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I'm sad about MP now

11/16/2012 11:03 PMPosted by NastyNati
noob question but what do you all mean by fix exp scaling? i thought you got more exp from higher mp's?

You do get more EXP but it doesn't scale decently compared to how long it takes to kill stuff. The items and exp over time are worse for higher monster power levels for almost everyone. Yes even for highly geared players.

If you turn the knob and give the high MP players comparable EXP to the MP0 farmers you solve the problem without making high MP necessary. For the very tiny population of players who have the gear to already farm MP4-5 effectively you give them further incentive to play as they can now level even faster. Everybody wins.
hell I have 400mf with NV and I still get crap drops even in mp1 I may get 1 item out of a full bag worth keeping and have never gotten an item worth over 500k gold I even have a good farming rout threw act 1 I would not have such a problem making money if the AH was not capped at 10 items at a time and if its going to be caped at 10 let us set the time its going to be in the AH.
The goal of Monster Power is to give players the ability to scale up how challenging enemies are in each difficulty and, in return, get some pretty cool bonuses to adventure stats as well as the opportunity to earn bonus items. Different players have different play styles, though, so we added 10 power settings so you could decide what challenge level is best for you. For some, MP5 might be best. For others, MP1 or MP2 feels right. If you’ve got a lot of supporting gear, maybe MP7 or MP8 is your so-called “sweet spot.”

What we didn’t want to do, however, is make players feel like they absolutely needed to play at the higher MP levels in order to get the best rewards. This is one of reasons that we didn’t add in Achievements for Monster Power, too. We wanted the primary motivation to be the challenge and finding a level that you enjoy. I gather from your post that you feel the bonuses given for challenging yourself aren’t really worth the effort, but my question is what would you change about it? (Keeping in mind that we don’t want to force players into the higher MP levels.)

What about keeping all trash mobs at MP0 but only elite/boss packs scale up through the 10 levels, maybe even more than they are now. That will speed up gameplay while still measuring in a challenge.
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In MP10 some yellow bosses are challengning at least in nightmare, not sure how is it in inferno yet :)
btw its not possible to play with friends using MP?
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Why would you not want to have people get bigger rewards for bigger challenges? that is what was wrong with this game when it released. since release you guys have made some good changes but this comment is just going backwards. Forcing people to play at higher MP levels for greater reward is a must. Stop giving people participation trophies and give them actual trophies
Well..., what i think blizzard is forgetting, is that A GAME is played to achieve this:

'Overcome the challenges and get the reward for it.'

Simples as this, if the challenge doesn't give enough reward, why should the players go for it.....?

The big problem is, theres NO OBJECTIVE to play in MP, so lets stick with MP1 or even worse, MP0.

Theres some gamedesign flaws in there...
I suggest blizzard take a look at those materials:

Lens #31: The Lens of Challenge
Lens #40: The Lens of Reward

I know those rules are not 'mandatory', but they do help alot on realizing whats wrong.
MP0 should be harder than it is since Monster Powers isn't even turned on as default, and life on higher MPs should be nerfed with at least 50%. MP10 is not challengning, it's boring.

Increasing the mob density overall in higher MP would already be freaking awesome. It would certainly be more fun to kill so many monsters which in turn would give you more possible loot and more XP, so I think doing it like this would be already enough and not that complicated to implement. We want to kill hordes of demons! Not just random packs of 3-4 here and there.
The more research I've done and information I've gathered: MP0 just seems like the best. It's the best for XP for paragon. It's the best for legendary farming. It makes me sad. Why build such a great end game system of MP (and a fun one) and not reward you really for challenging yourself.


agree ~~~
my monk can do solo mp8 -10, but the reward really make me sick , mob hp 34 time but the mf , and exp bonus just a litter bit.
here is the video I solo diablo mp 10(without running / kite)

Now i built a farming built for mp1, focus with paragon lv better.
I "farm" mp5 for keys/loot/exp. it is by no means efficient, I count elite kills in minutes not seconds. A key run on a given act can take me 30minutes or so. I don't die but do have to run around occasionally to stay alive. But, that makes it entertaining for me. One shotting everything on mp0 would just be boring. Yes, it is going to take me a bit to get up to 99 but I live in the barracks stationed away from the woman and kids so I don't have anything else to do.

The mp levels add more variation to the game to be able to be fun for a wide range of playing styles/personalities. If you don't like it, don't play. The solution is just that easy.
the challenge is great but killing a keywarden 6 times at MP3, 4 times at MP5, and once at MP6 for nothing is getting old.
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11/14/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Grimiku
What we didn’t want to do, however, is make players feel like they absolutely needed to play at the higher MP levels in order to get the best rewards.

MP2 is my "sweet spot" but that's an abysmal drop rate for keys/organs, so I end up cranking it to MP6 for Key runs and MP8 for Organ runs. By your statement, I shouldn't feel this need, and it's why I burnt out on MP pretty quick.

Back to the drawing board?
Thanks Grimku. ill hunt the keys at less MP and have fun doing it. Im not sure where a "sweet spot" would be for every challenge for me. But i will try to keep frustration to a minimum.
11/14/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Grimiku
What we didn’t want to do, however, is make players feel like they absolutely needed to play at the higher MP levels in order to get the best rewards.

Best rewards? What rewards? Whether you play MP0 or MP5, it's the same ol' trash items that we get... a truck load of rares which you ID, then sigh, then sell to the merc. At least IF THERE WAS a reason to play higher MP levels, like the rewards you mention, maybe I would be enticed to play it.

On the other hand, playing MP0, even if it's the most efficient, is boring something wicked!!!

On the verge of quitting... or at least take a break. This game, in its present state, is going nowhere and/or running after its tail.
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11/17/2012 05:52 AMPosted by DarknessEyes
btw its not possible to play with friends using MP?
it's possible, just invite them to your game after you created with mp w/e
Posting to access my recent posts list. (Blizzard really needs to fix that)
The thing that is a VERY common complain is that higher MP level aren't rewarding. Well, the answer to that is they want you to keep using the AH to reward yourself instead of in-game rewards.
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