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how to get back sold item..



Serious question: If there was an item lock feature and you still happened to lose an item because you vendored it and then left the game, how would you feel?

I have lost items to buyback while at the vendor because of a connection problem, internet glitch etc. That made me pissed. Really. Pissed.

If there was an item lock in front of the buyback option, it would certainly alleviate that pain. At least when it comes to vendoring it, there really shouldn't be a case of "I didn't mean to sell that", because I just acknowledged that yes, I really did mean to sell that.
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While the buyback option is a great tool for recovering items sold to a vendor, it will only display the 12 most recently-sold items and will clear out whenever your character leaves a game. As other players have noted, sold items that no longer appear on the Buyback tab are permanently lost and cannot be recovered. (You can learn a bit more about our restoration policy for Diablo III [url="https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-restorations"]here[/url].)

I know it sucks to lose something you were intending to sell on the auction house or even wear yourself, but there are many, many items to be found in Diablo III. Who knows, though? Maybe an even better item will drop for you soon! :)

Lol, sure.
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Slow. Down. When. You. Sell. Items.
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Years ago, I played a game called Dungeons and Dragons online. That game has an item lock feature, and I absolutely loved it and made use of it for everything. Carrying alternate gear was kind of important in that game, so there was a very real risk of vendoring gear you intent to use. At one point I carried like 6 different weapons, 2 shields 2 backup rings and a backup suit of armor. All of them useful for different situations. I had my max dps weapon, I had my muckbane for killing oozes, I had my good weapon for demons/devils, I had my high base damage weapon for mobs immune to crit, I had my bonus AC/chaotic weapon for tanking and bypassing lawful DR and I had my pure good weapon for mobs that had impenetrable DR and were immune to most energy types.. I of course carried a max AC shield, resistance shield, max AC full plate, crit resistance full plate, feather fall ring, underwater breathing ring.

Such fond memories. :)))

Point is though, item lock is awesome, and should totally be in the game. Maybe it won't prevent the vendoring of items you intend to sell, (since you only recently got them maybe you haven't locked them yet) but it will prevent vendoring of equipped/alternate gear.
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Let us lock our damn inventory.
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11/01/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Lylirra
Maybe you could put a "warning", much like the alert when trying to salvage rare items or legendary items. The warning would be "You're attempting to sell a recently equipped item. Proceed or cancel?".

I can certainly pass on that feedback, too (but I'm thinking it might be more reasonable to have the warning dialogue appear under similar conditions to salvaging, just for the sake of consistency).

Just some things to keep in mind, because these are the questions we ask ourselves when reviewing feedback:

- Should the warning dialogue only appear when selling an item that's been equipped? What about the items that players just want to sell and haven't equipped?

- Or should the warning dialogue appear whenever selling an item of a certain quality level? If so, what quality level is appropriate? Should it apply to only Rares and Legendaries? Or should it apply to all magical items?

- If the warning dialogue appears when selling all magical items, would that then become tedious for players who farm a lot? If so, which is more valuable to the player: having a warning dialogue in addition to the Buyback option or having a quick way to empty their inventory?

- In other games that have warning dialogue and a Buyback tab, many players still mistakenly sell their items, so will adding it to Diablo III actually provide a better experience?

There are several more things we need to consider in addition to what I listed above, but I think you get the gist. :)

Thanks for the follow up questions, Lylirra. While I have not run into this problem myself, I have wondered about how to solve the issue particularly in cases where players have reported having items removed from their inventory and dropped on the ground by malicious scripts during a game to be picked up by an attacker who promptly leaves the game.

It would be nice to have an isTempAccountBound property on an item that can be toggled by the user (perhaps a shift-right-click to open an item context menu which includes a checkbox) that would prevent the item from being vendored/dropped/auctioned/traded but could be moved freely about the account inventory spaces (like the CE wings). This should entirely prevent accidental item loss as removing the lock would be a pretty specific process that would be hard to do accidentally (shift-right-click item to open context menu > uncheck lock).

Preventing scripted loss as an option would require adding an additional prompt for something the script cannot spoof (a PIN defined in account settings or authenticator code) before disabling the temp lock on an item.

I know Blizzard is not responsible for malicious code on peoples computers or people making mistakes but I am sure you get a high volume of support calls regarding this type of thing and will continue to do so so surely providing a way to mitigate it would be in your financial interests in addition to providing your players an enhanced experience.
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- stuff on keep list could not be sold, salvaged, traded, dropped, auctioned, given to anyone else nor otherwise destroyed... to do that, you would have to remove it from the keep list first
- you could still swap your keep list eq between worn eq, stash and inventory freely
- you press e.g. <alt+control+shift> and then click an eq... the game would ask if you want to add/remove the eq from keep list... here it would prompt for password too, if haven't given it before... you give password only once per gaming session.
- keep list password would be different from the account password. you would need to give this password only once every gaming session and only when add/remove stuff from keep list
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How about having the QA team work on a fix for this ? Something like an item lock players have been suggesting. Selling an item to a vendor thats worth millions is the players mistake for the most part, however, there should be some safety guard against it. Its just wrong when it happens.

The safeguard is the Buyback tab itself. We wouldn't have added the feature if not for the understanding that mistakes sometimes happen. Even so, there is a certain level of responsibility on the player when it comes to managing your inventory, and it's always a good idea to use caution whenever selling items to a vendor.

That said, I'm happy to relay on the feedback regarding a larger Buyback tab. We've actually already discussed the possibility of adding in some sort of "item-lock" system and, while we still feel that players should be mindful of what they're selling or have sold to a vendor before switching games, we haven't ruled out the idea completely.

OMG SUPER +123124 on the item-lock system. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I started a thread on that before and wanted to somehow get it into your scope. Buyback saved my fist once. I can't express how distraught I was whenI thought I might not have it on the buy back tab.

Please give us a way to protect the items that are uber precious to us. Item lock should prevent dropping, selling, or grinding the item. So glad to know there's discussion around this and hope to see it in a small patch prior to a larger 1.0.6.

I don't want to provide any implementation details. But the user story is:

Given i love this game and play it every day
When I purchase an item that makes me sleep and dream of pony land
Then I can protect myself from my own stupidity of vendoring it for 2800 gold.


Can more people upvote this?
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jut add a lock equipped gear. Just add a button to the top right [ above the amulet slot ] to lock all that you have on. Seriously please! The button to id is the button to switch gear = not awesome. Once I was playing late at night and super tired. Accidentally switched my nice slayer for a lame one [ they look identical ] and I did not notice until the next day when I could n't kill squat! Seems like an easy fix. + Add a weapon switch, this may be needed for people that switch gear from say MF to DPS. No warning dialogue, but if that's the route you choose It should be a "recently" equipped item. Can't do rares as people sell them to much but maybe legendaries.
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I'd like to lock stashed items too, so locking only equipped is not enough.

I have an mp2-5 and an mp8+ uber set of gear. I don't want to lose any of them.
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bump for item lock.
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Didn't read the whole thread, but I think an easy way to implement item locks would be to make it so you just shift+right click on an item in your inventory, and it gets locked. Shift+right click again to unlock. Locked items should have a different color background, or an icon indicating they're locked (not a lock icon though, as that is already used).

Quick and easy, no warning windows or anything.

Lock & unlock keybinds should both be changeable in the keybinding menu.
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An Item Lock would be nice, and it should be easy enough to implement; wouldn’t it just be a toggle that’s an extension of things like Staff of Herding, or the “Lost” Pages, which already can’t be vendored?

Although, in my opinion, a better option would be something that lets you mark or label items. For example, something that lets you change the color of the item’s outline in your inventory/stash, or maybe adds a colored dot, star, or triangle in the corner of its icon. For example, I would personally want at least 8-10 color choices, because then I could mark stuff to keep for the AH, and stuff for different characters / classes I have, so when it all gets thrown together in my stash, I don’t have to stop and figure out what goes where.

Instead of having to check every item, find out why you're keeping it (if you're keeping it,) go to the spot in your stash where you want that item to sit so that it is with others from the same "group," drag and drop, then repeat for each item... Instead of having to do all of that mess, you could simply go to your stash, right click everything into it, and get back into the game, all the while knowing you won't need to spend 30+ minutes reorganizing when you get back- everything is labeled. Sure, you might have to reevaluate what you're keeping because of the lack of room for all of your items, but that's a whole other issue...

Anywho, I believe this would be a better solution, because it would solve multiple issues at once, rather than having to create a fix for each issue individually.

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11/01/2012 08:38 PMPosted by Dragus
They made this system idiot proof. They just need to make it retard proof. When that isn't enough they need to make a safeguard for people somehow playing D3 in a coma.

The problem with making something idiot proof is that people will just make bigger idiots.
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11/02/2012 08:37 PMPosted by briarben
They made this system idiot proof. They just need to make it retard proof. When that isn't enough they need to make a safeguard for people somehow playing D3 in a coma.

The problem with making something idiot proof is that people will just make bigger idiots.

ROFL I've never heard that before, but that's pretty hilarious. Well done sir, well done.
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Buyback is the fonction when you know what itme you are selling.

Now, we need a ITEMLOCK for preventing the wrong selling when we don't know we are selling the one we using(which just a wrong right-click make it exchange to my bag).

Look other game from Korea or China, almost all MMORPG game has Itemlock system. They firstly make Itemlock for anti-vol, they make that UNLOCK for 3day delay.

What we need is only a simple lock, such as Alt+rightclick, and no delay unlock.
NO ONE will pushing ALT when he selling those trash item.
This is so simple function and i realy don't know what "things behind" you guys need to THINK about.
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11/01/2012 06:39 PMPosted by Lylirra
I know it sucks to lose something you were intending to sell on the auction house or even wear yourself, but there are many, many items to be found in Diablo III. Who knows, though? Maybe an even better item will drop for you soon! :)

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It happens alot in public games when your are in a merchant window right clicking loot to sell and somebody turns in a quest. Quest reward box pops up and closes the merchant window or something like that.

While all this is happening, you are still right clicking items all over and inadvertently do a gear swap with your equipped items. You click the merchant and sell that uber gear you just had without realizing.

For starters, Blizzard can definitely fix that.
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