Just hit 60 so my profile isnt 100% correct. It does show my correct gear and also my Gear Bonuses list is correct as well. Just noticed my gloves are wrong I got a new pair thats 10% crit chance and lost some crit damage but they were like a 2k DPS increase. But my build and obviously my attrubutes are messed up. My current DPS unbuffed is 113k. I also have 2500 LoH which I figure I can afford to drop some if Im only going to be farming Act 3 with MP0. 2500 Seems like slight overkill.

So what stats does a 1 hander + mojo need to have to give me the same DPS? I will be using Bears for my left click to kill elites and Acid Rain for my right click for trash. I figure a nice 1 hander with some lifesteal would be nice for bears. Rest is the standard Spirit Walk and Horrify for movement with Soul Harvest and switched to BBV(Slam Dance) instead of Gargantuan.
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