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1.08---A guide to fast key farming.

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I am sure most of you have a set route you take when farming keys. I'm not talking about exp runs, then kill the warden, I mean just getting a fast 5 stacks, and killing the warden, rinse and repeat. I wanted to share what I've found to be the fastest stacks/ warden kills.

I do key runs at the highest MP I'm capable of without dying too often. By too often I mean once every couple runs or if you make a mistake, run face first into RD packs.

**If anyone has input on a possible faster way, please share, I'm always looking to shave some time off of a run**

This guide was made with the WW build in mind. For other builds, this may not be quite as efficient, and some tips posted below will help you better.

Act I, Key of Destruction
I pick the last quest
WP to Festering Woods, run around some, there are usually 2 elites wandering around outside the tombs, and sometimes an event to complete. (these events take a bit longer than killing an elite pack, so its your call if you choose to do it or not) Kill them and clear the tombs, 3-5 stacks. I TP and go to the Fields, 3 or 4 stacked, and start looking for the warden, you generally run into a pack or two searching. If not, TP out and go to the cemetery to fill your stacks.
The cemetery is another place to start your 5 stack quest, though I find it slower than Festering Woods, there are some really easy events to complete.
The jar of souls event, located in the middle of a random crypt, just activate the quest, leave the room, search the rest of the dungeon, and pop back in to smash the jar. Quest complete, no time wasted killing monsters for 30 seconds.
The other quest, the one with the female ghost, requires you to activate the urns. Just hit all three urns, click on the tomb, quest complete, no need to deal with skeles :D

**Something to know about the crypts, there is never more than two elite packs in any given crypt, if you kill two packs, TP out and restart with another crypt.**

Act II, Key of Hate
I pick the black soulstone quest
While there are a couple different ways to complete this run in decent time, I've found it best to go right to Dalgur Oasis and look for the warden. There are quite a few elites usually, and some scattered events. One of these events, usually spawns near the WP, or the CP "The Forgotten Ruins" will give you 5 stacks right there. Heres a pic of what it looks like on your map:
Its the Khan Dakkob (or something simiilar) quest. There is an elite, around or inside this ruin, one elite when you activate one of the two levers to open the tomb, 2-4 elites inside the tomb, and the event. Quite an easy and fast way to get 5 stacks, and its really close quarters. Even if you dont find this tomb, I find it efficient to locate the warden, killing elites along the way, then TP out of there to town, SAVING THAT TP FOR A FAST RELOCATE, TP to Black canyon mines and clear. If needed, use the WP to travel to Road to Alcarnus to fill your five stacks, then use the WP to go back to town and TP to the warden. Every once in a great while, you may get shafted and need to visit the sewers to get your 5th stack, thats only happened to me once outta hundreds of runs.

Act III, Key of Terror
I start the kill Azmo quest
This ones pretty easy, TP to Stonefort, run the battlements backwards, you should get at least 4 stacks. Then TP back to Stonefort and move forward. If the warden is at the beginning of Stonefort, and your not 5 stacked, use the WP to travel to either The Core, or Arreat crater 2. (Two places I consider to have elites close to the WP)

Thats about that, Hope this helps some of y'all farm a bit faster for those HF rings :D
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Honestly for Act 2, it's fast for me to do:

Sewers (usually 2 elites, chance at a goblin as well. Small map)
Black Canyon Mines (Usually 2 elites, chance at a goblin as well. Small map)

Then I just head to the Oasis and get my last elite kills there, and the warden.
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Act two - Make a checkpoint in the Vault of the assassin. Honestly its elite central in there.
Get 4 - 5 stacks and hit up the Oasis.

Fastest Key run easy...only hate finding the freakin warden.
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Leorics was a great place to hit up after doing a tower run, till they moved the tower :/. Still a for sure elite!
Yeah A2, im still trying to figure out where he is on the different maps, sometimes hes tucked way away in those dead end alley ways off the map, takes me forever to find him! Hes a real pain, thats for sure. If you can figure out his "routine" it would be much faster to 5 stack, then hunt him :)
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Act two - Make a checkpoint in the Vault of the assassin. Honestly its elite central in there.
Get 4 - 5 stacks and hit up the Oasis.

Fastest Key run easy...only hate finding the freakin warden.

I would go with this one.

Once you kill the KW, quit and restart in the Vault. You can get a good number of keys fast and there are always 7 packs in the Vault, so its a good place to farm as well.

Finding Act2 KW sucks! We can all agree there!
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keep 3 is pretty good for elites, there's always 3, with a chance at 4 with the tremor event. usually start there then go straight to SF.
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Would like to share my act 3 route.

Keep3 , Damned tower 1 , Core + kill Azmodan and lastly stonefort for key.
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I'd really like to share my route for Act 1,as I've never heard of anyone else going the way i do. I tp straight to the highland crossing, and cross the bridge into the highlands on a straight path off of the bridge til I find the Cave of the Moon Clan that spawns there, Two lvls that are really short and quickly ran through, and i always leave with 4 or 5 stacks, between the elites, champ packs, and the Resplendent chest at the end of the 2nd lvl (there's a bloody chest also), but the kicker is the chance for 2 treasure goblins to spawn, one on each lvl about half the time i run through it...It's a nice bonus for such a fast run through on your way to your 5 stacks and the Key-warden. Its really quick, i really prefer it to the cemetery or festering woods routes, and i just stumbled onto it by randomly wandering around getting stacks in new places out of boredom. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.
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The correct way is,

1) teleport to the corresponding wp, run a quick circle. Do remember to check the both wp of act2.

2) If you don't find any sign of keywarden near the wp. Just leave game and restart.

3) If warden is near wp, go collect 5stacks and go kill him.
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My path as below.

Act 1 Key warden, Festering wood, then field of Misery.

Act 2 Key warden, black canyon mines, road to alcarnus then oasis. Get checkpoint for Alcarnus or Black canyon mines for speed runs.

Act 3 Key warden,
tower of the cursed, (there's usually 1 elite close to WP)
keeps level 3 (there's usually 1 elite close to WP)
Battlements (there's usually 1 elite close to start point)

On a side note, there shouldnt be a need to hunt A1 key warden as you can always do it during uber runs, which is usually high mp level.

@Stefan, sounds like a good way to check for keywardens, but isn't the odds of finding it near the wp very low?
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my path:

act I: why bother farming act I? get a key when you do ubers.

act II: needed to edit this because i've changed my runs. i've found that going to canyon mines for 2-3 elites, and straight to dag. oasis is pretty fast. if im lucky, i can also clear act II key run after popping WOB only once. perma wrath ftw.

act III: start at checkpoint in core of arreat. its a straight shot to the portal. this is the fastest way to get quick stacks (2-3). if i get 3 stacks go to keeps level 3. if i get two stacks go to keeps level 2. then stonefort. (this run takes me about 6-8 minutes on mp7) i almost always get all 5 stacks using WOB once. when i port to stonefort, if there's enemies right at the stairs, i can keep WOB going and do the whole thing using WOB only once during this run.
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Thanks for all the helpful posts, i got my 3 keys really quickly after reading this thread.

Can anyone suggest a quick route to get 5 stacks in Act 4 so I can now try and get the Recipe?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for all the helpful posts, i got my 3 keys really quickly after reading this thread.

Can anyone suggest a quick route to get 5 stacks in Act 4 so I can now try and get the Recipe?

Thanks in advance.

Garden's 1 and 2. Best/fastest way to find elites/rares.
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02/07/2013 07:17 AMPosted by Ravlaor
Garden's 1 and 2. Best/fastest way to find elites/rares.

Great! thank you very much.
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If I'm unlucky and only get 2 stacks out of Festering Woods (I don't waste time looking for elites/events) after finding the two tombs, I go to Leorics to do the 1 or 2 elites there. Very quick.
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For Act 2 it's best to start at the Path to the Oasis WP, as sometimes the warden spawns near there. If he does, I usually gtfo and spend time looking for the VoA in Desolate Sands. I usually segue to a "loot farm" session by clearing VoA before going back for the warden when this happens.
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For Act 3 I find doing Battlements too slow, as there can be many mobs to wade through before getting to an elite. I do Core and Tower of the Damned level 1 to get 3-4 stacks before heading to Stonefort.
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When key farming I load skills that are specific to killing wardens and elites, not big packs of mobs. I skip all trash mobs and just hunt the elites.

Core of Arreat checkpoint outside Asmo's entrance.
Run Core of Arreat backwards to WP - 1 to 3 packs
Then abuse the WP system and look for close elite packs:
Keep 3 right near WP is usually one
Keep 1 right near WP can spawn one
Arreat Crater 2, go up one level to Heart of the Damned and there can be a pack
Whichever tower (cursed or damned) is right after Arreat Create 2, WP to level 1 and look to the left for a quick pack
Then stone fort.

Road to Alcanus (sp?) and go into the town before Magda, usually 1 - 2 packs, TP out
Beginning Oasis WP and just start hunting the warden.
Seriously by the time you find him you'll probably be at 5 NV. If you aren't at 5NV and stumble on the Cave then go inside because it's fairly linear and there is a chest too.
I used to do the VoA check point but honestly it takes so much time to search the entire oasis I find my way is faster; I also like the idea of just restarting the game if he's not near the WP.

Check point at one of the festering woods dungeons so you start the game with an immediate elite
Go to other festering woods dungeon, you'll usually hit an elite in between the two as well, so three stacks.
Leoric's courtyard
Then just search for warden in his area for the remaining stacks as well.

For skills I like to use Bash w/ reverberations or Frenzy w/ smite, HotA w/ higher damage rune, WotB, sprint, and if a high MP OP w/ crushing advance or rend w/ lifesteal.
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