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Rate the monk above you !!!


nice build up can't wait to see the full gems on =D
@ aki95
Not sure what you're like without the cain's set on, but from what I see, you're on great monk. your weapons are beautiful, and you seem to be a well balanced monk.

looks pretty good to me lol. It seems your left hand weapon is a little low on DPS but the crit damage makes up for it.

Before you rate mine, keep in mind that I logged in for the first time yesterday since like July. Back then, my DPS was pretty solid for a monk, now it's not so much but I am working on it.

Solid monk! So far you're headed in the right direction! However, I'd suggest snatching up a nice pair of inna pants. They'll give you the 2 piece inna bonus and an additional dps increase due to the IAS and CC. I'd also suggest trying to grab some weapons with sockets, once you reach around 80k dps, lifesteal becomes more effective then LoH. Anyways, looking good! Good luck! :D

9/10 almost there man! I can only hope to have some of the items you have and you seem to have a good balance of damage and life/ls/loh while you're damage is still awesome. Not a cheap one to upgrade, but i would go with the ammy, get a couple more crit chance in there and maybe attack speed if it doesn't bring your dex/vit down too much

You're at the point with ChC where running cyclones is just acceptable, try and pick up more ChC in your ring and amulet
@ aki95
Not sure what you're like without the cain's set on, but from what I see, you're on great monk. your weapons are beautiful, and you seem to be a well balanced monk.

just changed my pair of weapon and helm hahahaha

you monk is pretty well balanced might use a lil bit more dps
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@ MellowsDad

7/10, next logical upgrade would be bracers.


9/10, very well geared monk!
@airborne 7/10
decent gear.. need more vit.. there are alot u can upgrade.. but it will cost u some gold/..
@Guts 6.5/10

Too much resistance based gear for a tempest rush build, a bit overkill. Helm needs to be replaced, 2.4 spirit regen ones cost less than 30mil. Nats ring is lower tier. Skorn has vital instead of LOH or LS.

Interesting build. Nice dps, though your unbuffed dps is 196k dps. I say work on your life and sustain, and maybe try getting rid of that andys as the fire damage taken is a huge loss to your EHP. 7/10
@pein already been rated but still 9/10.

Very nice!
Good start. You should get a weapon with some LS though.

you can consider to get more LoH/LS. With only 440LoH won't help much on higher MP levels.
Inna radiance also can get some better replacement as the +26phy +health globe is rather low

Nice setup on your all resist ,
I think the weapons , glove and also LS / LOH can furthet improve then it be great


Hey very nice monk 7-8/10

Imo, you need Inna's pants and to change your Ammy for CD, for an extra dps boost cus your health is like overkill lol, ow and i think cindercoats are quite underrated for fire monks, but I'm in love with my one for now lol
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Sorry im quite noobie here, but i guess if u can upgrade ur gems and replace the echo with 1 with socket would be cool. =w=

Everything's good, maybe more survivability
If you're going to run with Maximus, you are required to have a Sorc follower with Maximus as well!

lol, this is true. Forgot about getting a cheap one for her. 9/10. Nice DPS!...Skorn is one of thos weapons with all useful stats. Not sure about hp though.
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