Diablo® III

Help me decide - Rare Bracer or Lacuni

Bracer 1 (rare)
+172 Dext
62 All Resists
6 Critical Chance
Strafe 50,7

=1,87 Atck / sec , 276 AR, 66,5 CC
DPS 300.827


Bracer 2 (Lacuni)
+88 Dext
27 All Resists
3,5 Critical Chance
Strafe 49,8

=1,98 Atck / sec , 229 AR, 64 CC
DPS 301.015

Wich one should I use? and sell?
Edited by ThorinC5#1826 on 11/14/2012 7:13 PM PST
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depends what you are gearing up for.
the lacuni's are great for its ias on it... too bad you couldnt get a 6cc on it.

the rare bracer will hit harder .... so if your ok with your current atk spd then id stick with the rare bracer.

the dps is slightly higher with the lacuni b/c of the ias. so its up to you
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Since you have Inna's pants and Nat's feet I would dump Lacuni for Rare for essentially the same DPS but slightly more eHP. Since MS is not a factor cause you're only getting 1% from Lacuni I'd go with the rare for sure.
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As a side note...DANG I want your gear!

Also, why does it even list +36% MS in the profile when cap is 25%...kinda misleading dontcha think?
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How about a trade. I answered your question so now you can help me out in return by answering mine... http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006898470

You have amazing gear and are using pretty much the same build I have grown to love, so why not ask advice from the pro?
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For your case since you have innas, I'd suggest you use the rare instead. No need for the extra ms. Unless you get a high dex, high ar, 6cc lacuni... Then that's a whole new level. I chose Strongarms for the %life and AR on it. So that maybe another option for you.
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If you want to choose between those two without making any other changes, go for the rare.
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Thank you guys! Helped a lot.
It was so hard to choose. The extra AR really helps and I rarely die at MP5 when playing alone (or maybe its like placebo to me).
The Stat that I miss more is the 9%IAS, but I can live with that.
I will drop Lacuni. Maybe one day I can get a good lacuni. I will take a look at Strongarms too.
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You definitely made the right decision =)

YES, Lacuni's are better but they really need to be really GOOD to be worth it.
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Rare bracer for sure. More survivability and dodge chance
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Since you already have 24% move speed I'd go with the rare bracers. EHP is highly underrated with DH for some reason.
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11/15/2012 07:52 AMPosted by Zelfaar
Since you already have 24% move speed I'd go with the rare bracers. EHP is highly underrated with DH for some reason.

I can farm up to MP5, easily and fast, alone. Dont wanna go further. So I dont need to add EHP now, but dont wanna lose my current EHP either.
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Wow.. just got 66,5% CC
Now I'm number 11 CC Demon in Americas (18 World) =)
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still wondering how people with 30 disc and no natalya gear manage their disc without nightstalker...........I can easily make my paper dps to 200k unbuffed but the +2 discipline is so fun to use taht i don't need to press extra prep
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Gloom / Gloom / all dead
Gloom / Gloom / Prep / Gloom / all dead
Gloom / Gloom / Prep / Gloom / take a walk to recharge Prep / all again until they are dead
And an extra xbow to reflects

They all usually die fast.
I do use Nightstalker sometimes. Its great since I'm always getting critical.
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