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[Build] Hybrid C4Proctor (ZD CD reduction)

hi ZeMickey, the homunculus cost 110m, SOJ 160m u.u and the visage 10m.

I already have a pox, i was using the hellfire in low mp hehe,and now i have 28m i sell some things so im going to buy a new amulet, thanks for all :)
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Added PvP videos:
You'll notice that the first videos, I still used 'Pride'. Since LoH is not efficient in PvP, I switched to 'For the master'. This means less mana, which we'll have to be careful about.

Added PvP build :
Edited by ZeMickey#2613 on 1/25/2013 3:07 AM PST
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Added the bears section:

  • Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears (target build) : Well, yes, after all! Since we have infinite mana, why not bears? You might say: "No need for bears, sacrifice is DPS efficient already!" . Actually, even in DPS mode, sacrifice depends on the spot where dogs spawn. They might not hit the target unless it's huge. So in order to optimize explosions, it is better to wait one more second for the dogs to reach properly the target. This off time, is lost DPS, especially if you do it from mid range. Bears fill the gap. But adding it to the build, makes it even more complicated (but thus even more satisfying) to find the correct balance (depending on the foe) between acid cloud/sacrifice/bears. Tip: in order to avoid getting one shot by reflect damage, always start an encounter with elites with Acid cloud, then switch to bears if safe.
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    Added the build for speed farming and the corresponding video:
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    Added the intermediate Build video (MP7):
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    Thats strikingly similar to my build! I guess great minds think alike lol.

    Ive been running this for a long time, but never thought about using proc effects to freeze/stun. I will definitely try it out sometime. Heres a vid i made before monster power patch hits:


    My gear had improved much since, but the skillset is the same.

    Acid cloud is there to counter annoying high damage mobs, and reflect champions. For every sacrifice cycle i try to fit as many bears i can, so IAS is very important. I know i did all right when my mana globe is emptly by the time summon zombie dogs is out of cooldown.

    I have ~2k loh, 92k dps. That is enough to one shot most mobs in mp0, and fill up my hp instantly I am still looking for +AR items so i can farm higher mps with ease, but its hard to find affordable upgrades now.

    11/08/2012 01:57 PMPosted by ZeMickey
    Keep in mind that you should have around 700 min @res, about 4k+ armor, 40k+ life, 20+ PUR.

    Hum, i have 330 all res, 3200 armor, 40k life, and 34 pickup radius. Arent your minimum specs too high? I mean, all mobs will be frozen anyways.
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    01/27/2013 05:01 AMPosted by Bichopapao
    I guess great minds think alike lol.

    I guess so ! ^^

    01/27/2013 05:01 AMPosted by Bichopapao
    but never thought about using proc effects to freeze/stun

    Seriously? Wow you miss something that would make your life really much easier (and funnier)!

    01/27/2013 05:01 AMPosted by Bichopapao
    Arent your minimum specs too high?

    This parts talks about Best in Slot items. This is what I recommend, but everyone does what he can. That's mandatory to do high MPs. Even with this spec, MP10 stings!

    01/27/2013 05:01 AMPosted by Bichopapao
    I mean, all mobs will be frozen anyways.

    To stun/freeze efficiently, you have to have the mob stand in a AC pool. So this is without counting runners, teleports, etc... Plus in high MP, if you don't want to get OS by frozen, mortar or arcane, you DO need these specs. Although I have to say I'm personally at 1200 LoH, and to be at 2400 LoH would probably help a lot.

    01/27/2013 05:01 AMPosted by Bichopapao
    but its hard to find affordable upgrades now.

    Yeah same problem here. Although you should be able to upgrade your gloves with stun quite cheaply.
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    Added the "Best Of" of the build: http://youtu.be/DUNbEAPOhm4
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    Added more speed farming videos:
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    Added more MP10 videos:
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    Following the current trend, I just did the EDPS (effective dps) test:
    MP5 Ghom's Hp :25.7 millions

    With gruesome feast and soul harvest, Ghom is down in 23s in pure C4Dogs, and 27s using the hybrid Proctor.
    Which means respectively 1.11M dps and 886k dps, starting from 88k dps unbuffed.
    ...And 15s in pure C4Dogs with slam dance (1.7M dps)

    Here are the videos :
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GfK8AWXGqU (AC+bears+sac)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQQRczG2yZY (C4 pure)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpsSAb9rHeU (C4 pure + BBV)
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    Here are a few answers made on another thread ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7212022098?page=1#14 )t hat I think should be here as well, since it contains info and answers to general belief and common mistakes:

    same as c4 proctor build by ZeMickey

    Very much! And I'm happy to see another fellow WD eager to create such a build!
    My dogs blow about every 3 seconds, but this is not always the case. The mana is refilled, and between the 2, I get the choice to use zombie bears or acid cloud. This leads to many possibilities, especially if combined with crowd control gear and LoH.

    right now i dont see hybrid builds like this working out.

    Well it does pretty much! I'm doing mp10 fine, and if correctly used is safer and more face tanky than CM Wiz builds.
    As for DPS, well indeed I suffer from the loss of many dps affix to the benefit of crowd control/LoH affixes. But here are results of Effective DPS on ghom mp7 (in which I cannot spam bears thus my EDPS gets lower):
    Fellow C4Dogs: 182 787 sheet dps unbuffed; EDPS : 2 101 940; ratio EDPS/DPS: 1050%
    C4Proctor : 90639 sheet dps unbuffed; EDPS : 720 665; ratio EDPS/DPS: 795%
    For info, on mp5 (with bears) it gets: EDPS : 1.11M dps; ratio EDPS/DPS: 1230%
    So, dps wise on a non moving target, a good pure C4Dogs kills between 2 to 3 times faster than I.
    But my build has many pros that pure C4Dogs don't.

    On the math side, spam of sacrifice and spam of bears are the same, considering you get the same buffs : 708% for bears; 1100% for dogs but with the need of summoning + sacrificing which is less than 2 attacks (due to sacrifice not being a full attack slot speed).

    Again - Life steal weapon is handy vs RD packs.

    Nope. LoH is king. Many C4Dogs can't stand in spots I can face tank.

    Sac benefits directly from ias but ZB doesn't.

    Wrong. As Khazul said:
    Typically I'll recharge more often - basically once the dogs have run to and surrounded the target(s).

    BUT, since in the case we use AC as well, the dps comes from the sacrifice. And since we sacrifice them 'only' every 3 seconds (in case of not <being able to> use bears), IAS is a waste of dps. In case of pure bear/sac spam, ias is our friend.

    makes zero sense to have a sac build for low mps.

    Well, it might not be as efficient as other optimized builds (but very close), but you just forget the fun factor!

    Bears are a distraction for c4 build.
    To make this work, the focus must be on bears and sacrifice via CoL.

    Except Circle of Life does not work well in higher MPs. Being able to generate dogs at will to sustain the mana, provides an impressive comfort.

    it was about iteresting variations - that DO NOT have to be uber builds, just useful/fun builds.

    Well, it IS interesting AND viable in higher MPs AND VERY useful against Ubers.

    If you are still not convinced just check one of my many videos:
    'Best of' :http://youtu.be/DUNbEAPOhm4
    MP10 runs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQk7yDAxyuw&feature=share&list=PLysFawiUmnVh6y7YbabP_SnkKw6D8JRTe
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    Yes, it can lag lol. I start to run into trouble with 4 players on my ancient gaming rig.

    But its still hella worth it. Build rocks. Most ppl value your support. Combine with cm/ww wiz and you have complete lockdown. Leaving 2 slots for pure dps.

    Hell, you can even heal if it starts going wrong. (White dagger)

    I would love to have this in HC, i was getting close to a 9s build then i died.
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    Here is the hybrid Pr0cDog Doc I'm running video:
    the most enjoying build I've ever played,and only one I'm capable to play MP10 currently.
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