Diablo® III

I just killed "Rodent of unusual size" elite

ryus master was akuma
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WD Acid Cloud Rune Lob Blob Bomb.

Bob Loblaw lobs law bomb.
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in reference to mr. bo jangles!
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Is Viscious Grey Turkey a refference to something, i thought this unigue enemy name was a bit strange, only seem him once - act 3.
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i cant believe i never noticed the conection between theu nity ring and the dave chappel skit...lol
anyways anyone havea prediction as to when the servers will come back up seeing as its 3 hours later then they said already?
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Fallen Maniac in Act 2 oasis named "Usama bin Splodin"
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Chupa Khazra ===> Chupa Cabra

At least in portuguese, Goat is "Cabra". Khazra's are goat's, so...

And sure, the name is a EPIC joke about the tales of "Chupa Cabra'" in the Latin America.

Over the summer I worked with a guy from El Salvador.
He told me about the legend. Once you posted this I nearly fell outta my chair laughing!!
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Favorite easter egg ive seen in D3 so far,
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11/08/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Grimiku
I laughed out loud when I first saw Chupa Khazra in Act I and I think it is still one of my favorite monster names (along with the R.O.U.S the original post mentions).

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11/09/2012 05:59 AMPosted by AxeWind
unity from dave chappelle rick james skit

First thing i said when i saw that " UNNNITTY"

The random name for the golds are funny sometimes too. When this game first came out, the very first item i sold on AH was a really crappy sword called "Bloody Crack". I am certain the only reason it sold was because of the name.
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