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Rate the monk above you !!!


(10-epsilon)/10. I don't even know what I would upgrade except, given the $$, the non-radiant gems...

not sure of the standards but i give you 5 out of 10.. i think you have decent enough gear..

i would suggest when going for trifecta gear such as rings ammy and particular gloves go for IAS and CC.. your gems in the weapons provide sufficient crit damage for your gear level..

that is a very interesting spear you have :)

http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/juniorRC-2189/hero/2691176 my profile..
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i would say 7/10.

the defense a alittle too low with dps what it is. stone of jordan a problem imo.

now rate me please.
should i rate you? since i already rated someone..

but i would like to dispute that my soj is in fact OP
@ red33

4/10, still have room for plenty of upgrade. can slowly get Life steal weapon soon.

@ juniorRC, nice soj. FOT on soj is hard to find.

nats 2 set will do you wonders
EDIT: Whoops, looks like I replied too late. I guess I'm doing Duhast.

Duhast: 9.5/10

It looks like you can get a good HP upgrade from bracers or shoulders.
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Lacuni Prowlers could use an upgrade. Otherwise your build is very well done. good choice in the blackthorn chest.


I would recommend using blade storm instead of cyclone. IT will net you alot more DPS due to the very low crit chance. You need to be 25% or higher for cyclones to do more damage than bladestorm.

Upgrading your amulet would be your cheapest and most effective upgrade, get 9-10 crit chance + dex vit and you will see a huge boost to your killing speed
@carotid 6/10 upgrade your chest to a surcoat and need a new main hand but you will be strong in the future

I hope you meant "interesting" in a not completely bad way...it's so nice having all of that life steal.
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8/10 pretty well rounded in my very humble opinion. I would swap the belt for something else with slightly better stat rolls, but looking good :).
Sorry Jeshurun I can't rate you since you didn't link your profile.
Give me the link and I'll gladly rate you though :D

@UsableJam- I'd say 8/10

From what I can tell you certainly have the right Idea. As Jeshurun said you are very balanced. (and a very nice level of armor for a dual weilding monk :D). The only thing holding you back is that you could prolly squeeze a few extra affixes into some of your gear, or replace it for innately better gear. Your WKL could use some higher DPS for example. Crit Damage or IAS in your ammy (higher LoH wouldn't hurt either), Res or IAS (if you can afford it) in your gloves, higher vit on your Inna's radiance. Very minor things like that.
But a very good job for sure!

EDIT: My profile's DPS and total Armor are wrong at the moment. I have 62K DPS and 7200 armor. Everything else is correct.
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@november1093- 8/10

Guessing you are going tank monk, crazy high armor and all resist. You might want to try and get some more vitality, but from your life on hit and life steal you might not need it.
@ Chronic, The only thing I can think of off the top of my head, would be to get a piece with 6 or 7 pick up radius. It makes a Huge difference in my experience grabbing those health globes when standing in nasty stuff, and cant go far, or no where at all.
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Good mid tier monk. You can upgrade your belt and OH for some quick Dps gains.

@captaincarl - nice gear... 9/10 i would say... your amulet should be on the top of your upgrade list.
Nice monk, I don't feel all that qualified to judge it but I see your armor/hp are low. Maybe swap in some Amethysts. You've got a full inna so you're sort of limited in what you can do. Have you thought about giving up a piece to allow more flexibility?


Not meant to be an insult but obviously you have a ways to go. Your resistances are not bad but can be improved, your vit is good, but your dps is very low considering how cheap it is to gear a Monk to 80k+ dps these days.

Easiest upgrades for you are going to be your chest (which doesnt even have base dex), and fate abomination ring. It's important to remember that Chest and Pants are capable of rolling very high dex/vit/resists, and that by not getting them you're handicapping yourself because you end up needing to use precious other slots to make up for it.

9/10 You have a very good well-rounded monk with good dps and survivability. Im pretty jealous of your mainhand weapon as well.

My only real advice would be look into upgrading your ammy, with crit dmg going up to 100% now and your maxed out crit chance, get yourself a 8+ crit chance and 75+ crit damage ammy and youll see a huge boost in DPS as you can afford to give up a bit of vit
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