Diablo® III

Blizzard, please stop deliberate disconnects.



The crumble of respect is expanding.

" They cut you off to save resources " some claimed.

What happened to the money we paid them so they could set aside some money to have enough resources to keep players online?

A good portion of it went here: http://investor.activision.com/results.cfm

The rest of it should be more than enough to give a reasonable timeout of 60 minutes or more.

While most of the posters in this thread are supportive of the idea of a 60-minute timeout, there are one or two who seem vehemently against it.

This confuses me. It's already been established by many players (and probably many more who don't bother posting on the forums, which makes up the bulk of the "people with lives" on whose behalf I posted) that increasing the timeout from 30 minutes to 60 minutes would suddenly make the game playable for them; i.e., compatible with their lifestyles.

You "hardcore" players who have no need to go afk except to go to the toilet can come in and be snarky about our request. Perhaps you simply don't understand. (Or you are shills, or doing a very good job imitating a shill.)

What makes you think that increasing the timeout from 30 minutes to 60 minutes is going to HURT you? How does it damage your playing experience by forcing a player who has been away from their computer for 35 minutes (god forBID!) to log in again and replay the same sections again for 20 minutes and then, perhaps have to go afk for another 40 minutes (how terrible of them to do that to you!), and then have to for log in again and replay the same sections yet again?

I'm fighting to make the game playable for me. What are you fighting for? The TINY bit of server resources granted by kicking out a player 30 minutes earlier than what we think is reasonable?

Really? Really???

And if you are in fact a Blactivision shill, then consider those questions to be directed to them and not you.

@Blizzard: I know the chances of you admitting you made a mistake in this regard rapidly approach zero, so please feel free to hotfix this and not even announce it! You can save your pride and my Diablo game at the same time.

12/03/2012 10:56 AMPosted by unaligned1
If you're waiting 30 min, you lose your NV stack so why does it matter if you're disconnected? You just need to log back in. Not exactly a huge time commitment.

Ah, but you don't lose your NV stack if you hit escape and enter the menu. The game is paused, if you are the only one in the game. It is Blizzard's decision to kick *paused* games after only 30 minutes that so many people are complaining about.

Congratulations, you now know how to pause your single-player (non-public) game! At least until Blizzard kicks you out of it after 30 minutes, that is. ;)
Patch notes:

-Increased idle timeout in non-public games to 60 minutes.

Dear Santa / Blizzard,

This is all I want for Christmas. I've been a good girl this year, so please deliver!

A Loyal Diablo Fan
After 30 minutes of inactivity, Blizzard deliberately disconnects the character from the server, making that character lose all progress in their single-player game.

If I must maintain an active connection in order to play, then won't you return the favor? Diablo 3's terms of usage made it quite clear that I paid for a service and not a product. Is this not the service I paid for?

More info can be found in the technical support thread here ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5890100171?page=1 ), but I will repost/summarize for those who don't want to wade through that. I was specifically asked to move the topic to GD by a Blue, so please don't lock this thread for being a cross-post.

I don't get randomly disconnected while I am playing or anything like that.

But, like most D1 and D2 fans, I am an adult and do have a life. So I step away from the computer to take care of stuff every 20 minutes or so. Sometimes I'm away from the computer for 30 minutes, and come back just in time to see that all my progress has been lost, and all my nephalem valor deleted, because Blizzard has deliberately disconnected me. Others have tested and confirmed that I am not alone.

Because I sometimes have to replay the same area three times as a result of being disconnected while I step away from my computer, it makes for a less-than-satisfying gaming experience, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Now, I'm sympathetic to the fact that Blizzard needs to conserve its server resources for those who are actively using them, but you know what? I paid for those resources too. And I didn't choose to have to be constantly online while playing the game, BLIZZARD did. And Blizzard forcing me to rush back to my computer periodically to make sure you aren't logging me out of my own single-player game kind of adds insult to injury, don't you think?

Might you consider increasing the length of time before I get automatically disconnected? It was 60 minutes+ in D2, if memory serves, and even longer in D1. Not to put too fine a point on it, this is in spite of the fact that those two games did NOT require an active connection to play. Nor were those games as profitable as D3. I don't want to sound obnoxious, but really--can't you take those zillions of dollars you keep bragging to your shareholders about and put it toward the server resources required to have a more reasonable timeout period? I mean, this isn't a huge thing I'm asking for, is it?

So let me repeat my request: If I must maintain an active connection in order to play, then won't you return the favor? Diablo 3's terms of usage made it quite clear that I paid for a service and not a product. Is this not the service I paid for?

By all means, correct me if I am mistaken.

#1 pet peeve of the game. It's why I barely play any more, have little desire to buy the expansion, and have no desire to spend money on the RMAH.

The 15 (paused) to 30 (unpaused) minute idle timer totally wrecks the play experience for professionals and other players who have obligations that take significant priority over gaming.

The feedback here is not that we want a rewarding and complete play session in 5-10 minutes, but rather we want to be able to make incremental progress toward a 2+ hour play session (i.e. clearing a full act, but taking frequent breaks while doing so, and being able to pick up where we left off). If there was any indication of the game having such a short idle timer on the box, in single player, I would have never purchased it.

The idle timer should be raised to 60 minutes, minimum. If pausing the game creates more stress on the servers, then just stop the NV decay timer while in town and increase the kick threshold to 60 minutes when unpaused and in town.
The Blues are obviously reading this, because they deleted Post #109 WITHOUT SAYING A WORD.

Here it is:

Google cache FTW!

And the content:

Happy New Year, Blizzard/Activision! I didn't get my Christmas present, but I did come across this little gem.

From an IGN article dated November 7, 2012:

"During an earnings call for the third quarter of Activision Blizzard’s current fiscal year, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said that ... [stuff about an expansion and the importance of quality in Blizzard's titles being top priority, etc.]

Elsewhere in the call, Activision Blizzard also mentioned that more than 10 million copies of Diablo III have been sold to date, expanding upon the number of players revealed in August. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick referred to “Blizzard’s record-shattering Diablo III sales” as one of the primary drivers for earnings so far this year, with Activision noting in a statement that Diablo III is “the #1 bestselling game in dollars and units on the PC in the U.S. and Europe” since its release in May."

So, how about it, Mr. Kotick?

Mr. Morhaime?

Do you suppose you can throw your customers a bone, and give us a 60-minute timeout in our private games? I mean, those profits you are talking about are 100% from your customers, right?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is nothing in there that violates the forum's TOS.

And Blizzard, I know you deleted it as a misguided PR action, but do you realize that stealth deleting a post makes you look even worse? It is a tacit admission of guilt.


P.S. If you ban my entire account for making a legitimate complaint, everyone will know.

To all other D3 players: If you don't see me posting in this thread again, you'll know what happened: Activision banned me for complaining about a legitimate problem and removed my posting privileges.
Edited by Gibbousmoon#1396 on 1/15/2013 1:04 AM PST
I really hope you are planning to fix this in the next patch.

And thank you, sincerely, for not stealth-deleting my post a second time.
11/17/2012 05:57 PMPosted by icicid
It's a game designed around forced addiction. If you aren't hardcore enough to stay at your seat 24/7 they don't need you because they know you aren't pumping the AH for them either.

Glad I found this thread. I would also like to request the timer be extended to 60 minutes if I am playing a game by myself. I'd understand if you have to keep it 30 minutes for multiplayer games, but for solo, I have to play online when I'd otherwise be playing offline, so I think 60 minutes is a fair idle time.
Here's what I don't get: regardless of the length of the timer, everyone who bought this game knew it had an always online requirement. Every single online game I have ever played has a kick timer, some shorter, some longer.

If you knew all this before hand, how is it a "slap in the face" (as one previous poster put it), or a surprise at all? We all have out-of-game issues...so play when you won't be interrupted (like you would/should with any other hobby), and the problem is solved.

As for the unexpected issues that arise while playing, suck it up and make a determination as to what is more important - the game, or the out-of-game issue - and accept the choice you are making. Would you be demanding the power company in your area supply you with a free generator because of random power outages?

Why is preserving your game more important than allowing people whom are actually playing to have as smooth an experience as is possible?
OK, Activision, you win. Since you didn't fix this problem in the latest patch, and since you are obviously aware of this thread (so much so that you felt it necessary to stealth-delete posts), your intention is 100% clear.

Also, not so many posts have appeared in here lately, so perhaps people genuinely don't mind you disconnecting their single-player games after such a short time period.

I'll uninstall the game for now, and go play PoE. If you ever change your mind and decide to respect your players a bit more, I may come back. I'll post here and ask for an update on whether there are any changes after the next patch.

Until then.
OP, you sound a little too intelligent, and your logic is a little too sound. I'm concerned you've gotten lost and stumbled onto the wrong forums.

In all seriousness, I agree. The timer wouldn't bother me at all if you weren't required to be online, but because you are, it seems a little bit onerous that we have to babysit our connection.
guess what... I have had this happen to me twice. and I'm frequently away from the game for 30 minutes, either I go to town or press esc. OR both I think it's pressing esc that works.
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