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Rate the monk above you !!!

Judging by your gear and build you're maximizing serenity and SSS invulnerability time with the beacon, combined with some pretty impressive damage when you trigger an SSS, I like the idea of that :)

In a way though you're forced to do this by your gear. You lack the necessary armor, RA and life for non-combo builds, and you'd lose a sizable amount of DPS if you'd switch to a weapon with lifesteal - unless you can afford one with CHD and sock, but I'm guessing you'd have one if you could.

To me the first thing you should do is upgrade the amulet for one with more CHC, sacrifice some DPS for LS, and then stack more RA and armor. You'll be facerolling MP5 and up with any build you like in no-time.
@peterned i think u need more vita everything else looks good so get the same item stats but with vita and u should get a new mainhand thats the next thing i would upgrade.
7/10 !
Lol I get here and get to comment on a p81 o_O
This is a great great monk, with each of its piece of equipment worth my whole account and more...

Insane dps, 50% chc, 508% cdc, ls, loh, regen, ar ok, armor ok.

The only thing that I can see if that you don't have pick up radius and it must make your life a bit tougher to gather gold and those health globes... Come on, make an effort and put that on your belt or something ;)


@ spiff

really lol? 1/10
@ spiff

really lol? 1/10

Tks that's really constructive !
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@ spiff

really lol? 1/10

Tks that's really constructive !

First thing to upgrade on your monk is to get Inna's Temporance. The MS%, IAS, CC and Dex that give will boost your DPS up a good amount. From then on sky's the limit.

5/10 with what you farmed so far.
@jroc I think your DPS is very high for a sword & board. Need some LS though. 8/10
Although such upgrade will cost you billions :p.

My my, for that level and elite kill that is some amazing gear.

I notice you've kept your attack speed to a minimum, yet you're not running a tempest rush build, in which case more spirit would be preferred on the helm.

9.5/10 TR build, 6/10 for normal.

I can't find anything to complain at all.
get inna's pants, that helps out a killer amount! I'd switch out your chest for tal rasha's as well
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Change your weapons for a higher dmg ones. I feel you should switch out your Nat set for better boots or rings unless you can afford higher dex nat boots or Nat ring with CC.

Overall 6.5/10
so you'd trade out the CC bonus for more dex and what not?
Get normal rare rings with CC and average dmg...high CC nat rings are just ridiculously pricey

ms on boots, better Ef with life steal maybe

btw why is everybody i see in dps mode? where are ur hellfire rings or leoric?

Pretty nice setup considering you got on Leorics and double life-steal weapons. 8/10 seems reasonable - DPS and EHP don't pop enough to get in the 9/10 range IMHO. Armor seems especially low... perhaps find a piece or two to get more! Good luck on last 9 P-levels!
I am not concerned with leveling my paragon, if it happens, it happens. haha, that may just be me. plus, I dont have the cash to get a leorics, nor can I get a good roll on hellfire.

@Easter On your gear, yeah, the weapons are nice. but higher attack speed means you will get more life back. I would be more concerned with that at this point.

@texas Get tal rasha's chest, as well as more gear with CD, you are missing a lot of damage from not having much of it
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Bumping so this doesnt get lost!
@GHOST ... nice monk. You could get a few upgrade for cheap but you are on the right track
@!@#$%^slover Nice overall build, you should try finding a better echoing fury though
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@tataslover what should I look for as a next upgrade? for you, I'd swap strongarm for lacunis if you have the cash

@galaxies IMO drop nats set, your wasting 2 spots for better gear, yes you will lose liek 3% crit but you'll gain so much dex, get a pair of ice climbers with like 180+dex, should be about 3 mil maybe? thats what I paid on mine haha, and a ring with avg damage crit chance and IAS, that should equal out, if not. be better than what you have
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