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Follower items are absolutely useless...

Some of my suggestions (I'm sure some are repeats from other posters):
1. Allow Templar to use Two-Handed weapons or Dual Wield.
2. Allow Enchantress to use One-Handed weapons and offhand/shield.
3. Allow Scoundrel to Dual Wield and equip bows/quivers (I'm not sure if he already can, I've never used him)
4. Expand the gear slots for followers to include at least boots, belts, and gloves (or more).
5. Add legendary or even set follower items, like weapons with huge attack damage or armor with super high vitality, but can only be equipped by certain follows. It wouldn't be game breaking.
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11/07/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?
Items that give you an extra boost, like legendarie follower items that give your team something extra to XX damage. Or something similar.
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I think some legendary token abilities could be
1.On hit turns templar into a blood thirsty halberd wielding cow......moo
2.Gold and Magic find for scoundrel. "want to find more treasure out there? next time take a thief with you"
3.Frost nova on hit for enchantress < not sure what a good % chance would be>
4. 1% chance on hit to instantly destroy target ( works on elites and champion but not story bosses ) would be awesome formp 10 players
5.Chance to summon followers < guys from thieves guild or the templar order >
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I think that bringing in skills to follower relics would be pretty cool. I remember the days in Diablo II where they had conviction aura and lowered enemy resistances which gave a huge boost to gameplay and value.

I think it'd be nice to see them with full armour again, I don't understand why that wasn't implemented and it'd certainly be interesting to find out why.
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11/07/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

You could add legendary ones, with special effects, like some sort of snare, bonus to the player, or summoning!
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There are many unrealistic suggestion in this topic..

Anyway, right now followers fall into a few specific roles, and none of them is actually "fight by your side". Most people get Enchantress for her aura and crowd control. People who can't handle too much damage pick Templar for tank and healing. Some like myself get Scoundrel for extra crit chance and windforce+cold combo. Most people just care about the extra mf/gf/xp they grant with items anyway..

If you ask me, the problem is not much about their items. If they had a bit more usefullness in combat their current items would be worth more, simple. If nothing else, just make their items spawn with MF boost and people will get satisfied.

BUT it would be a very easy way to do two things at once: you could boost their attribute range to something like 800-1200 (I'm not sure how things would scale, but that's just the rough idea) and make the special follower items the one item that makes them (more) useful in combat.
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they need legendary relics, one for each of the 4 types of token. at least 2 need to be inferno viable in power and affixes.

needs on striking effects at a higher % than would normally occur on player items (blind etc)

ability cool down reduction would be fantastic even if it was only a modest reduction

frankly this entire thread has great ideas for follower buffs , and as i use followers regularly i welcome it.
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11/07/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

A really nice feature that TL2 had was spell scrolls, and you could allow your pet to learn the spells. They had things like Frost Nova, Fireball, Self Heal or Master Heal. The possibilities are endless.

Finding spell scrolls and learning them on your pet was so much fun. D3 is is great in that the gameplay is insanely satisfying and fun, but it lacks in features and quirks like this in so many ways.

Make relics have unique skills or spell slots and it opens up a hole new world for us.
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more spells/active effects. The passives they provide are enough. I don't want a stat stick, I want an active follower with good combat reliability.

More active spells on them. They don't have to be uber powerful or CC heavy. Just give them something.
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Allow their tokens to potentially roll large amounts (amounts that would be unrealistic on player-equippable items) of defensive stats such as Armor or All Resist, and offensive stats like crit chance, crit damage, and IAS. They can equip so few items that it's tough to get Lyndon or Eirena a decent amount of armor or to get Lyndon in particular a decent amount of Resistances, even after accounting for how well they scale with main stats. They can have similar main stat values to characters, but for the most part their other stats lag behind terribly. Of course, alternately, you could just let us equip more items on them to begin with.

Add MF/GF on tokens.

Active effects would be very nice, as well.

Allow Eirena to use a shield. Allow Lyndon to use a quiver.
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have them spawn with things like average damage, crit chance, and attack speed

Why? They have single target main attacks and their DPS doesn't scale well enough to justify offensive mods anyways.

Let me correct this common misconception.

Take the enchantress.
Her spam is indeed nerfed to only do 20% damage, like all follower spam.
But, the two damage skills you teach them do FULL DAMAGE, they scale with their weapon damage and primary stat EXACTLY AS OUR HERO'S DO.

My 'chantress has 4192 intel right now, she uses a 1368.8 dps weapon, she has 19% cc, she has 496% cd.
Her AoE forceful push can crit for over 500k on a 10 sec cooldown and is the first skill she will use on meeting any monsters, interrupting any charge attack.
Her AoE erosion DoT can crit for ~300k per tick, 5 ticks, and puts a '+15% damage taken' debuff on any mob it hits, on a 15 sec cooldown.

Those 2 skills together mean she is constantly AoEing, interrupting and debuffing the hell out of mobs.

She kills goblins solo in low MP's (and why would we farm higher MP's anyway?), she clears any mobs out of my range as a melee, she finds me legendary items daily, she protects me if I should go afk by blowing up anything that comes near. She can solo all bosses on low MP (except Diablo, she sux at avoiding traps).
I have ported to a WP before and had a legendary item waiting for me before my character even loaded.

People use the 2 crowd control skills which are on 25 sec cooldowns when forceful push alone not only does massive damage, is only on 10 sec cooldown, but in fact has with it a crowd control and interrupt, in that monsters will turn to her and emote (if they live), controlling them for as long as the crowd control skills would anyway.

Take your dps gear off your character and replace it with low dps MF and see how useless you are, take non damage skills and see your dps drop. It is the very same principle.

Enchantress is a very efficient ranged AoE dps and support for melee, immensely helped with crit.
Scoundrel is a very efficient single (or 3) target ranged dps and support, immensely helped with IAS and crit.
Templar can have 78% block, 30%+ dodge and massive EHP. His lack of threat and therefore role as a tank however should be addressed.
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I feel like if the follower had armor slots they really could be taken to the next level, that and crit chance
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useless and boring I should say...

It' not the items. The problem is with the followers themselves. A right combination of nice big stat boosts rolls sometimes. They are good items. It's just the followers were not meant to deal any real damage for some unfathomable reason.

Still, my barb's enchantress can solo hell (though I haven't been there in a while.. ) and sometimes manages to kill a monster or two on inferno. Also has enough life and LoH to survive any fight. You can't call that useless.

Or my DH's templar; He's effectively tanking for my character, does an okay job of keeping most of the monsters away. Also ha a lot of LoH and life, so he's not dying either. Not useless.
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11/07/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

My suggestion would be it's the only place where you can actually really buff your mercenary... So open up the possiblities, and Pardon the expression... "and double it". lol

or eventually you can allow mercs to wear a full suit of armor as was done in the past in D2.

As it stands I completely agree that follower items are very boring.
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Something that is useful for the player too. Like Auras from d2 or some buffs! That would be a cool hunt for the better buffer ;)
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More buffs and class specific buffs
More mf
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11/07/2012 07:04 PMPosted by OmegaDonut
What would be cool is if you stripped the stats off of the relics and instead gave them cool abilities or procs like a chance for the enchantress to do a room clearing AOE pulse like a wizard or for the templar to get a paladin-ish aura, something along that so the relics become more about customizing your favorite follower to compliment your build in fun ways instead of just boring follower only stat sticks.

11/08/2012 04:32 AMPosted by Poobah
or eventually you can allow mercs to wear a full suit of armor as was done in the past in D2.

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I agree with the others follower items should be able roll similar to rings with the Magic Find, Gold Find, Attacks speed, Crit Chance, Crit damage, life percent mods. This would end up making them slightly more useful than the currently are.

Another idea would be legendary tokens for them. Give them the chance to proc certain spells like chain lightning or meteor. The chance to summon some sort of creature on hit/attack. As many have stated add aura effects etc.

Followers have the potential to be drastically expanded beyond their present rolls and I have listed a few ideas listed below and over at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794322893

This portion ties heavily into the paragon system as an added bonus to grinding out those hellish levels.

-At level 60 your follower would gain paragon levels with you, they would no longer auto level and would have to be ground out with your character. They would not be able to out level you in paragon, but would require 1/4th-1/10th the exp to level up.

-At paragon level 25 they would unlock more gear options, along the lines of Chest armor, pants, and boots.

-At level 50 You would now be able to have 2 of your followers join you in a single player game. Your followers would unlock gloves, helms, belts, and bracers.

-At 75 This would also allow 3 followers into your single player game.

-At level 100 Followers would unlock their full potential with a 2 page skill book that would be assigned similar to a players along with a final powerful ability with a 2min CD , They would also gain a small inventory, 4x8 in size.

Some Misc changes.

-The gibbering gemstone when held in your inventory would make the followers as chatty as before 1.0.4
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I wouldn't mind being able to put helms, armours, gloves, bracers and belts on my followers. i want to spoil them more but they don't have any more slots that i can put legendaries into. they don't even need to have different models with different armours, they look very good as they are.
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Windforce+attack speed on the scoundrel really makes for a good cc bot.
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