I always take it off for the crappy Hellfire so I gain more Exp when I run to lvl my paragon. In game w/o Steady Aim, I'm at 150k dmg. (I'm always concluding my 10% C.C. because I will have it pretty much regardless.)
I've been trying to figure out how to raise my dps without sacrificing ehp, any thoughts?

Edit: besides the obvious 2 socket 13xx dps manti upgrade
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I've been trying to figure out how to raise my dps without sacrificing ehp, any thoughts?

Edit: besides the obvious 2 socket 13xx dps manti upgrade

Just give me your items, uninstall d3 and get lost share..
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why? I thought you loved your legacy nats? And do you want to be the only stupid dh who uses Immortal Kings?
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I could use some help. I can do MP2 without a problem. MP3 slows me down a bit and MP4 kicks my !@#.

When I tried infernal Cannon on MP2, I died more times then I could count so I figure I must have missed something along the way.
Hey Thought I'd ask here and see what I needed to do next to improve. I dont have much gold right now but thats what im trying to fix. I know my gems need improved and im working on upgrading them as far as i can with my jeweler rather then buying them with gold better spent elswhere right now.

Your main DPS stats are all looking pretty good, so basically from here on you're going to want to work on improving your dex and your bow damage. I would definitely suggest getting a better bow. Either get a high damage 1 soc (which is what I did until I got my 1200+ DPS 2 soc) or get a higher damage 2 soc. Even another 100 damage out of it will really boost your DPS. Your eHP is looking pretty good, so that's not a huge source of concern. If you were to get inna's belt, you could trade out your inna's chest for nats and your nats sight for a mempo. That should net you a pretty decent DPS and eHP boost without costing a fortune.


The most obvious spot to me are your bracers. I would suggest you get some rare ones with dex, vit, AR and 5-6 CC on it. That should boost your eHP and DPS. You should also get a mempo that has vit on it to further boost your eHP. Other than that, I don't know what to suggest that isn't ridiculously expensive.


Looks pretty good to me! Before you hit inferno, it's pretty hard to mess up gearing honestly. With that in mind, how would you like the gear I'm wearing? I'm trying to give it away to someone new but nobody seems interested! This gear won't be much use to you now, but when you hit 60 it should let you get through inferno pretty easily.


Ahhh ok. Haven't seen that other ring, so it hasn't been in any of my simulations. Diabloprogress only shows unbuffed DPS, so your archery bonus won't apply. If when you say unbuffed you actually mean with archery, 200k DPS might be achievable without going crazy on gear. It's possibly to do without losing all that eHP, but that makes it expensive. You'd probably have to resort to an extremely good WH, a crit mempo and try to squeeze as much dex out of everything as possible. Since you also value aesthetics, this becomes even harder since you'd probably rule out a mempo which is something that's hard to beat. It would really offset the eHP loss of inna's.

I'm going to sound like a bit of a hypocrite here since I liquidated my gear in order to boost my eHP from 550k, but the truth is that I had enough to do MP10 with relative ease if I wanted to. So even if you lose 100k eHP, you'll still have about as much as I had which isn't bad at all. If you really really want to get higher DPS, I can't think of any other way than inna's 2 piece to boost you. If you're not too concerned, you could stick with what you've currently got and make minor improvements. Unfortunately, your belt and pants slot will eventually end up being either inna's 2 piece, inna's pants and a WH, or a WH and really good rare pants. That's basically how it always ends up since there are only so many ways to boost DPS without using those slots to their maximum potential.


IK is certainly a unique approach to eHP. I'm not really seeing any places where you could gain much DPS unless you went to an expensive 2 soc manti or got rid of IK.


I'm not expert on reading people, but I feel there is conflict here. If he gives you his stuff, I dibs everything that's worth something though.


Your eHP is quite low, so definitely work on that. A major reason for this is because you have like no vit. Try to double that if not more. This means getting vit on your mempo, your bracers, your gloves, etc. If you do that, you should be able to handle higher MP much more easily.


I'd suggest you go for nats 2 piece. You can get the chest super cheap and the boots are ~1m for a starter pair. You basically want this purely for the set bonus. You're definitely on the right track though! I would suggest you avoid using the jeweller. It costs more to make gems than it does to buy them. Try getting a little bit more vit where you can too. You also definitely want to get a better DML. I would go for at least 16% AS and suggest you get HA or bola on your quiver. I feel that the damage bonus is best tailored to deal with the bottleneck of any run. That bottleneck is elite, meaning you want your single target skill to be as powerful as possible. You generally shouldn't have a problem with white trash, so the EA bonus isn't required. That should boost your paper DPS and your effective DPS against the biggest time wasters.
Gen. Ok Im now seriously considering a Witching Hour.. bt to spend the millions just for a 1-2k dps increase.. you think its worth it?

I will have extra CHD and Hit alot faster though. A rough calculation tells me that I'd be killing alot faster even though the DPS increase is small. Correct me if Im wrong.

and once again thanks! i have learnt alot from you

Would love to hear your thoughts on how to improve my DH
I definitely messed up the build by going way too glass cannon - MP6 and above is troublesome

Should i lose some critical chance (maybe 5-10% or so) in exchange for % life and all resists?

Been really stubborn (sad face) and held out for gloves that have dexterity, critical change, vitality and all resists but damn they are expensive

Also the belt may need some work - Good DPS boost but provides little survivability

Any key tips/hints you can give me to improve my hero?
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