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Drop Rate...Dropping

I'll give you another small sample.

Two days ago I got 7 legendaries with only around 3 hours of playtime. I have not gotten any legendaries since then although I have played over 5 hours.

Anyways that's a small example. Point is you have lucky streaks and you have bad streaks. You also tend to notice the bad ones more. People have been posting topics like these daily on days I'm unlucky and lucky so yes many are frustrated when they see more of these topics. People have posted this same topic when you were supposebly getting legendaries. They are simply false.
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Some of the greatest scientific discoveries have been made by groups of people noticing something happening in unusual frequencies (Google "discovery of thalidomide phocomelia"). I'm not saying drop rate manipulation is happening, just wondering.
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11/06/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Canda
Some of the greatest scientific discoveries have been made by groups of people noticing something happening in unusual frequencies (Google "discovery of thalidomide phocomelia"). I'm not saying drop rate manipulation is happening, just wondering.

Well keep wondering then. I can claim that manipulation is happening daily, doesn't mean it is. I don't know what you're seeking exactly since evidence of many posters and blizzard posts have shown that there is no um ninja nerfs to drop rates.

Seeing this kind of topic daily further supports that most claims are not reliable at all.
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Only decrease I saw was in quality. Got 15+ brown drops this weekend... and left all of them on the ground. Well, except for a Skorn I picked up thinking it might sell. But there were pages of them with similar stats, all struggling just to get 900K, so on my next A3 run when I got back to Tower of the Damned 1 where it dropped, I deposited that Skorn right back where I found it.
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Been running Vault MP3. Two runs fills the backpack with yellows +/- about three or four pretty consistently.
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20 hours of play is too small for there to be anything that would be called reasonable. Try for 100 hours. That would tell you something. But also if you had 20 legendaries dropping per hour like clockwork then that would not be random.
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my drops have sucked pretty bad for three days now. my bad drops might be different than yours though iam talking quility not just seeing brown or green my quality sucks lately
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I noted a marked decrease in drop rates this weekend. I have lectured extensively on statistics and understand RNG but something changed this weekend (over 20 hours of play). Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?

I would love to hear from Blizzard if drop rate manipulation in fact happens or not so we can choose to accept it or not.

I posted in a similar thread recently, and I’d highly suggest you check it out, because it goes into the nature of probabilities and how Magic Find works in Diablo III.

What you are experiencing is simply a result of RNG. The drop rates of items were not decreased.
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I did rather alright with drops. Got quite a few more yellows than I usually do, I think it's relating to my Paragon level slowly increasing (I noticed a marked difference when I got past lvl5). Granted the drops were mostly crap, but darn if those essences from the cheap ones don't sell!

Luck of the draw kid, that's all I can tell you.
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11/06/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Marlaine
legendaries are dropping too much and the drop rate must be nerfed

you gotta be kidding, or have no idea what you talk about, not sure yet
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I found five in a 3hr period then the next 3hrs i found 0.....random is random.
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I found 6 legendaries this weekend, before this weekend I had found 1 that was lvl 58 pre 1.03.

1) Awesome IK belt
2) IK boots
3) Vile Ward
4/5) Cinder Coat and an unimpressive spear
6) Garbage legendary neck

While this was great luck, I think it's just RNG.
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This is getting old now, just DROP it troll, if there's no mention about drop rates being changed by Blizzard then there's none. Shut your trap.

Yeah, because corporations like Actiblizzion never lie to their consumers, nor would they do anything secretly to impact the consumers in a negative way but the corporation in a profitable way. You are an idiot.

So you're saying that because Blizzard is owned by Activision, they lie and secretly impact consumers in a negative way to make a profit? That's a brilliant business plan.. step 1, make customer angry... step 3 make profit...
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