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How to increase my DPS?

Hi fellas, so I have way too much HP (85K) and not enough DPS (16K) so it's not an efficient way to play. I am in Act I / II Inferno, Hardcore.

What's the best way too boost my DPS without sacrificing survivability too much?
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Congrats on hitting 60 on HC.

If I were you and wanted some more DPS without sacrificing too much survivablity I would look into finding some rings with dual CC and CD. I would also look for some bracers which have CC and some gloves with CC and CD. Heck while you're at it see if you can find a helm with CC or an ammy with some CC and CD.

I think you see what I'm getting at here, you are lacking Crit Chance and Crit Dmg. Focus on finding them in rings, gloves, ammy, bracers and helm.

I'm not going to comment on the 1 handed bow/shield combo as it seems to have kept you alive this long.

PS get a new chest, find something with max discipline...its gotta be a pain running with only 30.
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You need to start upgrading to critical chance, critical damage, and increased attack speed overall. Just look for gear that includes those and can maintain your stats. You will have to sacrifice some vitality I am sure but you can boost RA along the way (350-400 works good)

Try not to drop armor and keep life 60k~

you should aim for 300 crit damage, 45-50 crit chance, and get your ATS 1.6+ while getting your dex over 2k at least, aim for 2200~
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My suggestion would be to work towards getting a new Xbow and a quiver instead of shield. Those two will give you your single largest DPS increases for the survivability you will lose. As long as you stay above 60k HP, you'll be fine. You may want to upgrade either your belt or bracers soon afterwards looking for something with 400+ armor and 50+ AR to help compensate for the Armor loss from the shield. What sort of gold are you looking to spend?
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This is very helpful, thank you all!

I will focus on getting some CC and CD gear, as well as IAS.

For now, I prefer the 1H and shield combo, as I'd like to get comfortable in Inferno first.

I don't have much gold as of yet - around 2.0m so I am looking to spend it wisely.
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