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Rate the Legacy Nats above u ..

@ Cashmoney, 9.5/10. Nice DPS, resists, vit, armor, CC.
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@Rav1n Nice Mark. Your base vitality is a little bit low, but you have a lot of % Life... But if I was you I would try to increase the base vitality and swap the vit gem for an exp gem.
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I want your WF Quos, let me know when you want to sell me that one :)
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@zyrei, 8/10 (9/10 if you can get rid of the wasted stats).
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@bracco 9.5/10. Very nice setup :D
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@bracco, what wasted stats?
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@zyrei, the intelligence on the ring.
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@ Bracco

Very nice man! 9.5/10. You just need a better hellfire! I think your next upgrade could possibly be a DML with either max disc or dex/vit instead of that socket, and BOLA (i am biased here fo course!). Jealous of your nats ring...

For whoever grades my guy... I have a lot of rings to choose from that you can't see (nice bola SOJ, and some solid hellfires). Also have a pair of 78 AR strongarms to switch in for lacuni on high MP when i don't need the 24% run speed.
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@Demopolis, tough to improve on your gear. The pants, maybe, but man high stats for the 3 you got on there.
11/29/2012 11:52 AMPosted by shndany
@Rav1n Nice Mark. Your base vitality is a little bit low, but you have a lot of % Life... But if I was you I would try to increase the base vitality and swap the vit gem for an exp gem.

Thanks, it actually dropped just minutes before they patched it out of the game. I could definitely sack HP for XP (or GF even) if I want to run MP6ish or lower. That's there to tank MP8+ ubers- and I may be able to sac HP in this case too, just a little scared. Earlier today I survived 3 minutes of enrage against SB! :o
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nice mark :pppp
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hi. i interesting Natalya Legacy.
now i want to buy it full set (helm ,cloak ,boots and ring).
i WTB , please offer me..
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@Shdwflare Very nice gear, DPS, everything... 9/10 I'd guess. Must be a 'blast' with Echoing blast ;)
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I really like 9/10 !!! how does everyone get a nice 2soc manti with 1300dps.....?

one day i will have one i hope !!
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Very nice DH ;) I always give props to guys who can manage over 200k with Legacy Nats. Kinda annoying guys with Non-legacy thinking they are on the same level as Legacy, but I digress ;)

Any improvement I would suggest is maybe a witching hr, or a better nat's mark, other than that, you have a great one!!!

Btw anyone reviewing mine, currently profile has SOJ for ring. Normally with my hellfire, dps is somewhere around 251k or something.
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Nice gear there, try 2 slot manticore probably better?:) i dont know im still a noob compare to your guys
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@ChengQ cant see yo profile
@MrDarcy Daang thats a beast set. I'd personally prefer disc on the cloak thou

MY CRIT HELM IS IN STASH. 4% crit with phys res
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@blackgazeebo - I believe you coudl do better on the helm for only a few mil (which you mentioned)
you could go for trifecta on glvoes, but gonna be rather pricey

not much to say really, pretty nice stats. I might try to boost HP a little. But any upgrades are gonna be 50-100mil upgrades at least
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@go1 128k dps unbuffed i would say EHP needs work @ 135k im sure u could get some AR and boost that quite a bit or drop SS and get perfectionist passive since u have 47% cc
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Reviving this thread!

@FearNLoathin, where is your gear broski?
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90 Night Elf Rogue
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very nice set bracco 9.5/10
its kinda redicous how much legacy nat is worth now i think my 4 set is prob worth 3.5bill
and when i bought it i spent maybe 1 bill back b4 the new legendarys
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