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Hey guys just wondering what build you guys find most effective for dh? Plus what ya reckon the best dps build is?
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well for now i'm with my current build just for survivability but i will be switching out the ferrets for something else, maybe another follower or maybe something else for a bit more punch. My build changes a fair bit though depending on how i feel like playing, but 1 thing is for sure, i love firewalkers with vault-trail of cinders...oh so fun just bouncing around everywhere and finally i can give the finger to molten packs and say yeah i can do that too, no biggie.

i'm trying out smoke screen but i'm really not very convinced by it but i'll see how i go, it's not seeing much use atm
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With my gear I went survivability over insane damage, which is y im only at 200k buffed DPS, but I enjoy playing that way. Which is naturally y I went frost arrow...great damage, low hatred cost, snares and is aoe. With high hatred regen Multishot is also very nice.

I like smoke screen due to the invincibility it provides, meaning I can be lazy with my movements and decisions. With preparation/backup I can escape any situation on mp5 majority of the time.

If you want to DPS id go Hungering arrow/devouring, cluster arrow or frost arrow, caltrops/bait the trap for extra crit chance, companion/bat for extra hatred always helps, Smoke screen and preparation/backup plan for survivability. with Smoke Screen you can stand in one place and spam until you run out of discipline, then prep and repeat. Less moving = more DPS!

Sharpshooter, archery, steady aim for passives. Sharpshooter is useful when u have very high crit damage with low crit chance or just wanting more crit chance that lasts for 1 second! You can sub SS for cull the weak or vengeance depending if u need more hatred/gameplay style.

Try different build and see what works for you...there a more options available now, im stuck in my old build ways cause it gets the job done, been using that build nearly unchanged since nether tentacles was nerfed.
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I use my build to farm MP2 quite quickly. The advantage of multishot over ball lightning / nether etc is that it travels MUCH faster so you can clear the entire screen in 1-2 seconds. Evasive fire / gloom really shines when you get fast / teleport mobs as soon as you attack you just backflip to safety. I have about 185k dps without ss in game dont know why my profile isnt updating , i use evasive fire with covering fire rune on my left click .. heres a video of the build http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDhX-6wQtXM (not me in the video) .
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thanks guys keep em coming i also have gone survivability over dps currently. i've only got 81k dps with about 44% crit chance, i need more crit dmg thinking of a socketed windforce ( i like the attack speed) Im using bola with thunder for the stun, with fast attack speed u can almost permastun single targets. spike trap with echoing blast rov (which rune you think works best with this?) prep with backup plan for the heal, but im relying on guardian turret and shadow power with gloom the 2 together give 50% dmg red i just stand there and blast away pretty much everything, except those dam des and some moltens stupid andy's helm taking more fire dmg :(. Well that works for me so far not high dps but they cant kill me either with the dmg reduc and leach for shadow power.
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I use this build for key farming on mp5 and it can handle it well without much trouble. I prefer to dual wield (cause it looks cool) and i have over 50% crit chance which with bola means i can perma-stun most elites and drop my traps at their feet. It isn't a very heavy hatred user and i have low hatred regen, but it works well for me.
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If your looking for a single shot that does maximum amount of damage to a single target, pretty sure Loaded for bear is it.

I think the only thing better than that is the cluster arrow that releases missiles rune with ballistics passive.

I've also heard that spike traps can do massive amounts of damage
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Depends what mp you do, I went for survivability with damage dealt from the traps, SoT, and sentry CoT which increases overall damage output by using different skills simultaneously, plus they all top life back up with shadow power. This is probably inefficient at lower mp levels though. If the boar is not necessary you could add in mfd or rov for more damage
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Having fun farming with a vengeance build with pickup radius, around 20 yards feels about right. Not a high dps build, but if you have 100k+ dps the high hatred regen lets you spam multishot on trash mobs, and pick off elites with clusters. With tactical advantage you can really fly through mp1. One of the old nats sets helps, lets you use gloom and vault pretty much as you want. Next step for me is the same quiver, but with multishot cc.

Been swapping to life gem, cluster bombs, grenadier passive (dropping tactical advantage), and stone of jordan with cluster bomb reduction for ubers. Allows you to get off five cluster bombs in one hit. Also have cluster bomb hatred reduction on the quiver, which you can also get on a Maria's Kaleidescope amulet? Uber build is mediocre - not enough dps. Might tinker with it later, but already have an okay hellfire ring so not a major deal.

Check out the top dh builds on diabloprogress.com Skitz.
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Can farm mp5/6 without too much trouble with my build.

Not high dps (getting there slowly) but does the job at 120k. Would love to be able to get rid of Steady Aim when I get a bit more dps increase.
Armour is decent at 4.3k and life at 46k. Resist all at 300 - 350 average and dodge % pretty decent as well.
I have 150hatred/50disc + Bat Companion + Vengeance so can spam skills for much longer during battles with elites. Pick up a few globes to replendish hatred/disc and spam away.

Only skill I need to get is Nightstalker due to crit hit = faster disc regen. My crit chance is 46.5% currently so it's not too shabby.
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