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Great stuff, Genesis. If you have any comments or suggestions on the next upgrade, that would be great. I was thinking of saving for some Inna's Temperance then replacing the Inquisitor, but that's sort of been taking a little while. The treasure RNG gods have not smiled on me recently, and I'm only around 4-5 mil now.

I also have a 1k+ 1 OS manti that a friend donated to me, but it's sitting in my stash since I actually don't have a quiver to really go with it yet. The rare I have would actually drop my DPS by a few thousand. :P
Hey genesis, so Ive listen to your advice and got some item to get better dps. What would you think my next upgrade should be?

Do you think a stone of jordan is worth it for the build im using or get 4 pieces nats?

You guys LOADED me with some questions, so in the interest of me finishing them by next week, I'm going to try to keep them brief and suggest you read the first post. It will explain a lot of my process without individually saying the same thing over and over again. Instead, I'll be suggesting pieces of gear I would change and why.


Your CC is great, CD is great, AS is great, so good job. Now it comes down to increasing your dex and your weapon. Drop the hellrack for sure and get a manticore. 1200 base damage and 190 dex is pretty reasonable these days. That will add a ton of DPS. Your eHP is too low, so I would suggest improving your life and resists. Consider dropping your andys for a mempo with high dex. Gives you a socket, more AR and a gem slot for extra life.


Your DPS is looking much better, as is your eHP. That looks almost exactly like the sample build! Looking good. At this point, it basically comes down to improving the attributes on each piece. An example of that would be with your bow and boots in particular. You could get a ton of dex on your bow to improve it. The dex on your boots could be increased by 100. You could increase the dex on your bracers by 70, ditch your low AR and get vit instead (kinda like mine). Things like that will be the way for you to progress.


Your eHP is a bit on the low side. You're at a bit under 150k right now. I'd say you want to try to double that if you want to have any sort of tanking abilities. While all your 'direct' upgrades will cost you your left nut, you might need to start considering changing your pieces instead. While it's not ideal for DPS (at lower qualities), a mempo might be a great piece for you. You'll lose a bit of DPS, but you'll still have your attack speed bonus, you'll gain 70+ AR, natural %life and a socket for a vit gem (if you so desire). Also, I think you should change your shoulders. The sample build I've shown has shoulders with 50 less dex and like 25 less AR, but it has 150 more vit. Between the mempo and the shoulders, I bet your eHP will shoot right up.


The reason they can get away with it is because of their ungodly amounts of eHP. They don't even need disc with that! With my disc pool and night stalker, disc is literally never a problem. Going any higher at the cost of DPS doesn't make sense for me, but that's how I play. Yeah, getting to Beast's level is just so far away. I'd rather have the $10k IRL than beast's gear though hahaha.


I'd love to, only problem is I can't see your profile! Either repost here after changing your profile, or post the link so I can check you out ;) I don't know where your gear is now, but 300k without steady aim is seriously high. You're basically talking about 275k unbuffed DPS if that's what you want, and there are only 34 DHs in the server with that… You better believe that 400m won't cover it (unless you're almost there as is). Anyways, post your profile and I'll take a look!


One thing I notice is that your CD is pretty low. That often comes with the burden of the WF, but can often be managed. It basically means that you need to get a soc in your WF. Otherwise you've sacrificed a ton of DPS just for the KB and higher AS of a bow. Your eHP is in a reasonable spot right now, so I'd consider switching out your belt and pants for 2 piece innas. That will add a ton of DPS. That will hurt your eHP a bit, so to recover, get some bracers with some AR, dex, vit and CC on them. You won't need the MS of lacunis with innas pants and will likely increase your DPS and eHP at the same time by switching to new bracers. If you need more eHP after that, stick a vit gem in your helm.


I would be very cautious about dumping huge amounts of gold on single items at your stage. There is still a lot of fundamental things you should do BEFORE you start increasing your per item costs like that. I would highly suggest taking a look at my first post. Every item in that build was 5m (apart from the pants and ring which were 10m each). It seems like that is in your budget and will give you a well rounded build without breaking the bank. Once you get to a point similar to that, THEN it is time to start upping the price to continue improving.


I agree with your comment of a balanced DH. I generally call those hybrids, and that is what all my advice is working under the assumption of. You should know, however, that pure HP isn't equivalent to being balanced. While I don't advocate low HP, there is a point where it gets tough to keep high HP without losing DPS. For that reason, I find a far better measure of survivability to be eHP. It effectively embodies all aspects of damage mitigation into a nice little number.

You've got a pretty nice WF, so that's a good start given that you're dead set on it. Your right ring, boots, ammy and belt are off though. Belt should be innas (great DPS), ammy should have two trifecta stats (CD and CC would be my advice) as well as dex and vit. Ring should again have two trifectas while trying to max out dex as best you can (your CD is pretty useless at 16%, so get something more substantial - again I suggest CC and CD). Your boots should be nats boots. You can get the same stats as ice climbers (less the %life) and will gain the 130 dex set bonus. Shoulders are debatable. I would suggest getting ones with like 150 dex/vit and 50 AR. They are cheap and will help more (could always get better if you can afford it).


You've got a pretty balanced build which I honestly didn't expect by looking at your gear. It's not common to see stats like that using as many rares as you do. You would be much stronger if you were to increase your CD and CC though. You should change your ammy to get both of those. Consider comparing with the first post. I don't really know where to go without changing the rares around significantly. What I find with builds like this is that some pieces where I look to get DPS end up being spots where people have stacked eHP (and vice-versa).


Hand crossbow builds are a tough thing to pull off. You've managed to keep your CD pretty good though, so that's a bonus. Your eHP is in good shape, so it comes down to DPS. Your right ring definitely needs to change, and I feel that innas pants would be a very wise investment. Consider getting nats boots and nats reflection for the 2 piece bonus. If you want to change your armour out, you could go for the 3 piece set bonus of nats. If this starts to hurt your eHP too much, consider getting a mempo. That is an uber eHP booster.


I would probably change out your left ring for nats reflection, but wouldn't jump to getting 4 piece nats. Without a CC helm (which is $$$), it becomes a DPS sink without any eHP gain. You should probably try to replace your right ring with something with higher DPS. If you find that as you're increasing your DPS that you start losing a ton of eHP, just remember that mempos are always there to pick you back up. Those things are amazing for picking up eHP.
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Sorry bout that! I guess my profile isn't current but I am at 306dps with steady aim and archery, and everything else is pretty much the same.
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Hey Genesis,

Great job in this thread.

I'm grabbing a nat's reflection next, but I was wondering where you think I should go from there? Vile Ward? Better Mempo? Can you think of a good upgrade or build change that I'm missing? I'm trying to be as price efficient as possible while upgrading my DPS in a eHP responsible manner. I've spent time dishing out advice in this forum and thought this might be a good time to have someone take a look at my gear/build and see if they can catch something I've been missing.

Thanks bro.
i didn't play for a while and just came back after 1.0.5 patch so can u advice me which skill build or item build i should go. thx :)

Sorry bout that! I guess my profile isn't current but I am at 306dps with steady aim and archery, and everything else is pretty much the same.

Dear god, didn't expect to see that! That is an incredible set of gear you've got there. You should probably replace your vit gems (except the helm) with dex gems. That extra 116 dex will add a bunch of DPS. Short of going with trifecta rings and ammy or getting a 6% CC mempo, I don't know how you can get more DPS honestly. I guess your manti, but lets be honest here, it's worth probably 3-4 time what all my gear is combined, so I can't really sit here and tell you to get a better manti haha. Probably wouldn't even see one that competes with it for a while. If you want to keep higher dex, consider upgrading your vile to a high dex/high vit one. Yours doesn't have any vit, so that's something you should probably do at some point. That won't help your DPS though. You're into next level !@#$ here, so I suggest checking out the top heroscore DHs on diabloprogress and see what they have that's different.

Hey Genesis,

Great job in this thread.

I'm grabbing a nat's reflection next, but I was wondering where you think I should go from there? Vile Ward? Better Mempo? Can you think of a good upgrade or build change that I'm missing? I'm trying to be as price efficient as possible while upgrading my DPS in a eHP responsible manner. I've spent time dishing out advice in this forum and thought this might be a good time to have someone take a look at my gear/build and see if they can catch something I've been missing.

Thanks bro.

I agree with grabbing a reflection for sure. Try to get some CC or CD on there too if you can. If you're going for a two piece set, might as well look into a 3 piece set. You'll make up a bunch of dex with that third piece and probably even increase your vit too (depending on how much you want to spend on it). It's worth simulating. Your shoulders might be able to get another 70 vit on them. Consider looking into a 2 soc manticore too. You're getting to the point where things will just get super pricey to upgrade. Nice build!

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i didn't play for a while and just came back after 1.0.5 patch so can u advice me which skill build or item build i should go. thx :)

I'd highly suggest switching over to the new nats set, ESPECIALLY if you aren't using it for the 4 piece bonus. You'll get way better bonuses. Also think about dropping your belt and pants for 2 piece innas. One other thing is that your necky should have a bunch of dex and vit on it, as well as CD and CC.
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Yo Genesis -

Once again, man you are a pillar of this community! Somone guiding so many people! Legendary Man!

I followed your advice - couldnt afford the mempo with crit (especially one with as much dex as mine) but I found other ways to up my dex / vit. I upgraded my DML / Upgraded my Nats boots / Upgraded my Nats armour / Upgraded my Innas belt , and both the rings got an upgrade. Still gotta upgrade some gems, but need some more cash for that =)

Managed to up my Vit / Dex / AR .. and added a bit more hatred regen for fast runs (using multishot on low mp levels).

Can now solo MP10 no issues =)

So .... once again a BIG THANKS!
any tips or advice you could lend would be great

Just wanted to bring up a good point, the ones with vitality are mighty expensive, consider getting one with dex/str to get 200 bonus armor instead, i got mine for 13 mil on bid. This could apply to other legendaries like Natalya's Bloodyfootprints and Inna's Pants for example.
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If you really like attack speed, you might want to look into grabbing a windforce. You lose DPS with that type of bow, but it does attack quickly and has a nice knock back effect. The problem with trying got centre your gear around IAS is that it only increases your paper DPS, not your actual damage. I don't generally focus on attack speed as I believe that dex, CC and CD are more important in a new build. Then you increase attack speed more if you can. That's just my opinion though - others may approach it differently.

If you swap to a bow, particularly the WF, you'll naturally have much higher attack speed (bows attack faster and WF has IAS on it). The reason inna's has this is because its a special set item. I guess that's just how blizzard designed it!

I wouldn't suggest dumping all that gold into gems right now. Your build has many other places to improve on before doing that. Those gems might boost your DPS by 5k, 10k at most, where an equivalent amount of gold would be able to rework your gear to get another 30-40k.

Thanks for your advice!! I was thinking of windforce as well, as I saw many high-end DHs used it. Now, I got one and really love its knockback ability. Together with bolashot, 1 on 1 with a rare elite is incredibly fun.

sorry for a very late reply :)
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Hi OP,

I'm really confusing of what to upgrade next, most of my gear are cheap, they work quite well until now. I don't really want to hurt my MF which is not so high atm, can you take a look at my gear, i don't have much of gold, i really need a direction to spend them efficiently. Thank you!

I am thinking to buy an Inna's Temprance but my HP will be lower and I must reach 40k at least.. what should I improve first? Amulet with vitality??

My goals now are raise Dex/AS and HP am I right?

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Thanks a bunch for the compliments! I think I will find a really good nats embrace next and swap my gems then. Amulet will be next as well.
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Thank you! I really appreciate the great feedback. Those high dex mempos with cc are really outrageously expensive haha. You've stepped it up in a big way. 785k eHP while still keeping high unbuffed DPS - great build! As I've said with another guy who had a similar build - you've got in a direction I'm seriously considering. A lot of the top tier DHs have been getting similar gear to maximize eHP and DPS so that disc isn't an issue anymore. Excellent build!


There are three things that stound out for me right now. First and foremost is your bow. While you've got pretty decent base damage, you don't have a soc! That is key for a bow user since archery doesn't give you the ability to get an extra 50% and you're capped at 1 weapon socket to begin with. So make up CD where you can. Second is your belt. Most of the time, unless you're dropping hundreds of millions on a witching hour, inna's belt will outperform it. Your's doesnt offer any significant form of eHP, so I see it as a DPS slot. For that, you definitely want to check out innas belt. The holy damage and set bonus will make it a far more effective piece (simulate it to make sure). Thirdly, your right ring. You should try to get two trifecta stats on there. Rings are vital places to get get your trifectas up. Other than that, just keep doing what you're doing!


I almost agree. The thing that's crucial about shoulders, in my opinion, is the dex, AR and vit. As you mentioned, vile wards are pricey with vit on them. For that reason, I commonly suggest people look into rares with (sometimes) lower dex and AR so that they can affordable get vit on them too. People are drawn to the names I find, though sometimes rightfully. For nats boots and innas pants, I tend to agree if you're under a tight budget, especially nats boots. To get nats boots with decent dex and vit worth half a !@#$, you basically need to start forking out hundreds of millions.


I'm glad you've enjoying it! At the end of the day, that's all that counts.


Something to keep in mind is that getting gear with MF will generally increase the cost and force you to settle for lower end stuff. I made that mistake when I first made my barn. I ended up being a great tank with nearly 200% base MF (without paragon), but then realized it took me a thousand years to kill anything (20k ish DPS :S).

What I'm trying to say is that you may want to consider letting go of some of your MF pieces in order to progress your gear. Between paragon and MP levels, MF gear has lost a bunch of its appeal. I don't have much MF at all. I get most of it from paragon and doing high MF. Both of these things directly correlate to how quickly you kill things. If you can kill fast, you'll level fast. If you can kill fast with higher MPs, you'll level faster and get your MF up higher.

I suggest you take a read through the first post and see what you can see. It will give you a good direction to go, since I can't really pick out anything in particular worth changing without causing the build dynamic to shift such that you have to keep switching things around to keep it effective.


You would definitely lose a lot of HP with that change, but I do agree that a 2 piece innas set is a good direction to go. Two places you could make it up is your ammy and shoulders. Your shoulders could be upgraded by 100 vit at the cost of a bit of dex and AR (or maybe not, depending on your budget). Your ammy could definitely be upgraded to have both dex and vit (be sure to have CC and CD on there though). Yeah, you've basically got the right idea. Your CD could be increased a bit, but your AS is perfectly fine and your CC is pretty good too. Could be higher, but not crucial.


No problem at all. Good call. One other thing to consider might be trying a good inna's belt. You've got the budget to get a really nice one, and I feel like there's a good chance it will add a bunch of DPS to your witching hour. If you get a really high dex one (might even be able to get one with vit or AR on it too, can't remember), the holy damage boost, set dex boost andthat one extra CC might just be what you need to get your DPS up even more. Try simulating it though!

I am trying to improve the gear, and the build, but without a focus point, it makes no sense.

Do you have any idea how to improve my gear, and if possible, my build ?
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Had some money to spare and thought I would gear up my DH since I havn't played him since the first week of diablo. I still play WD as my main which can run any MP level... but like to have some breaks with other characters. Bought a few cheap items on AH, but curious as to a good build. I am also thinking up getting a litany ring for my other hand for more damage mitigation. I seem to be able to play MP3 pretty well, but don't know how I would handle anything more than that.

I like the Bola shot & rapid fire. Also, my pants, belt, and ammy are not showing up to date. My pants and belt are inna's, and my ammy is Mara's with 200 dex, 100 vit, 70 AR, 6% CC & 7% cc to rapid fire. Figured I'd work rapid fire into my build since my quiver / ammy both have +7% cc.

Let me know any ideas / comments to improve.
Thanks for the input, Genesis.

I grabbed a budget ring to replace the right one (not showing on profile yet...surprise surprise), and will save up some more for the Inna's pants. I only am at like 5 mil right now, so unless I get lucky and snipe an auction, I think I'll either have to settle with no vit or save up a ton more.
i would love feedback.
i just built 'her' based on most of my monk's gear.

Your feedback is amazing!! Just what I was expecting/thinking

Really Thanks for you advice :):)
If you wanna play together call me sometimes.. I just added you.

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