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Just picked up a PSP, game recommendations?

I primarily only game on consoles. I haven't owned a handheld since Gameboy Color, and literally the only games I play on PC are Diablo 3 and various MMOs that I'm currently not playing. I'm somewhat impressed with the graphics for an old-ish portable system, but the controls seem a little clunky to get used to.

I only got it to kill time at work during my downtime. I recently started working daily 12 hours shifts that end at 3 am and needed something to preserve my sanity. So far the only games I have are Madden 12 and Need for Speed because those were the only games in stock at WalMart, but I know I can order more games from Gamestop's warehouse. I'm planning on getting Crisis Core. Maybe Bloodlines, I heard Bloodlines sucks but I'm a huge Assassin's Creed fan.

Any other games worth grabbing? I'm looking for variety. Perhaps some kind of lootfest that resembles Diablo 3? I like Metal Gear Solid as well, but I dunno if I like it enough to buy any more games from the series.
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Monster Hunter freedom unite, Crisis Core, and tactics ogre/Final Fantasy tactics (if you like tactic type games).

The only 4 games ive ever needed for psp

The controls are clunky.. i have no idea why there arent two anolog sticks.. but you'll get used to it.. i did
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I actually really like Madden, but I'm never buying a console Madden game again. Apparently they transplanted my mini-camp drills to the PSP so people would buy the PSP version, and that's the best mode in Madden. Getting used to the controller, but my hands are big and I hope I don't get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Definitely gonna get Crysis Core my next trip to Gamestop.
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I now own:

Madden 12
Need for Speed Shift
Crisis Core
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (That's all they had)
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Atari Classics Evolved (lol)

Should occupy me for a while. Gamestop didn't have much selection.
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peace walker is good.. i have the HD version on PS3 though
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I have owned two Psp's. My first one was stolen along with all my games. My second one I sold to gamestop after getting bored with Dungeon Seige. That's the one game I actually kept when I sold my second psp and batch of games, so if by chance i buy a third psp, i'll still have that game (which was cool for a psp rpg. Well I actually sortof liked Untold Legands 1&2, but those ones didn't have alot of replay value.)
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