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Thanks for the advice :)
I'll be giving the Mempo a trial when i get some gold saved up

In the meantime i did squeeze out some more vitality on the Natalya's Embrace and a very modest amount in the amulet - Allowed me to remove the amethyst from the helm.

Need a little more testing on that gem removal as the last time i played, it was with 2 barbs and one monk mate.

Great work on the thread and keep up the awesome work.

Reading through your comments for other DH's out there is proving to be very educational!

I think I might, it's just the problem of the dropping so much in eHP that will bother me. But the only way I really can get around that is if I'm sure the other DW DH's out there (ones in DH Hall of Godly DH :p) ePH is close to mine.

If I'm sure they will be close to what I have, I will go through with the change when I get enough gold to do so.

I have actually been thinking of Inna's Pants + Witching Hour.
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I'd definitely advise it. Ever since they fixed the rolls on them, mempos are basically the best. With enough CC and good disc management, you can manage with 30 just fine. It will take a little getting used to, so you'll have to give it enough of a chance before you decide. I'm glad I've helped!


Most of the people in that 'Hall of Godly DHs' do have higher eHP than you, but they are also rocking some pretty pricey gear. Some are using WH, some are using inna's, but ALL calamity users are using DMLs instead of a spite. This basically holds true for all the top heroscore DHs on diabloproress. If you were to make this change, you'd pick up TONS of eHP, likely with a bit of a DPS drop (your spite is pretty nice for DPS). If you were to get a 250 vit DML with 200+ dex, 19 AS and 9 CC, you'd probably be in excellent shape eHP-wise and could do whatever you wanted for your belt (inna's or WH). Definitely move to inna's pants; they are basically the best ones to use.

I just simulated your build with a DML I somehow got on my D3up account. If it's the one I think it is, it's like top notch gear, so simulate the stats down to what you can afford. I did a quick AH search and sorted by vit (with HA as the bonus). I'm seeing DMLs with 300+ vit, 170-180 dex with either 19AS/10CC or 20AS/9CC. Again, this will give you a bit of a DPS decrease from your spite but substantially boost your eHP. It's also worth considering.

this is my sister-in-law's dh and i want to help her out but i literally dont knw anything about dh. please help us out and give us some advice on how to improve, including gear to go for and overall build. thanks in advance
Hey Genesis,
I've got 40m, what do you think I should upgrade? I'm low on vit, where'd be the best place to get it without losing dps? Thanks.
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Hey guys I got a DH paragon 5 now and i'm using a Strafe build to be able to farm items and make fast runs.
I use Strafe with the extra crit damage rune, with a Bat Companion for increased Hatred regen, also Archery passive, Vengence passive for hatred and disc on health globes and the last passive is proc for 1 Disc on crits. i got around 50% CC, 270% crit dmg with my manticore/DML equiped and i can basicly use strafe endless in fights, since i use preparation with Punishment rune, making me offer 25 Disc for 100% Hatred again.

I also use vault with 10 sec CD no Disc cost rune, so i can escape jail and not waste Disc cause i need it for preparation.
hatred generator is chains with 6 hatred regen rune, i never use it anyways so it doesnt matter, and then third skill is Marked for death which spreads when mob dies.

Basicly i'm a ranged whirlwind barbarian. I can kite all elite packs infinite since i got lifesteal on my gear too, and the high crit chance feeds my crits for disc.

This build works pretty well actually, you guys should try it out

So I've just been paragon leveling and have saved up quite a bit for my next upgrade, but not enough for some higher end gear. I was wondering what my next move should be? I can see I have to upgrade gloves/ammy but I haven't been able to find anything worth the cost on the AH whilst I hope to just farm one.

On another note, on what MP do you think I can farm keys and do ubers(in a group)?
Genesis, thank you very much for the advice and taking time to assess my DH. I am going to start working on those things you mentioned. Esp looking for a Memp and pants with Vit, then saving some smackeroons for a good DML and Manticore. When the situation calls for it, i do throw on my Nats helmet with 165 dex, 95 vit and a purple gem in it. but i could use the AR with a mempos on top of that.

thanks again!!!!
Genesis, like everyone else, I truly appreciate your help and time. I have about 10 M after recent upgrades. I have been able to go from MP3 to MP5 sometimes MP6. Any moderate adjustments or purchases to get to MP7/8?

Merry Christmas!

EDIT: Read over alot of the guides on page one and did a massive overhaul on my character. What a difference. I'm up to MP 7/8 now and the whole game is a much better experience. I still need to replace Ring, Ammy and Belt but they are pricey. Input still desired.

Enjoy your vacation as well and thank you again.
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Hi, do you mind looking at my DH - I really need a fresh pair of eyes on this one. Im playing mp8 now, but still think there must be some room for more DPS with maintaining the same level of EHP.
Here are some links (if you cant see my profile, pick "europe")
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Hey man I just leveled up my DH. Spent a little bit on him but most of gear I found or had from my monk. Hoping to farm mp0-3 with him and not need to invest a whole lot more. Could you help me out with some budget dps upgrades? As well as any build advice you could offer for quick clearing. Thanks.
Just wanted to let you all know that I am currently enjoying my vacation, so I won't be responding to your requests until around Jan 6th. Keep them coming, or just wait until the 6th to ask. I plan on making a more detailed build guide for at least my super budget 800k build, my 75m build, and possibly even my actual build/higher budget builds (though probably not the latter due to it's limited audience). I'll also give my 2 cents about the skills I would suggest using, depending on the gear and/or what MP level you're playing. Hopefully these guides will help clear up some of the more common questions I am asked, largely leaving me to answering more specific questions.

I am totally understanding the fact that you are on vacation, but reading the rest of your post you asked for the requests to keep them coming

I finally made it to 100000 Damage but need further advice on what I could change, something does not feel right about how I play and I am not sure what I am missing

Any advice would be great
@Genesis, I actually just remembered that I posted here and came to check today. Hope you enjoyed your vacation! TIA.
Hey! Thanks for coming back. I just posted a new guide actually. It's got tons of detail. Hope you all enjoy it! If you check it out and have some questions still, feel free to post on that new thread. I'm going to let this one die in hopes that the other one takes its place.


Hi Genesis, I just want to know how much else can I upgrade my DH's dps. I see people tend to turn to more vit than resist. Just want to know if vit > resist. and also if there a point on stacking reduce damage % by melee or range attacks. Changing out my helm gem to a vit gem and hellfire ring to a tri factor ring. My dps can go up to 370k dps and about 45k HP. Just want to know which gear could be futher upgraded to improve my dps and especially my vit. Sorry to trouble you and thanks too for this! You're awesome.
@hirondelle this is a new thread
For more info please visit here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593579872?page=1#0
Wow do I need help. In reading your stats I am orders of magnitude too low on most everything. I was in here because all I do is die. Inferno on M0 for me is: /die/die/die/ repair sometimes i barley scavenge enough to pay for repairs.

What I can't understand is how people have so much money. I have around 950K now after hours of playing.

Anyway - razvok#1137 The Americas I only have the one character.

Thanks this is awesome.
@razvok- It looks like you geared poorly if you bought that stuff, not a personal attack. You only have 12k health and with your dps the health globe bonus that you have isn't going to help if it takes forever to kill something. First off with your skills I would drop one and go with gloom and switch out steady aim for archery on passives. When you get to level 60 on a new character you should prob have around 3m just from gold drops etc. That doesn't even count in sales in the ah. I am not a dh guru by any means but can do a basic build for you to at least get started in inferno. Until you get better gear I would stick with hell tbh. As far as "hours of playing" you aren't quite in the complain section :)

There is a new thread of this here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593579872?page=1#0
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