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CM profiles wanted

11/12/2012 12:33 AMPosted by Invasmani

does no one use bola- acid strike on a dh? because if they did they must hate having to restart the game every time bola shot freeze the program.
Players use 90% of the same abilities for every class because this game isn't balanced and majority will end up using whats most useable most broken in actuality least broken in perception of the users.

There are defiantly a handful of skills and abilities on every class that are almost never utilized in general relative to other choices for the class.

This game doesn't promote diversity it hinders it through things like resist checks burst damage checks reflect damage and enrage timers among other notable things like bad co efficiencies and synergies relative to there defacto favorite builds they pretty much endorse and promote.

i just think ppl have a hard time thinking outside the box, my dh use's strafe/bola/entang/prep/vault and fan of knives, ive never seen anyone use this setup(not saying no one does) and ive used it since ive hit lvl60 ive never used life on hit or life leech as a base affix(i dabble a lil tho sometimes) i love using extra globe life mix with some pickup range im sitting at 35k atm with 30k hp it helps so much when i take a hit for half life and grab a globe and take another hit during the globe filling my life it still tops my hp off and now it adds to hp pots . i think ppl dont see how some affixes work with some builds more then others maken ppl feel thers a imbalance in which skills are best.

but i could just be wrong tho.
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11/09/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Lylirra
Whether or not we're "noobs" in your mind is irrelevant to our ability to perform our jobs well.

Of course... of course :)

... But just to check can you tell us by heart the proc scalar of a said spell into the game? :p

Please, notice that the question is not really serious, that is a funny way to give you my feedback. I believe it will be healthy for the game if all the hidden value implemented onto the game is revealed to the player base.

Now back to the subject : people questioning CM capability to understand the player base because "they don't play enough". I feels this assumption misses the point. CM cannot understand player feedback if it is not accurate, detailed, centered around fact and/or assumed feeling. I believe giving us the tool to speak the same language would be a very nice improvement to our communication.

Thing about it, we are on May 15th, nobody know about the proc scalar. The most accurate feedback you could possibly read on the forum is : "I cannot do anything with energy twister!" Fact : in 1.03 the proc scalar of energy twister is 0.25. I am not sure when it get buffed, but it was 0.1 for a big time! Hoorah, we get heard, mission accomplished!

As far as I know storm chaser is the only energy twister that is objectively worst in 1.05 than it was on May 15th. The normal tornado gets marginally buffed while the purple tornado is nerfed (I know you don't like to see that word so I bring some italic :D)
Sources :
Dekkar testing last update 06/20/12 : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149154265
Guybrush (hey it's me! :D) testing last update 10/28/12 : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5208511084
(Damn it is just so confusing to write it with the US standard xD, I hope I did not mess it up)

Now think about it, we are in a hypothetical world where the proc scalar was a known fact since May 15th. Now the most accurate feedback player can possibly give you is : "I feel the proc scalar of energy twister is a little too low with existing gear." Woow... That is a huge progress isn't it? Now we speak the same language.

I am obviously not only referring to proc scalar. For example hidden timer on some legendary special effect (while promising to not delink normal proc and legendary proc by the way) is also a good one. But I don't want to throw a flame bait on the lake. Let's face it, flame bait never catch good fish. So I will just wink at you so you know there is more than proc scalar. ;)

Diablo III had come to his maturity state. You know, the player base has settled down and all that kind of jazz. So we are all more or less loyal gamers, we all more or less know the mechanics of the game. So according to the communication rules, we are no longer navies. That mean we are more than capable to speak the same language... So please, daddy Lylirra, could you teach the language to your loving children! We are eager to perform the secret knock. :)

I hope I have made my point. Hug to the community managers.

Have fun, see you in game. :)
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11/12/2012 09:11 PMPosted by TheSaint
using statistical analysis based upon median values is a terrible way to relay information.

I might disagree with you. While the feeling of people are really important, it is subjective information and cannot be used to point out a specific problem. So even if players feeling is what matters at the end of the day, you need fact and data to be more specific.

Median values are just one of the many tool they have to use. Would you prefer if things was balanced around your experience? Probably yes. But so does everyone else. Keeping in mind the median geared toon is a way to insure no one feels really left behind. Like everything else, there is bad and good way to use it. Some people may believe you can make the figures say whatever you want. In a sense that is kinda true, as a lack of figure may highlight some marginal point.

While there is a probability to come out with a not entirely true conclusion based on figures, you can be sure to come out with a partially wrong conclusion without them! Thus their necessity.

11/12/2012 02:08 PMPosted by DeadRu
I believe not having access to the cm profiles is justified

11/12/2012 09:26 PMPosted by TheSaint
Do you purposely construct the most pro Blizzard propaganda statements to troll

I believe he only said that because we are many, there is statically a high probability that at least one person would use CM profile in a way that violate the code of conduit/term of uses. If some streamers get harassed by denial of service attacks, there is a good chance that the CM would be harassed in the same way. I can understand why they want to remain anonymous.

Have fun, see you in game. :)
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I could honestly care less about these profiles... I just want to see one of them post a video of an average Wiz like mine trying his best with cheaply bought and found items going up against RD / Molten / Arcane Sentry. Or just as well stand up to 12 Maniacs bursting thru a doorway you can't see and exploding in your face... LOL

Do that and tell me the game doesn't need a tweak...

And please don't check my profile and rag on me. Remember some people experiment with items and just because I don't always put my best crap on before logging off doesn't mean I don't have better gear.

I'm just curious to see how these people handle what seems to trouble most people I know and game with. I've never EVER seen anyone stand thru 2 Sentries let alone the 12 I usually see as I'm jailed or walled in. Walsh BTW that only a couple of spells actually go thru or hit past.

Or the ever popular RD affix. I just don't see many Wizards that have 8K armor and 800 resists, although at one time I did have over 1250 resist all before I gave it up. With all that I still died instantly from elemental damage so why bother stacking it..? I turned it all off cause it was mostly pointless to have stacked and die anyway. Now I use other things which takes me to my real point.

Ever since I started everything I saws and read about nerds and buffs was about balancing and using various builds. But each patch requires me to use less and less variation and forces me to find the one build that is most effective thus forsaking any variation at all.

With 1.05 they nerfed Wiz Armor and Resists and have all Elites RD it seems line some days. So show me an average Wiz like myself with about:
6000 Armor
550 Res All
44 - 48,000 Hit points and
100 - 125,000 DPS

Show me a CM Wizard taking on these uber affixes...

I know there are multitudes of better Wizards than I and many also less well equipped so I think of my build as more or less average. My best weapon and gear Life stats are:
2.9 Life Steal
900± Life Regen and
500 - 1100 Life on Hit.

I think I am average at best and cannot afford not have seen better drops so show me how to defeat these Affix Combos.

I would love to see a response rather than have every mean a$$ bully climb out of the woodwork to attack me and tell me how UN-Average I really am...

You're aware that you have stupid good gear, right? Trust me, my stats aren't near what yours are and there isn't anything < MP5 that I struggle with. I'd say that your gear is being put to poor use by either play style or skill spec.
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11/08/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Grimiku
I have four characters, but I am mostly focused on my main who is a Witch Doctor. I also have a 60 Barbarian, a mid-30's Demon Hunter, and a mid-20's Hardcore Witch Doctor.


"They have jobs."

Which is now code for "the game is really too hard and grindy to get anywhere without spending 1000s of hours, or at least 100s of dollars, and revealing our profiles would only prove the heck out of that. So, no."
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Get a life people. Stop making a daily regiment out of harassing CM's.

Why do we care what their profiles look like?

I think it good enough that they play....kudos to you, CM's.

you call this harassment?

Well, yes, learn to read carfully. He/she is obviously trying to get personal info from a CM. Which, I believe is against the rules.
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Wonder what it would be like to run into a blue in a public game lol.
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As for Hellfire Rings, we didn't want a single item to be a source of Brimstone farming. Even so, we're currently evaluating what else we might allow the rings to salvage into.

We need some sort of clarification on this comment, it's baffling and ridiculous. Who the hell is going to "farm" brimstone? What would be the purpose?? I haven't crafted anything in months, why would I? It's totally broken. And, if I did want brimstone, hellfire rings would be about the least efficient way to go about it. No one is farming hellfire rings for useless brimstone. A comment like this gives me less hope for this game than ever. I am enjoying it right now, but what happens when they "balance" my class because the Monk is so OP? Totally going to happen, I'm having too much fun for Blizzard to handle.
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11/09/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Lylirra
Wouldn't it be better not to post comments that are disconnected from reality?

We know some players may not always agree with how the game designed, or why some changes are made. It's not worth lying or purposely misrepresenting information, though.

As for Hellfire Rings, we didn't want a single item to be a source of Brimstone farming. Even so, we're currently evaluating what else we might allow the rings to salvage into.

I think this is pretty amusing, given that brimstones have fallen like lead balloons since patch. With everyone happily finding legendary items all over the place, the prohibitive cost of crafting has made it a pretty dead aspect of the game at this point. That bothers me, but I understand it completely. I played another game where ease of crafting was taken a bit too far, and that turned mob (monster) drops into trash overnight. Not that the quality of the drops got worse, but the crafted items outweighed them so greatly that they were all but ignored from that point on.
You might consider the possibility of salvaging rings for organs. Since both are account bound, it wouldn't create a mass market for either, and people could blissfully grind rings for bragging rights and not much else until their fingers fell off.
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Posted by Grimiku
We may not be able to provide you with links to our profiles (largely to help prevent against possible harassment issues), but if you have questions about our Diablo III play experiences you can always ask us. We’re usually pretty open about what we’re current playing or experiencing with, and we love to chat about that kind of thing with fellow players whenever we can. We also tend to talk a lot about our play experiences on Twitter, so free to follow us: @Lylirra @Grimiku and @Vaeflare

I sold two items on auction real money 3 weeks ago , i think total money is more than $16 but only got $ 2 . How come? Server currently is down now i can show you the ID : reference is back online . Please get back to me

Finding hard to get the key at Act 3 ( with 5 stack MP 5 level ) only drop sometimes. Depends if you lucky after more than 6- 8 runs ( magic gears up too ) . Can you guys lighten the key drop to all key warden ? Make it easy is a must since the UBER boss is so hard for soloing ( i had double set and half set legendary gear MP3 level still cannot kill the boss ) . Then LOG OUT the portal is gone forever . Here we go again need to farm for looooooong time .
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