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Follower items are absolutely useless...

11/07/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

Legendary relics that have unique effects like what was done with regular legendary. Also, semi-unrelated, but allow followers in groups already...
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11/07/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Grimiku
Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

Add this affix to all follower tokens and they become useful:

increases "basic attack" damage by: 35%-85% (templar/enchantress)
increases "basic attack" damage by: 10%-60% (scoundrel)

This would work similar to how things like "The 300th Spear" adds damage to Weapon Throw, but would allow all followers to potentially do full damage with their weapons instead of there mitigated amount.
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Don't know why I even bother posting, my stuff always gets ignored...
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Magic find up to 100%
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11/07/2012 07:32 PMPosted by FelixA9
Let them wear a full set of gear.

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i wish i could use a follower item as a amulet, but then it should became soulbound
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I really like the aura idea. no matter what you do to change follower damage, they will never be important. 10k dps from your follower is nothing when you are able to do 150 yourself. In fact i would say nerf follower damage and give them more buffs they can give us or more stats to share with us.

As it stands right now, my followers are just free magic find. They are MF that i can gain without trying.
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It seems like Follower Relics are an opportunity to have something more dramatic happen with your follower. As of right now, their just another piece of gear with varying stats, but since relics are pieces of gear specific to followers it feels like they should be more dramatically different than just another way to up a primary stat or add some magic find.

Maybe certain relics can add new skills, abilities, or functionality to that follower. There could be a templar relic that lets him periodically summon other templars from his order to fight. Or maybe a relic that imbues his and your weapons with holy damage. There could be one that gives the templar a weaker version of vortex.

Or an enchantress relic that lets her teleport her or yourself away from danger once you reach a certain amount of low health or one that opens a town-portal-esque portal that engulfs nearby enemies. These can be on some kind of cooldown as well.

Just some ideas..I'd like to see these follower-specific pieces of gear feel more...follower specific, and maybe allow you to adjust their functionality a bit based on your needs.
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hanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

Since every follower has unique personality I think they should also have a unique ability when times get tuff for the hero. It would be exciting to see a templar go on a mad killing spree, cursing his enemies and dying in a explosion of martyrdom. Or a Enchantress finally getting extremely violent instead of saying "problems thinking?" The wench has been around for a long time and has seen more things then the hero and yet whimpers and whines. give her a back bone. Just get rid of the other dummy. He never helped much anyway.
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Not toally related, but as a suggestion to the devs:

The talent / abilities we can give the followers - some of them are damage based, ie, do a shot that deals 200% increased damage. Given how badly nerfed they are damage wise, why would anyone grab that over a CC type of skill?

So my suggestion would be to replace all the damage based skills with other skills not revolving around doing extra damage, which would increase choice.
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Scoundrel with Windforce = Win. See my profile.

Not useless at all. Although I agree that the follower-specific item slot is generally pretty underwhelming. If this slot could roll some OP stats or unique effects like CC or maybe Life FOR YOU on Hit then it would help to boost the follower's usefulness.

I do understand where Blizzard is coming from though. Since followers are single-player only it is a balancing act. If followers were the equivalent of a second player then it would really discourage inviting a friend to join you since you lose your follower and the monsters gain HP. As it stands right now there is almost no reason not to use a follower in single player but it does kind of suck that even if you spend millions of gold on your followers they are still are pretty weak.
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even now i remeber that in d 2 my follower had better items than my hero...it would be awesome if blizz would let us put items on our followers:D
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Thanks for letting us know that you think follower relics could be more interesting. Do you have an example of what would make these items more valuable to you?

make them legendary - should be ONE legendary for each follower.

add unique affix, such as -

templar - creates healing aura with 10 yrd of him
scoundrel - reduces the cooldown of vanish or dirty fighting, increase dmg from hysteria by 10% etc.
enchantress - chance to summon familiar when hit, reduce cooldown, etc

this would also come with element dmg on it (cold, poison, fire, etc).

um... you could also...

add magic find/gold find (this should already be possible to be honest...)
add life %
add life steal on them
add crit chance on them (since they dont come with that stat narually).
add IAS onto them...

(a trifecta should be rollable on a follower item guys).

here another idea -

create follower 2 pc set item - relic + ammy/ring?

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- lower cool-downs
- Lower time they stay incapacitated when hurt

-increased aggro
- chance to "lock" an opponent in a fight

- Chance to pin opponent to ground with arrow/bolt
- headshot for double crit

- Chance to lock enemy in Jailer affix like prison
- Illusionist affix
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A legendary relic that would give exp % would be cool
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If the follower's base stat added to yours, or if you got more than 20% of the MF, GF, or XP would be a huge start.....it's awesome when you stick a hellfire ring on your follower to get an extra.....7% XP......awesome. Not exactly a great reward.
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well, imo, we focus on what will make your character better in follower's only slot not designed to actually give bonuses to the char. Its akin to people whining that the loot is boring due to poor itemization (4-5 must have stats on the item make it good, the rest are trash).

Imo, make it cool. Make it stand out ! I am not even against keeping same stats on follower's items, but make several (say legendary) items for followers that would change their skins (i.e. cooler armor) or just give them different model altogether. Say instead of a templar you can have an animated suit of armor (without speech capabilities!). Or, instead of enchantress a genie, for example. perhaps give those relics some special abilities similar to unique leg abilities.
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I think the enchantress and scoundrel should be able to equip offhand items...also helms and body armor...

some follower specific ability would be nice if added to their relic, some sort of aura or pro chances would be nice...

also it sux that u get a enchantress relic with only str and dex....
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11/08/2012 10:09 AMPosted by QuineBee
scoundrel should be able to equip offhand items


dead mans legacy on scoundrel = REALLY REALLY FUN.
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