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US political system is a joke


Democracy is the worst form of government ... except all others that have been tried to date

- Sir Winston Churchill

What you "democrats" and "republicans" and "independents" dont get is that the SYSTEM was CREATED to DIVIDE so that men would fight amongst themselves over trivialities like which candiate supports green tea or white tea.

And you sheep don't even see past the curtain.
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You're probably right, in that the system was meant for people to fight over things, but that's also because another big part of what makes this country strong is capitalism. Competition for who can prove they're the best, and deserve the most.

Maybe that inspires many Americans (not myself) to want to fight with OTHER countries, but the fact that many Americans feel empowered to make their voice heard is a great thing. In places like the Middle East, if a citizen makes their voice heard among the theocracy, they can be shot in the street. Look at the religious strife among the IRA.

I'm happy to live in a place where if a person is dragged out into the street and shot for their beliefs, they'll likely be put to death.

That said...politics in the US do suck. It's basically down to two major parties, and neither of them really cares about what's right, they just care about being elected. We have voters openly admitting that they're voting for one guy over the other because he's "the lesser of two evils" and because one guy's beliefs and platform are so disgusting, voting for the other guy with millions of other people is the best way to keep the bad guy from winning. That's not expressing one's own beliefs through a vote, that's giving in to terror.

I'd love to watch a presidential debate, and see one candidate openly admit he or she was wrong about a call, and say we, as a nation, should have done like his or her opponent said. Or even have additional presidential debates that don't take place during election seasons. Why are debates exclusive to elections? Why aren't there specials on major networks where the current president elect debates with various senators, congressmen, and hell...even average people!

Put it on PPV! That would get major buys. Hell, I might even buy it. A president debating and defending current issues would be pretty interesting.
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While political awareness and participation as a voter are very important conversations to have, the Diablo III forums aren't really the best place to have them. So, just so you guys aren't completely caught off-guard, just keep in that discussions related to politics, political candidates, and/or election-related news are considered off-topic and will be locked or deleted (as necessary).
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