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I don't know what to do with my follower

I like the templar the most, because the things he says are the most ridiculous. My DH's Templar can hang in MP7 without dieing, and he blocks enemies pretty well too.
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11/14/2012 04:33 PMPosted by Elm
Hellrack is great on the scoundrel, and cheap. You get a chance to root enemies in place, plus a good deal of bleed damage. Something like 6k-10k: not a crazy amount, but it definitely helps.

Yep.That's the route I went. Add his blind skill to the mix and you get a good amount of CC procs flowing from him.
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Followers are awesome!

I use the following combos for Scoundrel:
1. Buriza (70% pierce, 7.7% freeze, cold) + AS rings/amulet
2. WF (47% KB) + legacy puzzle (cold) + AS ring/amulet
3. Hellrack (4% stun, root) + legacy puzzle (cold) + AS ring/amulet

Amulets I tried:
1. Blackthorn Duncraig Cross (2% blind, AS)
2. Star of Azkaranth (4.3% KB)

By far the Buriza add the most utility with large mobs.
WF adds a bit more damage and is better for smaller mobs.

Azurwrath with Templar is pretty good too.
AS Hellfire rings are also great for xp bonus!
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I have my templar equipped with MF gear, and a Butcher's Sickle. The best part about the Sickle is when he does the Scorpion style "Get over here!"
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Grand Vizier and all MF/GF on my enchantress

works great
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I'm currently using the Scoundrel for MP 0/1 experience speedruns, and the Templar for MP 5/6 key runs and the rare MP 2/3 MF run for my DH.

I loaded Lyndon up with my first Hellfire and equipped my 2nd on myself. He is a fireball machine, and the 7% exp gain for me is nice. Then I gave him a Windforce, and he procs that knockback constantly. You can get one that's decent for Scoundrel relatively cheaply as he doesn't really need a socket. I'm happy with him at around 12500 dps, though I occasionally check to see if I can cheaply bump him further. He also gives me the most damage of any of the followers with his 3% crit being stronger for me than Eirena's 3% IAS, another point in favor of him for speedruns. Buriza is amazing if you want to use him primarily as a CC machine, but I wanted to maximize his damage contribution as I use him for fast Paragon farming, the CC from Windforce is just a wonderful bonus.

The Templar I set up with decent health and such and have him giving me 28% MF. His weapon is a Sun keeper.

Once I no longer need the Templar for MF, I hope to semi-retire him and set Eirena up with a decent chunk of ehp and a Maximus and use her in most situations I currently use Kormac for. I still might use him if I were messing with a hatred-heavy build.
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Magic find and exp boost ! Plain and simple ~
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I use the enchantress with a tormentor. It rolls extremely high int and vit so it's a great stats weapon even though the DPS could be higher. It does have guaranteed crit damage though, so if you give her some high crit rings and amulet, it can pay off nicely.

The REAL draw of this weapon though is the proc. My enchantress charms at least 1 or 2 enemies in every pack I fight, essentially taking them out of the battle for a while. Charmed enemies kind of suck at attacking each other, but they aren't damagin me and that's the benefit. Even when it gets down to one elite left, they are often charmed and just stand there while I faceroll them. The utility of this combo is hard to overstate, and I'm surprised more people don't use it.
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I'm currently using the Enchantress for her base CC spells like pushback and hex with an int Skorn for DPS. I really have no strategy regarding followers aside from their skill set but after reading these posts, I had no idea there's a lot more to crowd control with followers.

I just love crowd control procs. My current equipment has chill, stun, freeze, and immobilize.
As a barb, pushback is getting kind of annoying so I'm looking into this buriza scoundrel and see if he can disable monsters better than enchantress.

I'm considering buriza with a cold SoJ and that freeze Star amulet.
Buriza's piercing effect coupled with multi-shot really does sound fun.

edit: whoops, looks like Buriza already has cold damage so SoJ can be replaced with a an attack speed Hellfire.
The Buriza page already has a good guide for the scoundrel.
This thread has really been helpful.
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My enchantress has a +477 Int Skorn I found in a jar... just because.
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At paragon 70 and being able to farm mp4-5 efficiently, I don't need much MF gear anymore. Right now I use the scoundrel with 3%crit and all dmg abilities with a 48% knock-back Windforce. It works great for kiting. Right now he's at 11k DPS and with some new gems, better rings etc. (which I could actually get easily) he would get up to over 15k DPS.
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Any chance to make all my classes to share the same 3 mercenaries?
It's hard to change the gear from 1 char to another.
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With followers only getting 20% return to mf, I don't see that as worthwhile stat to worry about
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in my opinion, the follower is a bit useless... the follower just dies to fast. especially whe u are encountering one pack.

therefore my follower is just wearing MF&GF Gear and one of my hellfire rings.
Because of that reason I take the Templar... because he can wear additionally one shield. so one item more as the two others can...
so more MF/GF for me :)

but in general I would say; do u need more attack speed take the Enchantress.
For more crits; take the Scoundrel.

More healing (life per sec) and 2or3% more MF/GF... theTemplar.

But I would highly recommend Blizzard to change the followers. Its very sad that you can't put a full armor set on your follower. Until then... In my opinion... the follower's only reason is to get some extra GF/MF and some extra xp.

...so long and thanks for all the fish...
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Will post it from my WD point off view, but for any class it can be used.

Templar just suck for high end play, so I never use him any more.

When I farm exp (MP1-3) I use enchantress with high MF and gold find, no need for her to control anything, because I can kill anything without any help.

If I go higher MP5+, I use Scoundrel. I dont care about his dmg.. I go for Vit/res all and control gear. Buriza-Do Kyanon bow is just a must have, gave 100k for my bow. Get it with as high frezze u can get, high pierce 65%+ and 4% attack speed. Then get The Star of Azkaranth with frezze and attack speed.
Rings u have to get 2 with attack speed 9%. if u can get 20% MF to on them.
Ofc u use a hell fire ring, but if u are lucky like me u get one with 9% attack speed.
Then u are all set, he will frezze so much.

If u have the gold for it, u can get a bow with 16%+ frezze, 80% pierce and a amulet with 5%+ frezze, love to see the mobs move then.

Followers are not for dmg, but for control, or else your are geared wrong.
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First of all, I'd like to be able to use followers in multiplayer. It's hard to even care about an npc that does next to nothing without proper EQ that you can't even use most of the time due to playing with others. I'd also like better followers (like in D2 they weren't as item dependant to be useful and actually dish out some damage) and more item options on them.
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Another way to gear up your follower is using "pure" stats. Most people forget that followers receive 2,5x bonus for Vit, Dex, Int and Str. This is f. awesome. Ok, u cant have like TONS of damage. But the follower can have a decent amount of damage mitigation and health, combined with some AS and some CC (puzzle ring...) it will be very usefull. With my other set, my sibbila have 2k VIT, 2,6k INT, 2k DEX, and 1,2k STR =P

Items with proc's also helps (windforce, sky splitter, skycutter, the tormentor, maximus...)

One thing i dont recommend is trying to stack CC and CD. Followers dont use gloves/helms/bracers and have few passive that add CC. So stacking CC/CD will be expensive (rings/amulets). Just change it for some item with proc and IAS.
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It would be awesome if move items were available for them. Not only extra item slots, but also let them benefit from set bonusses. I also bough some MS jewelery only to find out that affix isn't translated to my char :/
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