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Need Help Understanding and Counterin Reflect

I have started to farm MP10 very fast with my crit mass wiz buddies and a few other barbs the problem I have been coming across is that when we come to a Reflect Damage mob I almost have to stand by and watch because I will either 1, 2 or 3 hit myself into oblivion. I am not complaining and this is a great problem to have I was just looking to see how Reflect work and how I an counter it. Here is what I have tried:

Just Sprint "Run Like The Wind" around them with nothing else and after 5 seconds even if I stop they will keep ticking and I blow up haha.

Bash Only. I use Punish and I can swing about 3 times before the reflect takes over and I have to stop and then hit and then stop and then hit. So Boring!

I have tired to put on my IK Life Steal Belt in the middle of the fights for 5.9 life steal and still nothing...

I have also dropped the skorn and switch to an alzuwrath + Echo which is really fun in MP10 because I have like 3.1 ish attach speed and everything freezes but when I get to a Reflect mob I still blow up for some reason even thought my DPS is half!

So here's my question, how does reflect work? Is it based on damage done in a period of time?
Does it kick on when you have a large crit and then all damage done is a reflect %?

Once you start receiving reflect can you wait an amount of time so then it stops and then you can jump back in and lay down crazy damage and repeat?

Is it all based on attack speed or just damage?


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To counter reflect you can do a few things:
-Stack more lifesteal/LoH
-Stack more armor/resists
-Change build to get more of the two thing above :P (warcry, crushing advance, tough as nails, etc)

Probably what you should do is swap your belt to IK (or anything with 3% leech & high resists, I don't think RD counts as melee) and pants to something with 70+ resists and armor. That might be enough to mitigate the damage without losing too much DPS. With a Skorn, you probably won't succeed by stacking LoH - it hits too hard. Other thing to try would be a weapon(s) swap with lots of LoH/steal for reflect damage.

I was having problems with reflect damage on a health link group of succubi, even with 7.4% life steal (MP5). I swapped my hellfire (no resists) for a ring with 79 resist all and that fixed it. Then back to hellfire for other groups.
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Never thought about all res! I will try that thanks :)
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Another wise user posted a trick that I followed and it works well.
I have LOH, LOK, and Life steal. He suggested to draw the elites to a trash mob and fight them there.

So I run up to them, rend, then away from the elite to the trashy and kill him.
rinse and repeat until the 3 elites are all dead.

Just don't hit WOTB by accident.
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depending on your dps to ls/loh ratio it might be wise simply to skip them as spending the effort to kill and kite will usually decrease efficiency in the short and long run.
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