Diablo® III

Acronyms and their meaning

cc can be used be used for both critical chance and crowd control, depending on the context.
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too lazy; didnt read

had to google this.
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1-elite or something desirable
2- two elites
e- elite
w- key warden
g or gob- goblin
otw- on the way
brt- be right there
bb- be back
brb- be right back
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frisch - friendly reader in southern california, hopefully
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don't !@#$ with my WKL
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Several stuff from the DH side:

DH - duhh, Demon Hunter
Nat(s) - Natalya's, any of the set item
Leg - short for legacy
HA - Hungering Arrow (some DH uses this short form, dunno why though)
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too lazy; didnt read

had to google this.

i thougt that mean for :
Too Long; Don't read
This is put in the end of long explanation, and put the summary after it.

AH = Auction Hall
GAH = Gold Auction Hall
RMAH = Real Money Auction Hall
BIN = Buy It Now

MP = Monster Power
iLvl = item Level
mLvl = monster Level

ammy = amulet
andy's = andariel's helm

in group game, if someone type :
"e" that's mean elite
"g" that's mean goblin
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frisch - friendly reader in southern california, hopefully
i am sitting in germany but thx
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11/15/2012 07:32 AMPosted by frisch
DW - Double WW (Whirlwind combined with Sprint + Run Like The Win)

DW, in a more universal sense, also means dual wield.
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bump for newcomers
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D3 = Diablo 3
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PtV - Pierce the Veil, Witch Doctor Passive
TotD - Witch Doctor Mojo offhand
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IGG - in game gold...took me a while to figure it out :)
TP (when in group) - teleport home
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thanks for clearing out BiS, lol....im such a noob
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HP=Health Potions
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Request sticky!
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+1 for OP
+1 for sticky

by the way, what's this QQ thing standing for?
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QQ- denotes crying either because it looks like crying eyes or because in some games you had to press q twice to quit a group depending on who you talk to.

Also, joker, yes they are not acronyms if you can't pronounce them but most people use the word "acronym" to mean both acronyms and initialisms (as a matter of fact the spell check on my browser doesn't recognize the word initialism it is used so infrequently)
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WW - Whirlwind (Barb Active), Wicked Wind (Wizard rune for Energy Twister Active)
WotB - Wrath of the Berserker (Barb Active)

for new comers -

D1 = Diablo 1
D2 = Diablo 2
D2 LOD = Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

DH = Demon Hunter
WD = Witch Doctor
Wiz = Wizard
Barb = Barbarian

PK = Player Kill
HF = Hellfire (BoA ring)
IM = Infernal Machine

there can be more!!!!
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