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Rate the monk above you !!!


8/10, quite balanced, can consider changing weapon or rings for more IAS maybe?

IMO, Trash the Inna's belt and chest. Pick up Witching Hour an Tal Rasha chest. The 2pc is the only one worth getting unless you are going TR. Your weapons are fast enough that an extra 2 seconds of hitting to get your spirit is worth it. Or you can invest in BT Pants and Neck for the vit and LoH, your LoH looks too low to do anything with.

Edit: Also, man, your neck. get rid of it. Det AVG Dmg, Dex little lower CC and CD. It'll make more of a difference.
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Lookin' good with the build. Youre probably lookin' for a BT ammy and Nats ring. Take your time but make sure the ammy has at least 8cc and 100+ dex and the ring has either 30+ cd or 4.5+ cc with another damage or eHP stat.

7/10 once you pick those items up 8.5/10

Edit: To keep your budget under consideration since Nats will give you 7cc you can look to get cd on BT ammy instead of cc.
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@ CaptainCarl

Wow...I'm kinda speechless. Definitely a 9/10, as far as a gear upgrade, there really isn't much room, at least, for something cost effective. Perhaps a pair of gloves with some Vit/AR?

Sexy, sexy Monk. :)

very nice gear 9/10

beautiful pair of shenlong


very nice damage u have 9/10

both of u make me feel i still got a very long way to go
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Thats exactly what we discussed yesterday :) And Thank ya! I have to say, out of everyone I've talked to on here you have been the most helpful! You gear is still as sick as ever man! I am so jealous! haha

Throw out that fist, GROSS! Get a weapon with CD/OS/LS It'l be better in the long run! or a WKL with OS and LS, Hidden damage over CD IMO. Looking good though!

Pretty decent 5.5/10

I am not sure if you are going for MF or DPS as your gears are everywhere. Well try getting a higher stats Inna's chest and your rings are fire/cold resist lol.

Nat boots is fine, I assume you are saving for a nat ring? I recommend a nat ring with at least 4.5cc or ones with average damage. They are overpriced, so try getting a good one as a low nat ring barely increase much dps...i rather stick to ice climb+Lacuni

Nice gear 8/10

Imo the obvious upgrade is your ammy, avg dmg is nice on it but cold resist? Bracers could use a bit more cc but thats just nitpicking. Pretty nice setup you have.
@ jwwk,
9/10, nice set.
- lose the 3.00% life steal on the 2nd weapon, life steal in inferno mode is, unfortunately, not as it seems.
- nice #s on inna's radiance; have u considered mempo or visage for helmet?
- ring 'prism source' could use a bit of an upgrade.

my build is no crit; hard to kill with high life-on-hit + high att speed. can do mp10 without getting killed, but takes a long time to kill enemies
@ jwwk,
9/10, nice set.
- lose the 3.00% life steal on the 2nd weapon, life steal in inferno mode is, unfortunately, not as it seems.
- nice #s on inna's radiance; have u considered mempo or visage for helmet?
- ring 'prism source' could use a bit of an upgrade.

my build is no crit; hard to kill with high life-on-hit + high att speed. can do mp10 without getting killed, but takes a long time to kill enemies

- LS is in fact the main core right now for inferno, not LOH just for your info :)
- Haha yeah, right now the only upgrades for my head would be Mempo with cc but those are too expensive for me at the moment.
- Prism source ring currently gives a lot of dps for me, still looking for a better one though.

- I would say your off hand ring or mempo, either could be your next upgrade.

Just started inferno mp0. I don't think i will be participating in te keys part diablo 3. Looking mainly to survive mp 0 through all 4 acts b4 starting mp1.

Physical resist is 214
Cold resistance is 230
Fire 288
Lightning 214
poison 224
arcane/holy 214
life near 50k
life bonus 12%
Life regen 611
1428 Per hit.
movement speed 12
GoldFind 38
MagicFind 76

Help? Not good at the micro and dunno if given random play times as to what farm spot is best.
@ animewatcha

taking into consideration u have a limited budget, 7/10.

- try getting a L63 shield, has higher block amount
- ring 'virile vow' need a definite upgrade, bracers too. u can find cheap lacuni bracers that give u movement and att speed.

read the title of the thread
Insane amount of LoH, how effective is that? This looks like a tank build, but regardless I'd say try to get some crit damage on neck, rings, gloves, and weapon to speed things up. Also, crit chance on shield, gloves, and bracers (expensive i know) would do the trick.

As for me, I don't have a lot of gold, so upgrades are few and far between. I appreciate any and all criticisms.

Your damage reduction is only 88.4%, abit low for higher MP. Slowly upgrade your defense. DPS is not everything, need to balance.

why INT based Vileward? Even a dex+str VW is better as Str = armor.
High critical hit chance but low critical hit damage. I think you can work it out from here.

i am not too familiar with shielding monks.. i fear without LS you may struggle on high mp..

you seem geared for capped mf farming on low mp.. you should be more than adequate for this task.. if this is true then you could drop a little resist for more dps.. but then using defensive passives doesnt make sense. so maybe im wrong.. in which case mf is a total waste.

personally i think you could do with more IAS. more spirit is more abilities which mean more eDPS. but you have 4 piece inna's so you save a little spirit which is good.

you have good damage reduction but at the expensive to 2 passives.. again for high mp these are great but for low mp mf i dunno whats the point.

for high mp LS is end game sustain in which case dps everything.. you have less than 100k bad!

5 1/2 of 10 maybe i am abit harsh.. just not a big fan of mf which gimping you horribly..

edit woops i play EU http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/juniorRC-2189/hero/2691176
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Cos i am budget monk :( got the vile ward cheap. I might look into changing the vile ward once i found / buy another weapon (hopefully!)

I am using snapshot with my skorn (250+ CD + 2.9 LS), so with high cc, i procure more cyclones for damage and LS. I can do MP10 with this setup, just that i need to upgrade my fist for more DPS so that i can clear faster, i think.

Opps the eq shown are the ones i used last night when i farm key in MP10. Usually i just do MP1 levelling with another set of gear.

Yea, I snapshot LS for SW, then with LOH, i am able to sustain in MP10. Once blizzard fixed the snapshotting, i will gear again, but meanwhile, heck it :P

I already swapped out most of my mf eq (only left 3?) not sure why mf still high haha... maybe from paragon level?

Not harsh, appreciate it :)

u dont have any characters??
seems i missed one so here we go


1st nice to see you not using OWE and STI freeing the passives great!!

your CC and CD are almost in harmony.. you could do with extra 5 CC.

i rate IAS highly and you could use a little more..

i also keep a little loK on my ammy. thumbs up

i see you have pickup but no health globes bonus.. wats up with that?

and your weapons are on wrong hand.. sweeping wind will life steal if you switch.. takes into account active weapon which normally is mainhand due to refreshes..

not sure what you doing with chant of resonance and mantra of evasion..

but i give 8 of 10 GJ

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