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Disney buys Lucasfilms - 3 New Star Wars.



1 link is the press release from disney, the other link is disney and george lucas talking about retiring and passing the franchise to a company he trusts so he can retire and focus on other projects, and in the final 30 seconds you actually get to see the deal done, when george lucas gives ownership to disney which was kinda interesting.

so theres 3 new star wars movies coming, starting in 2015, with episode 7, followed by 8 and 9 every 2 years after.

I am a mild star wars fan, but I loved knowing 2 things, more star wars movies, no george lucas with "medaclorians, manakin skywalker, sissy darth vader and jar jar".
so theres hope for something better then remakes, and special edition blue rays.

now if only they would make more matrix movies, life would be complete.
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I want to see a Monkey Island/ Pirates of the Caribbean crossover.

Guybrush Threepwood and Captain Jack Sparrow team up to take down Le'Chuck.

Also, Disney and Square Enix could do another Kingdom Hearts... with JEDI!
This opens the door to the most awesome villain duo match up of all time- Darth Vader teamed up with Sephiroth.
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10/30/2012 10:09 PMPosted by Brishan
Guybrush Threepwood and Captain Jack Sparrow team up to take down Le'Chuck.

Forget about it, me and Jack are no longer friend since I told him he fight like a dairy farmer. Then he answered me that my insult was appropriate because I fight like a cow... It hurts my feeling!

PS : joke apart a monkey island movie would really be great if they match the video games spirit. It kinda bother me when I saw prince of persia (the movie) and it was so different from the first game. I mean There is more recent game and everything... But COME ON! That group of pixel that rise into a skeleton and fight you until... hu, death I guess? One of the greatest moment in my gamer life!
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Now the big question. Will this be the Heir to the Empire story? It was written as 7,8,9 but when sitting at the Menace debut Zhan said there was no way he would sign over the rights to make a screenplay of his books as long as Lucas was at the helm. Could no more Lucas mean we actually get Zhan to recant? It would be as odd seeing a 7-9 that doesn't follow long established cannon, much like it was horrid seeing a 1-3 that didn't follow long established cannon. So I really REALLY hope Zhan is on-board.
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Now the big question. Will this be the Heir to the Empire story?

I really hope they will respect the spirit of the 4-6-7 episode. It would be nice if it takes place in an era where it is dangerous to go Solo... if you know what I mean.

Because let's face it the 1-2-3 episodes kinda cut with the "space opera" legacy. It is more politics/action which is good and everything, but it does not carry the same magic.
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Episode 7 should kick off where Return of the jedi left off i.e. Zahn trilogy.

I would also like to see Shadows of the Empire enfilmed.

Also, anything with the Emperor in the story, anything, even if he is on holiday.

No need to worry about the old cast, just get other people to play the main cast.

Here are some ideas:

Luke Skywalker: Justin Bieber Don't laugh, think about it
Han Solo: Edward Cullen
Princess Leia: Selena Gomez
Wedge Antilles: Jim Carey
Lando Calrisian: Will Smith

Just throwing some ideas around, but those actors will bring in the audience.
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Just saw on Inner Space today that it is to be a completely knew story, based on something Lucas had already written set in Luke's late 30-'s-early 40's. Thinking of that in perspective of the established cannon would put it about timeline wise with post Jedi Academy time frame, likely in line with the Rogue Squadron books for time period.

I'm curious as to how much it reflects the long established over-arching story of the era. Can work easily as both space opera, or political action flick. I just hope it in some way reflects what has already been set out in the universe.

I would love a shadows of the empire movie to, but fitting a movie in between 5-6 would just be a bizarre watch with the differing cast. It could be done animated fairly easily though, as most of the cast could still do it voice acting ;).
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Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom
Kirsta Knightly
Geoffrey Rush
Steaven Hawkings as r2d2 (A good point was made in me in game when i said hawkings could play either r2d2 or c3po. Due to the fact he can't walk, he can't be c3po. Sorry Steaven Hawkings xD)
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