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Uber bosses = Enrage timer??

Is there an enrage timer on uber bosses?
I read the IF thread and I did not find anything related to that.

Thanks guys
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Yes there is an enrage timer on Ubers, not sure the exact time but there is one yes. hit it last night doing mp9 ubers, had siege and koule down to 15-20% and Bam! insta death.
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I believe so. 8 minutes I think. Not sure. I know I tried MP10 solo and didn't have enough DPS and kulle teleported and 1 shot me at the 8 min mark
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Yes there is. 15 minutes i believe on mp10.
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There is and I think it's a good idea for the ubers because it's not about progression.
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10/31/2012 09:53 AMPosted by Selquist
hit it last night doing mp9 ubers, had siege and koule down to 15-20% and Bam! insta death.

only kulle's enrage attacks insta kills. i remember one time hitting enrage but just barely managed to snipe kulle before, and siege was down to 10% HP, and we killed him without much problem. kulle is the only one that i heard has the insta KO enrage attack though, the other two pairs of ubers probably enrage too but can be dealt with maybe?
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It's not even "enraged", it's instant death
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Only ZK enraged at me. Maybe others have it too but they always go down easily.
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its 15 mins
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ok thanks guys appreciate it!
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Yes there is an enrage timer on all Uber bosses in Inferno. The higher the monster power the shorter the enrage timer is. Also the more people in the game the more hp the ubers have but the timer stays unchanged.
Kule & Siege enrage is that Kule instant kills you when enrage is triggered. That's why most people (me included) go for him 1st. When Kule is dead and Siege triggers enrage you see a fiery skull and bones (pirate sign) over your heads. It's a bleed enrage so you still have little bit of time to kill him. The bleed increases pretty fast untill it cannot be mitigated by any defensive skills or life steal no matter the dps,
Ghom and Executioner's enrage is very similar. The executioner acts as Kule in that regard where he teleports to you and kills you with his blades. Ghom's enrage is as Siege's. Most people go for Ghom 1st though because of his viscious poison cloud and they want to get rid of it ASAP.
Maghda and King's enrage is that Maghda acts as Kule and the Executioner. Her butterflies will instant kill you when rage is triggered. This Uber is diffferent than others in a sense that there is only one way to defeat them and that's you need to kill King 1st no matter what. Maghda will shield her and will not take any damage until King is killed. I can't speak of what King's enrage is because I have never been in the situation. Regardless I don't believe he has one since at that moment Maghda's enrage will kill you anyways.

I hope this helps you guys. Keep grinding away.
PS. I do paid MP10 uber carries. Add me if interested: pawelgawel83#1139 on the American server, with message "ubers". I do over 400k dps at the moment.
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10/31/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Achilles
It's not even "enraged", it's instant death

All that says is that you aren't geared well enough for his "enraged attack"
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The forum trolls get enraged when you necro dead threads I know.
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