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Lag monster bites again.

41 barb just died due to internet AND computer stuffing about... I was tearing through Act 1 nightmare on MP10; big mob surfaces in level 3 halls of agony, with champion mauler guys. I manage to get one rend + revenge off, which melts the white mob like candle wax until... Computer decides to freeze for 3 seconds. It's ok! I have ignore pain + revenge + life steal rend... what can go wrong? Down to 75% health. Weee internet lag! Hmm... revenge isn't working, and neither is rend. Ignore pain popped, but my computer has decided to freeze for another 3 seconds. Oooh! What are those icicle things on the ground? Oh, that's right... frozen! That's ok. My computer freezes throughout the duration of the frozen (if that makes sense?), so nothing to really worry about. 50% health. Try to run away, but can't. And look! They're getting ready to swing their massive clubs again. Computer freezes again. Yay. Revenge is up, but it's not working, for some reason (nothing on the screen is moving for 1-2 seconds, again). 25% health. Oh dear. Ignore pain is so close to being up again. Oops! Computer freeze again... rofl... I didn't see my body hit the ground for another 3 seconds after I had actually died.

More or less how my 60(7) barb died in A3 inferno; there was a massive (and sudden) lag spike of over 2500. Same way my 60 (9) wiz died in A1 (mp0, for crying out loud!!) inferno.

I realise that it is my fault for having the world's worst computer, and I can't complain about Battle.net's !@#$ servers, but if Blizzard could do something with lag issues, I would be eternally grateful. Having your character effectively incapacitated for fighting (apart from frozen, jailer, nightmare, etc.) for 10-12 seconds during a nasty mob fight (as was described above), is crazy.

Thank you for listening to my rant.
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11/12/2012 08:46 AMPosted by MahatmaCello
Thank you for listening to my rant

Actually we are reading your rant.

But anyways RIP.
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If you're playing solo press ESC (pauses the game solo) and wait the lags out if that ever happens to you again. The way you described it you saw it coming early enough for that to help. Other than that: defrag your hdd and clean your pc up. My pc is so old and bad and I never have those issues.
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