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Rate the Legacy Nats above u ..

@Sandie, your cloak didn't get a very good dex/vit roll. I'd probably focus on getting a better roll on it. If it had spike trap damage, I would've understood, but yeah, I'd rather hatred/disc regen or a high dex or vit roll.

actually i have really wanted to get a new pair of boots, the dex roll on my boots is worse :p

and a helm with cc will be awesome, but dont wanna give up the socket, (getting both is not an option to me, i wont be able to afford it til i get a 1.3k 2os dex rolled manti drop :p)
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let just ignore the 12 years old that still does not understand how good it is to play just by right clicking like barb............
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Obviously credit-card-dh tassili has never played with a legacy nat set before.. poor kid.
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11/14/2012 06:45 PMPosted by scud
Obviously credit-card-dh tassili has never played with a legacy nat set before.. poor kid.

Sell the gems in your Innas pants and get new Innas, your DPS will probably increase
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freddy, nothing I could really say about your nats set except im a little jelly of your +10% spike trap damage, but it's pretty average. I'd say stay where you're at with your set and keep upgrading your other equips.
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@Enveos. Nasty helm is nasty. Mad jelly of your hellfire ring too! 9/10
Only because there is always items that are slightly more godly (when that manticore has 1300+ dps, dex + 2 sockets). Sigh. I've had my nats pieces since way back when.... So costly to upgrade :'(
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Crappiest DH legacy is here...
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Well the ring its good but i dont even think cc at legacys its everythink...
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Moreso than looking at people's nice leg nats pieces, this thread has me getting jelous over people's hellfire ring rolls! Every one i've made has been utter poo =(

@beastfrmwest : Nice boots and hat. Nice gear in general =D Only real coment that i have is, I love hungering arrow, and I used to use devouring arrow, but with the higher crit percentage we're running at now, I've found it to be better DPS to switch to spray of teeth.
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A quick note to whomever stumbles across mine, I was just barely getting enough gold to purchase nats when the new nats set was rolled out.

@Tharkis - Your boots seem to be outrageously hard to find at this point, even a little bit of dex on legacy nats is running into the tens of millions.
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a tasty build. but your right about the difference in dex. i was very lucky getting a good amount of dex on my stuff. wow i really like your gems as well. i know them cost quite a bit also. could get better rings though although giving up the fourth part of your nat set might seem like a bad idea you could very well get more bang for you buck with better rings. just saying. a nice build though.
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Can't believe some of the builds on display in this thread, awesome. Couldn't see the profile of the bloke above to comment on the build?
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SC2 profile so I can't rate!


Really like your boots!
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sm0ke52 is smokin!
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PewPewTiuTiu is pretty much where and how I want to gear myself just way way way better geared.

Well done sir!

Edit: Thank you CrimeGod! I played D3 when it came out, beat inferno within first 2 months and stopped. Just started back up again, and super poor, but I really appreciate the advice!
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Upgrade your gems especially the 1 in your weapon for more cd, upgrading gems on armor can help to give more dex, more dex = more dps :) you might wanna cut down on some vit to get dex and get a new belt. Hope that helps
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@PewPew... Jesus Christ. Amazing.

If that lightning resist on your ring was CC or base damage, then wowee m8.
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here is mine...


I like your mark dalla :)
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I just bought a set today, It wasn't that expensive, my pieces aren't that great. I only lost about 20k dps and about 120 all resist from using 1.05 nats 3piece set.

Edit: my profile may not be updated yet :-0
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Nice set.. grats
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